Virtual Reality is completely different from how you think it is?

Today’s era of Virtual Reality is still undergoing major change and rapid development. What we see with the help of media is just one-third of the whole deal. In the current world, where we are entitled to work on digital mediums, Virtual Reality holds a major name and surely is a game-changer. For example, last week my brother asked me to attend a VR meditation and I was completely oblivious of the fact to what it is. With the help of VR, now meditation groups can entice everyone to a common platform, two or three times a week, and conduct teaching sessions.

I believe, that most people have a vague idea of Virtual Reality in today’s world. What they tend to see is more like a 3d TV or a gaming headset (thanks to Youtube, for which we have a common perception of VR). VR is indeed cool but if we take the thinking horizons and expand it, we can check to see that it is much cooler. The 3D part of VR is just a third level matter. Being a digital marketing specialist, the concept of technology baffles me. Technology advances every single moment and you need to advance yourself with the choices of it.

We don’t have a definition yet

To know what Virtual Reality, we don’t have a definition yet. We mostly assume that VR is a new form of content that can suck us into a world where we will be deeply submerged into a new place. Gotta break the eggs, it is just the beginning of a new dystopian future which is coming out way.

We are not completely eloped to the fact that Virtual Reality will surely evolve to the ones we have seen in movies. Remember the movie Matrix? Well if you do then you surely know what I am trying to paint here. Virtual Reality is going to evolve into a direction like the Matrix and we have to brace ourselves. It is completely inherent in the technology that the seemingly magical experience in which we feel that we are close to someone physically is done with the advent of VR. Technology has painted leading more steps in today’s age and with every passing scenario, we have a new thing to describe. Virtual Reality can connect people with others, by isolating them in individual consumer units.

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Even though Virtual Reality is not promoted as a social medium, it perfectly stands all the features of it. It might be the most exponential social medium which helps us to stand with each other and form a bond. Our brains have always mastered the sharp presence of someone while they are with us. But with VR, we are going to see a new dimension. Where people are embracing each other’s presence with the use of a single parameter, potentially to everyone and everywhere without having limits of barriers.

VR Avatar selection

It is fun to believe that some weird 3d graphic is you. While you may be sitting at your home, eating chips, your avatar might be fighting off an alien at the sea. We believe that the graphic that we create, tends to be ours because it registers to our brain. That is how Virtual Reality works.

But at the end of the day, it completely depends on how globalization is advanced? When we are the consumer, we have a say on how we want our technology to be since we will be the ones using them. Currently, there aren’t the right tools that can be used to make the dystopian future reality in the coming ages, but surely it is a start. If ‘you are into Virtual Reality, why not tell us what fascinates you the most? And how you want to see the advancement of technology to be in the coming ages?

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