Shiprocket acquires e-commerce platform Pickrr for Rs 1,560 cr

Shiprocket acquires e-commerce platform Pickrr for Rs 1,560 cr

Shiprocket, a logistics technology platform, revealed on Wednesday that it had purchased a majority investment in Pickrr, an e-commerce software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for D2C brands and small businesses, for around $200 million (nearly Rs 1,560 crore).

Shiprocket’s position as the premier D2C enablement the operating system will be strengthened as a result of the cash, stock, and the earn-out arrangement, which will offer a single gateway for other enablers and suppliers to service the digital merchant community.

With over 75,000 merchants, including direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands, SME e-tailers, and social commerce vendors, the two platforms process 10 million shipments per month.

“By providing the foundations for this software infrastructure, Shiprocket and Pickrr are uniquely positioned to seize this opportunity. With our complementary goods and consumer segments, we are excited to create a formidable e-commerce logistics ecosystem,” Shiprocket’s co-founder and CEO Saahil Goel stated.

Shiprocket and Pickrr have created solid technological stacks and operational excellence to allow their customers to profit from their exceptional e-commerce success.

Shipping partners, warehouse providers, shopping carts, marketplaces, payment players, and identity and credit information suppliers will all benefit from the unified platform.

“Both Shiprocket and Pickrr are industry leaders, and we are excited to collaborate with them to develop cutting-edge solutions and alter the e-commerce logistics sector by propelling it into its next growth phase, ” said Gaurav Mangla, Pickrr’s Co-Founder.



About Shiprocket

Shiprocket is a tech-enabled logistics platform that offers MSMEs cheap solutions that allow them to sell online from anywhere. Shiprocket offers warehousing, packaging, and other associated services in addition to logistic services. Furthermore, their platform features a number of different connectors that assist merchants and sellers with delivery management. The brand offers low-cost delivery to 220 countries and over 27,000 pin codes across India. Shiprocket relies on software developed by its own teams to keep the organisation’s day-to-day operations running smoothly.

Shiprocket, which has over 85,000 active Direct Consumer sellers, provides AI-powered post-order services such as smart packaging, e-commerce fulfilment, warehousing, hyperlocal deliveries, shipping aggregation, free website development, and more to help Small and Medium Businesses fulfil end-to-end operations seamlessly. Shiprocket seeks to assist its sellers in growing their businesses by offering the widest pin-code serviceability possible, as well as 17+ dependable courier partners to assure effective and timely last-mile deliveries. 

Today, the organisation is responsible for 4-5 per cent of all Indian eCommerce. The integration of Shiprocket API is simple and convenient, allowing developers to take advantage of shipping functionality for their business.

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Shiprocket seller login is completely free; users simply need to register a Shiprocket account and log in using their Google/Facebook account, phone number, and other required information.


Shiprocket rates

Shiprocket offers four distinct programmes with varied pricing. The following are the plans, as well as the Shiprocket rates:

  • LITE: Shiprocket LITE is a Shiprocket free shipping service with a minimum enrollment time of 0 months.
  • BASIC: Shiprocket’s Basic plan costs Rs 1000 per month. The minimum signup period is three months.
  • ADVANCED: Shiprocket’s advanced package costs Rs 2000 per month. The minimum signup period is three months.
  • PRO: Shiprocket’s Pro package costs Rs 3000 per month. The minimum signup period is three months.

Market Details

According to recent reports, the global market value of the logistics industry is over $50,000,000,000 (50 billion).

Shiprocket – Services & Products

Shiprocket delivers products to consumers’ doorsteps in a fast and efficient manner. Shiprocket Social is a pre-integrated logistics dashboard enabling merchants to send products to 27,000+ pin codes in India and 220 countries worldwide. This eCommerce logistics solution comes with a choice of 17+ courier partners, including BlueDart, FedEx, DHL, Delhivery, and others, as well as an AI-powered tool called CORE (Courier Recommendation Engine), which uses data to suggest the best courier partner to the merchant based on delivery time, cost, and the highest rated on the list.

Aside from that, real-time order tracking, early COD, easy returns, SMS and Email notifications, non-delivery updates, shipping rate calculator, automatic inventory sync, and more are some of the other features that help the merchant provide an exceptional delivery experience to their customers and thus build a proper retail brand. The Shiprocket rate calculator is a unique Shiprocket add-on that helps businesses and consumers to compute shipping charges based on product dimensions and zip code.

