Employees Of Swiggy Can Now Work From Anywhere

Swiggy has recently revealed that it had expanded its “Future of Work” strategy and made work-from-anywhere options permanent for the majority of employees. The corporate, central business functions and technology teams will all continue to operate remotely under the strategy, converging once every three months for a week at their base site to foster in-person bonding.

According to the company, Swiggsters are currently employed in 487 cities spanning 27 States and 4 UTs.

The Covid epidemic has made the past two years challenging for everyone. The sole benefit of the epidemic, meanwhile, was that it permitted people to work from home anywhere in the world. Although the epidemic has certain advantages, most people no longer enjoy that luxury because most offices have opened and staff members are now required to work from their places of employment. Additionally, Covid is not as aggressive as it was in 2021, which contributes to this. One of the top food delivery apps in India, Swiggy, has a new work policy that does not require frequent attendance at the office.


About swiggy

Indian online food ordering and delivery service Swiggy. Bangalore-based Swiggy, which was established in July 2014, would move to five hundred Indian cities by Sep 2021. In addition to meal delivery, Swiggy also gave same-day package home delivery with the name “Swiggy Genie” and on-demand grocery deliveries under the name “Instamart.”

Under the brand Swiggy Stores, Swiggy expanded into general product deliveries at the beginning of 2019, obtaining goods from nearby shops. The business used a network of dark storefronts to start its rapid grocery delivery service, known as Instamart, in August 2020. Swiggy shuttered its Swiggy Stores at the beginning of 2021 and grew its business under Instamart.

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Swiggy Go, a quick pickup/dropoff service, was introduced in September 2019 by the company. Laundry, document, or package delivery to corporate clients and retail customers are just a few of the varied goods that can be handled by the service. It modified the name of Swiggy and attends the Swiggy genie in April 2020.

Swiggy let off 1100 workers in May 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The business declared in 2021 that it will pay the delivery partners’ immunisation expenses.

Burger King and Swiggy have teamed up to offer delivery services. Additionally, it has worked with Sodexo to enable meal card payments and Google Local Guide to encourage customer evaluations. In collaboration with ICICI Bank, an Indian private sector bank, Swiggy introduced a digital wallet called Swiggy Money. Drone delivery trials were started by Swiggy and the drone manufacturer ANRA Technologies in January 2022.


Swiggy Provied Work From Home To Its Employees 

The corporate, central business functions and technology teams will all continue to operate remotely under the strategy, converging once every three months for a week at their base site to foster in-person bonding.

Employees in partner-facing roles should all the same pay many days weekly, acting from their base locations within the workplace.

“At the center of our ‘Future of Work’ is flexibility. In addition to keeping our ears to the ground and listening to the pulse of managers, and leaders, workers, we studied global and local talent trends. This prompted us to offer employees the flexibility of flexible work and leisure schedules wherever they may be by introducing “work from anywhere” as a permanent option, according to Girish Menon, HR head at Swiggy.

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Girish Menon, HR Head at Swiggy, stated, “We will continue to actively invest in reinventing employee experience, innovations in work, and workplace environment to establish a genuinely remote-first organisation.


Teams finally came together for the first time in nearly two years for the first Jamboree of the quarter, which was held this past June. However, those who work in partner-facing positions must spend a few days each week in the office from their home offices.

However, Swiggy isn’t the sole business to adopt a policy permitting employees to figure remotely. Since 2020, businesses including Meesho, Airbnb, State Bank of India, and Paytm among others have let their staff work remotely.

Swiggy launches a $23 million ESOP liquidity program and increases its selection.

The food delivery company Swiggy announced on Thursday that it had completed the first step of its two-year ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) liquidity program. According to sources, this is available to about 900 Swiggy staff.

This year, Swiggy employees will have the option to cash out up to $23 million of their ESOPs. The following liquidity round will take place in July 2023. According to Girish Menon, head of HR at Swiggy, “one of our focuses is rewarding staff by fostering wealth prospects.” We are pleased to see the riches that the recent ESOP liquidity event has generated for the employees.

The company is situated in Bengaluru and employs about 5,000 people. Build Your Dollar (BYOD), a new program Swiggy unveiled, enables all employees to participate in ESOPs. Employees above a specific grade and/or based on performance were the only ones eligible for the offer.

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Just before the company went public the previous year, Goyal was given some ESOPS by the investors and board based on past success. Due to the minimum 1-year vesting period mandated by law, some of these ESOPs became fully vested last month.

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