Is Lockdown Enough To Curb The Spread Of The Virus? What Went Down During Lockdown 4?

With all the lockdown is going on, people all around the globe are praising India’s government for the strict measures. But who knew that the force lockdown would feel the entire purpose of social distancing miserably? The 4th phase of lockdown which started on 18th May and ended on 31st May accounted for 47.2% of the total cases in India. The first case was reported in India at the end of January after a medical student at Wuhan University returned to India. Since this time, various strict measures were taken and the entire country was into full lockdown.

The lockdown had adverse effects on the health of people, the income of the people, and of course on the economy. The entire nation was stuck inside their homes so that the infection could go away. But the fact is that right after all this distress, the government decided to offer relaxations and gave out lockdown 4 with a major amount of relaxations. All the good that came with the third lockdown, vanished into thin air because of the fourth lockdown. People started dying and were getting infected regularly.

RECOVERY RATE: It is said that the recovery rate is also high but the fact is that people are getting infected despite the lockdown. This is not a positive sign for the country. The main agenda is to contain the spread of the infection and not rely on the recovery rate. If the recovery rate needs to be measured fully, why was the lockdown imposed in the first place? If people were supposed to be judged on the basis of them coming out of the infection, why were they told to be inside their houses in the first place? 

Does the economy come before the people? If no people are left, who will reap the benefits of a good economy?

Unlock one has been initiated in the country from June 8 under which the lockdown will be relaxed to a great extent and including the opening of malls, restaurants, and religious places. But the point is why is all this is being done?

Doctors, nurses, security guards, people in the corporate’s everyone is getting infected but the lockdown has been scraped off, and unlock has been introduced. Why is the government acting in such a manner that they are not caring about the people of the country?

India has the seventh-largest number of coronavirus cases in the whole world and the gradual shift from being not in the top 10 to being in the top 10 happened during the fourth lockdown only. Various states are coming up with innovative solutions to curb the spread of the virus.

Here are a few pointers which will tell us what all went wrong in the last lockdown:

Opening up of essential shops without any definition of essential: when we entered the market, people were bustling and there was a lot of chaos in the market. It seemed as if there is no infection prevalent and people are enjoying their life. The whole market was filled with people and the shops were open. The government allowed opening up of essential shops without giving the definition of essential. For some people essential might be food but for others essential might be shopping. The entire concept of the lockdown came to a standstill when people did not follow social distancing and started moving in herds to purchase commodities. 

Flaws in governance: a number of times people were saying out in the rules in the containment zones but they were not told to go inside their houses. As a result, the number of containment zone is kept on increasing and the cases were skyrocketing. The entire concept of the lockdown comes to an end when people fail to stay indoors and fencing.

Lack of proper checking: The whole time during the lockdown, shops were open but their shutters were down. This is the result of a lack of proper checking on the part of the people who were supposed to be employed in that area. Any form of contact can lead to getting infected and various other diseases.

Concealing the facts: Data fudging has been proved in Delhi and in various other states of the country. It is said that the total number of cases that are being portrayed and told to us are far less than the actual number of cases. Till the time the real situation is not given out to the people, the people will not have the fear of the infection. Lack of coordination between the Centre and the state government can also be seen for counting the cases.

Blame game going on: when the pandemic was started in India, Specific religions were blame and they were brought forward to be the major culprits of the infection. The point to be noted here is that to date this scenario is going on in India and rather than focusing on the real enemy we are focusing on one specific religion and are targeting them. Till the time this ideology does not change, the pandemic won’t be under control and we all will die. The nation needs to set its priorities straight and work towards them instead of indulging in all this mess. 

It needs to be noted that the lockdown is not the only source of curing the infection that India needs right now. Strict rules and regulations need to be passed along with the punishment structure which people will have to face if they are not following them. It is clearly evident that even with the lockdown in place, our country has more than 2 lakh cases. If the number of cases are rising at an exponential rate, it is safe to say that the lockdown is not the only solution and something else needs to come into action. The whole concept of keeping people indoors comes with the rules that force them to stay inside and relaxations just erode the purpose of the entire nationwide lockdown.

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