Lockdown 5 Incoming! -Coronavirus Alerts: 5 Days To Go For The End Of Lockdown 4.0

The cases in the country are on a rise till now. With the existing lockdown coming to an end in the next four days, we are predicting that another lockdown will be imposed shortly. Putting everyone in their homes is the key to social distancing. This is why it is formulated that the next lockdown will start on Monday.

With the fourth lockdown coming to an end in a few days, sources have claimed that the fifth lockdown will start from June 1. It is also said that then Prime Minister of the country will be addressing the nation through his radio programme Mann Ki Baat on 31st of May.

coronavirus lockdown 4: states can't dilute restrictions in lockdown 4 guidelines, says government

Staying at home is essentially difficult. With the people being scooped up in their houses since the past two months, relaxation will be offered to the states where the number of cases is low. It is said that this lockdown will focus on the prominent cities which contributes to the maximum number of cases. These cities are Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Indore etc. The central government has prepared a list of 30 municipal corporation areas which account for 80% of the total coronavirus cases in the country.

According to various leading news channels, the central government may consider the opening of various religious places but with various conditions. It is said that no religious events will be conducted in this period. Social distancing and wearing a mask will be mandatory at these places. It is said that the government of Karnataka has requested the Prime Minister for opening up of the religious places from June 1.

Gyms were not allowed to be open in all zones in lockdown 4. It is said that with the new lockdown, all the fitness centres will be allowed to operate except in the containment zones.

However, schools and colleges will not be opened. Malls and cinema halls will remain shut. Gatherings must be avoided.

Health minister of Uttar Pradesh says that more relaxations will be given in the new lockdown. He also says that no matter what happens, people will have to follow social distancing guidelines and coronavirus might stay with us for another one or two years.

A few states are in the favour of opening up of schools and colleges but the central government is not in their favour. The state governments are waiting for a nod from the Centre. The restrictions will continue on malls, cinemas, banquets etc.

lockdown 5.0 guidelines & rules: mha new guidelines for coronavirus lockdown 5.0 unlock 1.0 in india | what's allowed, what's not

All the assumptions about the fifth lockdown are coming from the notices which were given out by the official authorities.

There is not just one factor which is affecting India. There are multiple factors which are coming up and are troubling our country. From earthquakes to storm to hail storm and now to the locust attack, India is surviving it all 

Stringent protocols and distractions will be implemented in the hotspots and gradually economic activities will be opened up in the country. The healthcare system will be more technologically advanced if possible so that a contactless journey can be started. 

It is feared that India’s infection cold is similar to Brazil which is a wreck right now. Till the time the situation does not go till like that, the government might ease the lockdown for the places which does not have any cases.  

The recovery rate of infections in Delhi is high but Delhi still comes under a lot of scrutinies for the number of cases that have. The government can’t change the fact that high number of people are being affected. 

The government is also working with the police department to keep the police personnel seized which will have a huge role in lockdown five.

corona: contributions from the max planck society | max-planck-gesellschaft

With regards to the border restrictions and neighbouring districts, it is said that a lot of strategies are being formulated so that people do not face any inconvenience. With the new lockdown, rules will be written down properly so that the public can benefit from it.

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