Is BigCommerce the right choice for your B2B e-commerce needs?

Is BigCommerce the right choice for your B2B e-commerce needs?

The market for business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce increased from $5.8 trillion in 2013 to $12.2 trillion in 2019. The conventional method, where the buyer does research and talks to the salesperson, has lost favour. eCommerce became essential for many B2B SaaS enterprises due to a change in the demographics of B2B buyers. Today, millennials make up over 46% of B2B shoppers and they choose online purchasing sites.

Over 70,000 online shops are hosted by the company, an open SaaS eCommerce platform. It is an eCommerce platform for medium-sized to big, rapidly expanding businesses that want to improve their customers’ online buying experiences. But how can you improve your B2B eCommerce site by effectively using BigCommerce? Let’s start by examining the fundamental components that any B2B eCommerce shop needs to have and how BigCommerce fits into the picture.


Must-Haves for B2B eCommerce Stores

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There are specific components of a B2B eCommerce shop that are essential, much as having departments for sales, finance, and customer service is important for a business. Pricing, ordering in bulk, catalogues, requesting quotes, and other requirements differ between B2B and B2C shops. The top 9 requirements for a B2B eCommerce store are as follows:

  1. Contract pricing & catalogue
  2. Bulk ordering
  3. Quick reordering
  4. Restricted access control
  5. Portal Customization
  6. Shared Shopping Cart
  7. Quote Management
  8. Digital Payment Management
  9. Product Information Management (PMI)

It offers a vast range of capabilities for improved customization and functionality in addition to these essential functionalities. Let’s examine BigCommerce’s B2B SaaS eCommerce platform’s sophisticated features.


The Advanced Features 

bigcommerce for ecommerce businesses - is it the right choice? -

BigCommerce assists B2-B companies in creating an eCommerce shop, which strengthens their online presence and gives them an advantage over rivals. Its open-source API framework, which enables businesses to personalize their eCommerce shop, is its major USP.

The functionality and flexibility are integrated for the marketers. By introducing functionality (tools, automation, etc.), boosting security, and making it configurable, BigCommerce strives to improve shop performance. The top open SaaS B2B eCommerce platform, BigCommerce, has the following 7 features.

  • Integration
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To make managing various parts of the store easier, BigCommerce offers connectivity with a number of programs, CRM, and ERP. In order to give their consumers a simple buying experience, businesses may link their stores with social networking platforms or online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Instagram, and Facebook.

  • Easy-To-Use Tools

BigCommerce is a straightforward, simple-to-use platform for managing online stores. It offers a number of tools to automate and template simple processes, which cuts down on time waste. It is simpler to operate the shop with the use of tools like SEO, site traffic, promotions, checkouts, and many more. The store’s functionality also improves.


Exposing Open Source Through APIs

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Since its inception, BigCommerce has emphasized open source and API calls. The API may be used by businesses for customization and integration. In essence, the store is made more adaptable so that necessary features or automation may be added. This makes the shop functional for marketers and adaptable in case of unforeseen demands!

  • Security

BigCommerce has the greatest uptimes in the eCommerce sector, at 99.99%, and it provides strong security and performance. It includes a wide range of extra controls, including more SLA, HTTPS and PCI compliance, and enhanced SSLs. In order to prevent malicious assaults and system hacking, this restricts access.

  • Powerful Reporting Tool

BigCommerce provides a robust reporting tool to maintain data synchronization and management. All the information, including quotes and orders, is shown in slick reports. This makes it possible for companies to manage storefronts effectively.

  • Abandoned Cart Saver

Users have the option of using an abandoned cart saver. In the event that a client’s cart is abandoned, it enables vendors to email the consumer. It monitors activity across the business and alerts the user if they leave in the middle of making a transaction.

  • Advanced Search
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For B2B eCommerce sites, advanced search is essential, including field support and filters for targeted searching. For purchasers to conduct sophisticated searches, Nextopia and PunchOut2Go are powered by BigCommerce.

BigCommerce simplifies things and offers a smooth shopping experience for online stores. More than 65 online payment gateways in 230 countries and 140 currencies are also supported by BigCommerce. It offers a variety of possibilities for promotions and large-scale purchasing. Globally oriented companies might choose BigCommerce for unrestricted expansion.


How Do I Begin Using BigCommerce?

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BigCommerce has hundreds of layouts, designs, and automation capabilities, making it simple to set up. Simply pre-launch your store (choose TG, domain name, product launch, and investigate rivals and price), optimize it (design products, write SEO content), and advertise it (website performance, develop an outbound marketing strategy, and add keywords). The following describes how to set up an online store using:

  • Themes and Categories

Both a theme library and a category management system are offered by BigCommerce. You may choose from a variety of lovely, mobile-friendly themes in its specialized editor to increase conversions. Make the website simple to browse and consistent with the colours of your business. To draw customers and boost conversions, the store’s front-end design is essential.

  • Product Options

Select the items you want to introduce and add to the store right now. You may add goods to the shop either manually or using a CSV (all at once). BigCommerce offers a variety of options for category creation. You might use SEO tools at this point to provide product descriptions, which will improve your chances of ranking.

  • Payment and Shipping

BigCommerce offers 230 countries and 65 payment gateways with a wide range of choices for accepting payments in 140 different currencies. Payments made with a credit card or through PayPal can be accepted nearly quickly.

You may tailor domestic or international shipping choices based on your target market and requirements, such as:

  1. Free shipping,
  2. Flat rates,
  3. Weight-based rates, and
  4. Real-time shipping quotes
  • Launch Services

Release your shop at last. For after-setup administration, BigCommerce also offers assistance. With internal professionals helping with in-store setup and aftercare, it includes technical support.

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Case Study of Tradelink 

The oldest plumbing firm in Australia is Tradelink. It made the decision to expand into the internet market after 150 years of effective operation. BigCommerce’s contribution was in what way? BigCommerce replicates the experience of shopping in a physical store in addition to handling the high traffic. By using BigCommerce to merge B2B, B2C, and B2G, the firm was able to provide an omnichannel purchasing experience. Result?

From November 2020 to April 2021 to May 2021 to October 2021, the firm experienced a rise of 346% in clients, 373% in orders, and 338% in revenue.


Is B2B Effective with BigCommerce?

Over 70,000 businesses choose BigCommerce, a reputable SaaS B2B eCommerce platform, for omnichannel expansion. Options for seamless connectivity, security, and customisation might be advantageous for small to enterprise-sized shops that are expanding quickly. It focuses on functionality and consistently releases updated and better versions. Additionally, it offers three various packages so that you may match them with your company’s requirements.



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BigCommerce is a fantastic eCommerce platform that provides retailers with software as a service. It is well renowned for assisting several businesses with the development of their online stores as well as hosting, marketing, security, and search engine optimization. Therefore, BigCommerce helps any company expand their eCommerce shop, whether they are starting from scratch or migrating from another platform.



What is B2B meaning?

Business-to-Business is referred to as B2B. It is a subset of eCommerce that deals with business-to-business transactions rather than business-to-consumer transactions.

Is BigCommerce good for B2B?

Over 70,000 businesses choose BigCommerce, a reputable SaaS B2B eCommerce platform, for omnichannel expansion. Options for seamless connectivity, security, and customisation might be advantageous for small to enterprise-sized shops that are expanding quickly.

What is the best B2B?

B2B eCommerce platforms that are the best include:

  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify Plus
  • WooCommerce B2B
  • OpenCart
  • Oracle SuiteCommerce

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