As a full-stack eCommerce logistics platform, their brand allows merchants to take their business online by creating a store and selling products for free. This may be accomplished through one of their ventures, Shiprocket Social, which allows any merchant to navigate the world of social selling easily using free features such as a Facebook shop, payment gateways, bulk upload of products, personalised coupon codes, sales tracking dashboard, and so on.

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Merchants can use another of our services, Shiprocket Packaging, to improve the customer’s delivery experience even further. It offers high-quality packaging solutions that are affordable to everyone, regardless of their business size. These packaging solutions are cost-effective, manufactured of the highest quality materials, and assist prevent weight-related inconsistencies by providing an automatic inventory tracking function that reduces the seller’s manual effort.

In comparison to large businesses, small and medium-sized businesses find it difficult to implement a comprehensive warehousing strategy because it is a costly function. They launched Shiprocket Fulfillment, an eCommerce fulfilment and warehousing solution, to address this issue. It’s a versatile service that aids the seller in managing unexpected order volume spikes during peak seasons. There are limited risks of human error with end-to-end automation. As a result, there were fewer weight-related difficulties and fewer returns. Furthermore, the seller benefits from faster delivery to their consumer and does so at a low cost with no lock-in time.

Shiprocket Saral, Shiprocket’s intra-city delivery service, is also available. Shiprocket Saral is a hyperlocal delivery aggregator that makes expert hyperlocal partners like Dunzo, Shadowfax, and Wefast available within a 50-kilometre radius. This service is cost-effective, as it allows the merchant to offer a variety of payment options to their customers and enable order tracking for greater transparency.




About Pickrr

Pickrr is a virtual logistics system established in New Delhi that caters to global brands, SMEs, online retailers, and Amazon sellers. With Pickrr, any company can now deliver any goods to any location in the world in only a few clicks. Their partners will take care of all the hassles of picking up, packing, and shipping the goods to any place. Pickrr, a virtual courier service created in 2015, serves the logistics needs of e-commerce merchants, resellers, online sellers, SMEs, and brands seeking a better shipping experience.

Features of Pickrr:

• Optimised and flexible courier allocation 

• Real-time order tracking 

• Well-planned NDR/RTO verification

• Easy order placement: Order processing with Pickrr is broken down into smaller parts, which decreases the likelihood of data entry errors and makes it easier to remedy them.

• Multi-user access: Assign any of the current roles to manage access to specific portions of your dashboard, or create a new role based on your preferences.

• Channel integration: Integrate Pickrr with your own e-commerce storefronts and order management solutions. Each store/platform has its own straightforward step-by-step instruction that will take you through the process of integrating with Pickrr on your own, allowing you to begin your automated shipping journey with no effort.

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Pickrr Business Model

Pickrr is a single firm with global operations that provides end-to-end supply chain logistics in India. Marquee Angels, Global Business Veterans, Omidyar Networks, Ananta Capital, Guild Capital, and IIFL are the company’s global investors (India Infoline Group).

Pickrr supplies its customers with a virtual logistic platform via Software as a Service (SaaS). It streamlines the process of transporting a product from the customer’s location to its final destination.

The consumer can access a simple dashboard that interfaces with popular e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Unicommerce, and Shopify. The dashboard may also manage orders across many channels.

Pickrr- a Technology-Driven Company

Pickrr’s AI and machine learning-based software substitutes random courier partner selection with e-ports and transparent analytics in a user-friendly style that clients can simply incorporate into their eCommerce delivery and business operations.

The company began by employing a nine-person delivery team that handled everything manually, including picking up the package, packing it, and dispatching it to its final destination as quickly as possible.

Pickrr has made technological advancements to the point where the first mile may now be completed without the use of courier delivery personnel. For adopting this “first mile” logistic model, the company’s technology allows it to use an efficient courier aggregation system.

Pickrr aspires to be a one-stop-shop for SMEs in India and around the world. Manufacturers can make use of this service by having their goods delivered in record time from a courier pick-up at their home to various sites across India.

Pickrr proposes to mediate disputes between SME vendors and end customers, despite the fact that the company does not own any specific product. No other courier firm, they claim, offers such services.

Pickrr Operations

Pickrr aspires to be India’s best eCommerce courier service, with operations all throughout the country. Pickrr’s USP is its ability to reach even the most remote parts of India. Organisations across the country serve over 29,000 pin codes.

Pickrr has over 17 delivery partners who help maintain the company’s comprehensive network of logistics business services. Furthermore, its efficiency allows it to assist various enterprises around the country in developing and distributing their products across the country. Pickrr offers logistic services to up to 220 destinations worldwide in addition to domestic courier services.

Article proofread & published by Gauri Malhotra.


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