The Effect Of The Coronavirus Pandemic On Online Casinos

Online casinos:The whole world is going through one of the worst health crises in its history. This is the pandemic of the new Coronavirus called Covid-19, which is raging in almost all regions of the globe and affects hundreds of thousands of people’s daily lives. Indeed, because of the strict prevention measures adopted everywhere to slow the progression of this pandemic, several activity sectors are practically at a standstill. The casino world is not spared either. One of the major prevention measures adopted is containment, which negatively affects the world of land-based casinos, but has a rather positive impact on online casinos, in particular mobile casinos.

The Coronavirus pandemic has created with the slowdown in activities in the world of work and the confinement, a great need for the populations to be entertained as best they can while waiting for the end of the crisis. Casino gaming enthusiasts can no longer go to a land-based casino for fun, as these are all closed.

Fortunately, online casinos and especially mobile casinos are still accessible. Thus, the Coronavirus pandemic generally affects the casinos’ world but has varied effects depending on whether it is land-based casinos or mobile casinos.

Mobile casinos booming with the coronavirus pandemic

Staying home for several weeks is easier said than done. Indeed, no one was prepared to face this rather exceptional general confinement situation, which made many people totally idle at home. Everyone then tries to occupy themselves as best they can at home. Those for whom playing casino games were the hobby of choice have even more difficulty with this situation.

With the closure of all physical casinos, the time spent in confinement would have seemed even longer if it had not been for online casinos and in particular mobile casinos. The latter was born with the appearance of increasingly efficient smartphones and the important place they occupy in everyone’s life.

poker cash games - the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on online casinos

Usually, mobile casinos have many advantages for casino players. The most important of these advantages is that it can be accessed anywhere with a smartphone which is a much smaller device than a PC. In addition, with confinement, many people have teleworked, which means that PCs are not necessarily available for leisure in a house.

But luckily, online casino operators have designed apps to have fun and make money in this situation from your mobile. You just need to be connected to the internet and you’re good to go. Whether you are lying on your bed, sitting on your sofa or standing on your balcony, you can easily play blackjack online, slots, poker, roulette, etc.

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During this period of confinement, mobile casinos are therefore taken by storm not only by thousands of casino players who were used to it but also by purists who prefer to have fun in physical casinos. It should also be noted that this craze for mobile casinos is also explained by the fact that in addition to the variety of games they offer, mobile casinos also offer casino players exclusive bonuses.

These allow them to enjoy certain games for free and maximize their earnings. These are advantages that cannot be found in a physical casino. According to some experts, this boom in mobile casinos during this Coronavirus pandemic could strongly affect physical casinos’ attendance even at the end of the crisis.

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Land-based online casinos deserted because of the Coronavirus

The major preventive measures against the Coronavirus pandemic are social distancing, containment and the closure of bars, restaurants, and other leisure places including land-based casinos. Most casinos have therefore had to close their doors. This pandemic is an unprecedented event that has caused the total cessation of life in the world of casinos.

This is an exceptional situation that no casino regular could have imagined. All activities related to entertainment in the casinos have been stopped. All those who work in casinos as croupiers, waiters, and others are on short-time work and we are talking about hundreds of jobs at risk. Some big names of famous physical casinos have lost their luster.

From Macau to the city of Las Vegas, all the major destinations when it comes to casino games are hit hard by this pandemic. Famous casinos like the Bellagio, Caesars Palace, the Venetian, and many more are closed for several weeks depending on the pandemic’s progress. No more noise from slot machines, no more cries of victory at the roulette and poker tables.

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partypoker plans to introduce antes to cash games in october

This situation undermines all revenue forecasts for this year in the casino games industry. In the meantime, some casinos are taking the opportunity to maintain their machines, or even prepare the presentation of new games such as the new Big Money slot machine presented as a European preview by the Barrière Group. Other casinos are taking the opportunity to change their interior decoration and develop new shows to return their customers.

The Coronavirus pandemic is causing disastrous economic consequences in the world of casinos. Apart from the games, there are also hotel casino reservations, which are all canceled. Physical casinos’ activities will not resume normally for some time since it will still have the social distancing measures to respect. Several physical casinos are already making arrangements for this.

For example, it is respecting the space of one meter between the players at the level of slot machines, card games, and table games. In the meantime, it is the mobile casinos that make them happy. It must be said that this pandemic is quite surprisingly benefiting mobile casino operators who are doing much better than the large physical casinos.

Play your favorite games at the best mobile casinos

As you will understand, mobile casinos are currently the best way to have fun at casino games. It is better for those who were not used to it to choose the best mobile casino apps to play your favorite games and earn safe money. These are reliable mobile applications that guarantee a real-life cricket betting experience for casino players.

poker cash games vs poker tournaments - key differences

These applications are compatible with both Android and iOS mobiles. They are quick and easy to download from the Play Store for Android smartphones and from the Apple Store for iOS mobiles. Here are some of the best online mobile casinos around:

  • 10cric casino

  • Bet365

  • Dafabet

  • Banzai Slots

  • Joka

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Locked in your home, these mobile online casinos will open the doors to a wide variety of casino games. Thanks to technological innovation in terms of latest generation smartphones, mobile games are available in very good resolutions and are generally bug free.

In addition, no date has yet been put forward for the reopening of physical casinos. So don’t hesitate to play your favorite games on mobile online casinos and take advantage of a multitude of real money earning opportunities while waiting to be able to return to physical casinos.

The advantages offered by the best mobile casinos

When it comes to online mobile casinos, it’s not just about downloadable apps. There are also flash mobile casinos that allow direct access to games without downloading, which is a very practical advantage. In addition, those who are used to online casino games, whether they just want to have fun or make money from the games are very fond of online mobile casinos’ many bonuses and promotions.

These are the free bonuses offered to players, allowing them to win incredible jackpots like in physical casinos. Indeed, suppose you choose to play for real money on mobile casinos. In that case, these bonuses will allow you to increase your winnings significantly.

Among the bonuses offered by mobile casinos, we have the welcome bonuses offered to all new players. The best mobile online casinos compete for welcome bonuses to attract new players. There are also deposit bonuses, free spins or free spins offered on slot machine games, loyalty bonuses or VIP bonuses, and promotions during various events.

On mobile casinos, you can also participate in table games tournaments like poker and blackjack. In addition, thanks to their live chat, mobile online casinos can mitigate the effects of social distancing by offering windows of socialization.

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