Top 10 Best Job Consultancy in India in 2023

Top 10 Best job consultancy in India in 2023

The employment market is very competitive on a global scale, given the expansion of society and the demand for skilled labour. Today, however, we have a variety of possibilities, and thanks to the internet, a truly remarkable creation, this process is now simpler and more widely available. To Secure high paying jobs in large corporates and companies always use examlabs

The placement consultants step in as a middleman between job searchers and recruitment firms when the job hunt requires a lot of work and travelling on the part of the job seekers. These job consultants often work with large firms to assist them to locate the top candidates for open positions who are also seeking the greatest career opportunities. These placement consultants offer a wide range of employment-related services, including:

  • They assist the job seeker in resolving problems about their employment and professional path.
  • To any questions you may have regarding your employment, they advise the best available options and, if any, alternatives.
  • They provide the candidates with specific instruction in areas such as training for job interviews, developing soft skills, and personality development, among others. The majority of the most difficult circumstances in a professional’s career and job hunt may be handled with the help of this training.
  • They also maintain a note of both favourable and unfavourable comments from both employers and workers, which might be useful for future hiring.

Similarly, if you look at the current situation, with the expansion of several business sectors and industries, these consultants provide their customer’s complete employment options. Large firms often approach these consultants with their need for a candidate, and then these consultants immediately contact and arrange the appropriate job seekers with a comparable work description, making it easier for the client and job seeker to connect.

After negotiating fees, the placement consultants often enter into an agreement with the organizations that includes specific terms and circumstances under which both parties will operate. In a similar vein, job seekers may also contact these placement specialists to discover the ideal position. In this instance, some consultants provide this service at no cost to the job seeker while others charge the applicants a little price. Obtaining trustworthy and sincere placement agencies that can assist in finding full-service employment options under one roof is crucial.

So, allow me to walk you through the top 10 reliable employment consultants in India that have been offering jobs for many years. After the technological boom, hiring has become difficult in India. As organizations grow, there is a demand for qualified professionals. Millions of people search for work each year. Finding the ideal individual for their firm thus becomes a difficult challenge for the recruitment consultant. Effective communication and interpersonal skills are only a couple of the HR traits that make a good placement consultant.

Other necessary traits include the ability to assess a candidate’s potential in terms of appropriateness for the position and sustainability. At the beginning of the hiring process, the recruitment consultant is responsible for outlining the duties and requirements of the position, as well as the terms and conditions.

After the technological boom and a sharp rise in market size, recruitment in India has become a difficult task. With so many businesses spread out over the nation, there is a significant need for qualified workers. Every year, more than a million people search for work. Finding the ideal individual for their firm thus becomes a difficult challenge for the recruitment consultant.

For recruitment consultants in India, the evolving techniques of recruiting and the recruitment sector have created several recruitment obstacles.



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A placement consultant or recruitment firm serves as a networking bridge between job searchers and hiring organizations in numerous industries. In other words, it frees up the workforce and lends you a helping hand. They build databases, get in touch with applicants and businesses, and handle employment-related problems. Placement consultants provide a range of services and aid in placing applicants where they belong. 


List of Best job consultancy in India

1. ABC Consultants

ABC Consultants: Top Recruitment Services Company in India

Dr Bish Agrawal created “ABC job placement” in 1969, making it one of the nation’s most venerable and eminent pioneer job consultancies. They have 44 years of extensive expertise in this field, and their slogan is “Building Careers, Building Organization.” With more than 500 consultants, they are the most favoured talent acquisition company for offering individualized recruiting solutions. Approximately 75% of their revenue comes from their current clientele.

With 9 offices distributed throughout 8 major Indian cities and a presence abroad, ABC typically partners with top companies and MNCs throughout the country of India. Their HR group also offers a wide range of other recruitment and employment services, such as ABC consultants (mid-level management recruitment), Chairman’s High Circle (serve executive search), flexibility (subcontracting recruitment methods), Headcount (bulk-hires), and Head honchos (job portal for senior management). 


2. Randstad

Randstad acquires Cella, Inc.

Randstad is the oldest firm, having been established in 1992 as “Ma Foi” before changing its name to “Randstad” in 2008. Over the years, Randstad has built a solid reputation in the business by offering its clients high-quality recruiting services. As a result, they are now one of India’s top suppliers of HR services, having a presence in 20 cities. With its headquarters in Chennai, India, Randstad is also the second-largest placement consultancy firm in the world. The business provides a range of HR services, including professional recruitment, temporary and long-term employment contracts, other HR-based solutions, in-house services, etc.


3. TeamLease Services

TeamLease acquires Hyderabad-based IT staffing business – Ultra News

One of the top human resource consultants in India, Team Lease Services was founded in 2002 and has more than 1700 workers and 2500 clients nationwide. In the BSE and NSE marketplaces, TeamLease is ranked eighth in Fortune India magazine. With a mission statement of “Putting India to work,” they currently employ more than 1.7 million people and have about 2 lakh associates dispersed across the country’s 6,600+ sites.

They collaborate with a wide range of clients, including SMEs, MNCs, government agencies, and several educational institutions. According to several web sources, TeamLease has hired a new employee every four minutes since it started. Additionally, they offer a wide range of services, such as corporate training initiatives in association with IIJT, payroll outsourcing, assessments, temporary and permanent personnel, regulatory compliances, and more.


