Problems faced in Women Entrepreneurship

In today’s world, there are a huge lot of problems for women entrepreneurship. It starts with the society being sexist to the basic norm of a woman running a business.

Entrepreneurship is a status on itself

As for 2020, female entrepreneurs are increasing in number. But there is a huge lot of problem that they face on a daily basis. Being a female entrepreneur is a tough job and most women understand the basic struggle. 

In 2019, a survey conducted on this topic, showed the results of 89% of the entrepreneurs saying that they feel uncomfortable in their workspace. This is all because of the culture and the society we belong in. Even though we have moved towards a template where a female is asked to be worshipped, we still don’t leave a single chance to bring them down. 

In today’s environment, about 11 firms in the US are holding a chance for women entrepreneurship platform. But this is only the story which is told. The real struggle lies in the fact that these female entrepreneurs find a really hard time mixing with the group. The hurdles faced by them are different and very inquisitive than faced by their male counterparts. 

Female entrepreneurs are asked to meet social expectations

Depending on social expectations, female entrepreneurs generally get the doubt that they are not up to the mark. Let us relate to a general scenario. 

You walk to a meeting where you see that the board of directors is a handsome young man, sitting across you. If you notice that instead of that man, a woman presented the group, it would be a flop. 

This is what 50% of people think. 

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Women are always expected to meet the unnecessary criteria of society. With their primary male coordinates, they are asked to cross the hurdles and compete. Here is when no one teaches them to be equal rather than staying on the top of everyone’s expectations. 

Dealing with limited access to funding

There are a lot of types of entrepreneurs who always struggle with the type of funding for their business. The finances are not released just because the guarantee of being a woman is not secured. 

Not all the startup investors are looking to deal with female starting their league. They will put their trust into a man. But a woman? No, never. 

Investors always typically look for a business that has a valuation of more than what is invested. In today’s world, female entrepreneurs are still facing the reruns of getting their application rejected. The main reason why funding becomes a huge problem. Wherever they resort to, it is a complete no. 

A female entrepreneur has to walk along with a male counterpart to put the trust back in. Whenever a woman is seeing alone, bidding for a job they are not trustworthy. Female entrepreneurs are asked to learn what they need. 

They are asked to request what they want. 

The role of women entrepreneur is much more

Even though these entrepreneurs are not given any final recognition, it is much more than just an application getting rejected. 

Girls are taught to stand up and fight on their own and never be a damsel in distress. Just like the said, these female entrepreneurs are taught to bring their power back and show them who the boss is.

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If you are one then try to take in all the feedback. Learn from the mistakes and do something that can stun all the investors. Put in a guarantee and trust and you are good to go with your business. 

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