Best cities for business in the world

The most crucial factor that will affect a business’s success when it first starts is its location. Generally speaking, aim for a company website that is simple for customers to use.

The business should be situated such that it can draw clients and build a clientele in the neighborhood. It is best to choose a site that will appeal to customers, staff, and public transportation. If the site of the company is difficult to get to or, to put it another way, unheard of, the owner may have trouble connecting with the public, building a clientele, and, most importantly, making a profit.Top 5 global cities you should be doing business in - Trade Ready


It comes as no surprise that London made the list. The city is home to over 300 banks (Corporate Finance Institute) and employs over 1 million financial services workers (House of Commons Library). The London Stock Exchange is one of the worlds oldest, having been founded in 1698 in Jonathan’s Coffee House with a published list of money, stock, and commodity values (LSEG). It is worth $4.72 trillion, and over 200 corporation’s trade on it.


Hamburg is one of those places on earth where trade in all areas is possible, including the economy, transportation, and way of life. The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce represents more than 150,000 companies, including those in the legal, financial, and political sectors.

This Chamber of Commerce has a big impact on the city’s economic situation. When the economy is in check, Hamburg is one of the greatest cities in the world for business thanks to Hafen City, which is growing into the largest urban development project in the world.


According to the World’s Best Cities Ranking, Toronto’s economic development, immigration, and worldwide investment are establishing it as a business powerhouse to be reckoned with. Almost half of Toronto’s population is foreign-born (Toronto Stores), making it one of the most varied cities on our list.


It’s hardly surprising that Portland has consistently ranked among Forbes’ top five business-friendly cities over the past five years. This is made possible by its tremendous development potential, a large population of highly educated millennial and ecologically responsible business practices (Forbes). It is recognized as one of the best American cities in which to launch a business.Best cities for business in 2022 and beyond - TravelPerk


Copenhagen has a large business formation community. These organizations are willing to invest in new a business, which helps the local economy grow. As a result, the city has several chances for corporate growth. Copenhagen is one of the top business cities in the world, and financial institutions are identifying business opportunities and providing markets to emerging companies.


Mumbai is the Indian market’s epicenter. The city is well-connected to practically every corner of India and beyond. If you want to start a business in Mumbai, you will find a larger market and a large workforce. You may also easily attract investors since the market is much broader than it appears, and the firm has a lot of room for worldwide expansion; Mumbai is one of the top cities in the world for business.


Berlin is preparing to be a technological powerhouse to be reckoned with. The city’s well-known inventiveness, along with its cheap cost of living, affordable office space, and a thriving pool of smart young people, makes it an ideal location for digital businesses to develop (Computer Weekly). Rent for co-working spaces is about half that of San Francisco, and the city is presently home to roughly 2500 companies (FT).The 5 Best Cities to Start a Business in the U.S. (2022 Guide) | PODS


The fastest-growing economy globally is now China. Beijing may be the next location you want to build a business because of its perfect technological and industrial advancements. Additionally, Beijing’s commercial businesses will operate under far more straightforward corporate rules than they did in the past.Startup costs will be lower, and government operations will be more open. Thanks to updated and enhanced government reforms and a healthy market, Beijing is the next viable business hub.


This city-state is a wonderful example of how great things can come in little packaging. Singapore is famed for its state-of-the-art high-tech infrastructure and is home to several prestigious international organizations (KPMG).

The government of Singapore is committed to attracting IT companies and ambitious company owners to the city-state by establishing beneficial regulations and fees. There, large operations have already been created by companies like Google and Facebook (TechCrunch).


Tokyo, the world’s largest metropolitan economy, is home to 51 of the Global 500’s corporate headquarters (ECD Conference)! Due to its outstanding infrastructure, stellar reputation, and flourishing financial industry, the city is particularly well-known as a financial hub.


Oil-producing Dubai has transformed the appearance of the city by making investments across many different industries, including banking, trade, luxury, and many more. Dubai may become the next important economic hub as a result of this.Innovation is the cornerstone of great business development and growth

The city is more appealing as a location for enterprises because of how easily it can be reached from the rest of the world. A new set of economic changes that will increase foreign investment, lower business costs, and accomplish much more are also about to be implemented by the city. Dubai is ranked as the world’s fifth-best business city as a result.


One of the most creative cities in the world is Stockholm. A knowledge-intensive industry has emerged in Stockholm. Many investors are so keen to advance the technology, life sciences, and healthcare sectors.

Smaller and newer enterprises now have an easier time competing with larger corporations because of business changes implemented by the Swedish government. The country’s corporate growth has accelerated as a result of these measures.


Melbourne is one of the world’s top 15 finest business cities. Investment is being made in many industries, including the food industry, digital technology, professional services, medical technologies, and pharmaceuticals.

You can always start a company with these. The government is also implementing policies to help new enterprises expand. As a result, Melbourne is ranked seventh among the world’s top business cities.

14.Seattle, Washington

There are many opportunities for company expansion in Washington, the nation’s capital of the expanding economic hub. In Seattle, several community leaders and investors support the expansion of new businesses. Compared to banks or other financial institutions, they are more flexible. This has facilitated the emergence of fresh and creative business ideas. Additionally, you could find capable workers for your business.

15.New York

Any prospective Fin Tech or fashion entrepreneur understands that New York is the place to be. It’s hardly unexpected that New York is in the top three because it’s the world’s financial and fashion hub. The city’s IT industry is worth $147 billion, it has the most AI and machine learning jobs, and its median Series A seed financing is $6 million (BizJournals). In the city that never sleeps, the startup scene is always active!Innovation and co-creation driving intelligence in Middle East Smart Cities - Intelligent CIO Middle East

16.San Francisco

On the list of the best places in the world to launch a business, Silicon Valley is at the top! San Francisco has long been recognized as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship due to its availability to venture capital, facilities for research and development, and potential for “disruption.”

Rocket Space claims that in 2019, there were 88 “unicorn enterprises” in the Bay Area alone! If you want to dangle your toes in the entrepreneurial water, San Francisco is the place to go.


The community now has a new sheriff. Dublin is home to the corporate headquarters of several multinational IT behemoths, including Google, Facebook, and Amazon. So why did they pick Dublin? In actuality, there are several justifications. Ireland could offer the best work-life balance, the best tax rates for assets used to develop intellectual property, or the best government incentives for innovation (Talent Garden). Techies should get their bags and head over immediately away, regardless of the reason.


The “second city” of the UK, Birmingham, has grown to be a significant regional and international commercial powerhouse. It is a significant player in UK commerce, medicine, and banking, and is home to large corporations including HSBC, PwC, and HM Revenue & Customs (Times).


Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is a significant player in the UK commercial community. It ranked highly in areas including work-life balance, happiness, and safety, earning a spot among the top 20 well-being cities in the world (Insider). A great environment for small and medium-sized businesses to thrive has been created in Edinburgh, one of the top three UK cities to launch a business, according to a recent study (The Scotsman).How Long It Takes for a Small Business to Be Successful: A Year-By-Year Breakdown


Bristol was rated the second-best startup ecosystem in the UK, after London. Bristol (and adjacent Bath) is quickly overtaking London as the country’s premier city for entrepreneurship, thanks to its flourishing tech industry and robust startup environment. Venture capital investment is pouring into the city, with a total of $500 million invested in Bristol in 2019.

Apart from these, there are several greatest cities for business in the world that are now encouraging new initiatives. They are expanding their financial liberties to allow new firms to flourish and thrive.


Article proofread & published by Gauri Malhotra.

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