4. Kelly Services India

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In 1946, William Russell Kelly created Kelly Services in America. Very quickly after, they expanded to other nations. Kelly Support started operating in India in 2001, and currently, they are among the top providers of workforce solutions such as candidate recruiting, client service, and staffing solutions across sectors. In India, Kelly Services is regarded as one of the top job consultants in 2023.

They are present in six different cities around the country, and its HR staffing division has received praise for its business methods, quality control procedures, participation in the community, and supplier diversity. Kelly Services is regarded as a pioneer in the current staffing market and specializes in hiring scientists, mid-level executives, engineers, IT professionals, financial services professionals, and functional professionals.


5. Manpower Group

ManpowerGroup Inc. (MAN) Company Profile, News, Rankings | Fortune | Fortune

The renowned Manpower Group placement consultants were established in 1948 in Milwaukee, USA, and presently has over 3500 offices spread throughout 80 nations. They began operating in India in 1997 and are now present there in 13 different locations.

Manpower Group was named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies in 2015 for the fifth year in a row. ManpowerGroup offers a range of cutting-edge workforce services, such as managed service providers, talent-based outsourcing, and outsourced recruiting procedures. 


6. United HR Solutions

Placement Consultants Companies for all your recruitment in India, Abroad, UAE

Dr O.P. Pahuja launched United HR Solutions in 1986. He later started it as a united consultant in 1996, and in 2007 company changed its name to United HR Solutions. They first served primarily the Nigerian textile industry, but over a few years, they expanded into many other nations, including India. United HR Solutions is an ISO-certified consultancy company that today serves more than 450 customers across more than 15 countries.

They primarily concentrate on providing services like Executive Search, which deals with hiring managers and top executives in fields like finance, engineering, marketing, information technology, and human resources. To meet their client’s needs and build long-term relationships, they maintain the highest ethical standards, high standards of conduct, and fair play.


7. Green Thumbs

Green Thumbs has earned a reputation as a boutique recruiting business with a high impact, focus on outcomes, and target orientation. Across all industries, Green Thumbs offers a range of manpower recruiting services, including executive search, support for training and development, and temporary and permanent job search.


8. Brain Behind Brand

Brain Behind Brand – Urban Mélange

Since its founding by Mr Amitava Banerjee in 2008, Brain Behind Brand has effectively provided its clients around the nation with satisfying service through branch offices in four important cities. With the help of the Executive Search, Placement, and Manpower Consultancy in Kolkata, etc., they provide their clients with an unrivalled dedication to providing tailor-made and personalized recruiting and employment solutions by assessing the true needs of their future clients.


9. Klaxon India

Klaxon INDIA (Closed Down) in Brigade Road, Bangalore - Justdial

The objective of Klaxon India, which was founded in 2004, is to offer all of its esteemed client’s limitless staffing and recruitment services. They have established themselves as one of the MNCs and Indian enterprises’ top talent acquisition partners throughout the years. Five main Indian cities are home to Klaxon India, and the company also has a worldwide office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

In a variety of industries, Klaxon India specializes in hiring and employment. It has been ranked as one of the top employment agencies in India for 2023. They are actively offering the most specialized, research-based, high-quality recruiting services, and have a team of professionals to handle a range of customer requirements.


10. Lavya Associates

A well-known brand in the job placement industry, Lavya Associates offers consulting services throughout a large geographic area. For providing world-class worldwide executive recruiting and selection services, they have a committed team of specialists that are well-trained and outfitted with the newest technologies. Providing fair-minded, trustworthy, open-minded, and sincere executive recruiting solutions by carefully considering all of their client’s demands to meet them is another speciality of Lavya Associates.


What is the Process of a Placement Consultancy?

Placement Consultants For Automobile Industry | Jobs in Automobile Company

The velocity of the recruiting process has increased dramatically as a result of the rapid rise of the labour force and the emergence of MNCs. With so many individuals seeking work, connecting with qualified prospects and vice versa becomes a difficult issue for businesses. In these situations, a placement consultant builds a platform and serves as a connection to organize the workforce and point it in the proper direction. However, in the modern world, their function has broadened and multiplied.

We have outlined the main facets of a consultancy’s operation below so that you may better understand what they do: 

  • Resume 

Your resume is the first thing a potential employer sees throughout the employment process. It is the document that informs them about your educational background, scholastic accomplishments, and professional aspirations. Therefore, the first step in creating a strong first impression on potential employers is to create a flawless CV. You might enlist the services of a placement consultant to assist you in achieving this. They are equipped with the necessary instruments to enhance presentational aesthetics and professional writers with knowledge of informal writing and presentational styles.

  • Aptitude Test and Interview 

Getting you ready for the aptitude test for the interview is the next stage in the employment process. Your interpersonal, professional, and subject-related abilities are evaluated by potential employers based on how well you score on the exam. After taking an aptitude test, candidates must show up for a round of in-person or phone interviews.

You may also get a list of potential HR interview questions from the placement consultancies, together with advice on how to respond to each question as effectively as possible. The placement consultancies offer interview preparation advice because you could be attending an unplanned or walk-in interview.

  • Connection and Networking

A placement consultant includes professionals on staff who have worked as HRs or in positions of a similar nature and have years of professional experience. These experts are skilled in streamlining and improving the hiring process. With their professional knowledge at your disposal, you may learn interview techniques, talk about pay negotiations, and network with companies that value their workers.


The necessity for employment consultants

HR Consultancy & Placement Agency in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi - GS Job Point

A job consultant keeps friendly contact with businesses from many industry sectors and provides them with staff as needed. They gather resumes from candidates, review them, and share them with customers so they may provide comments and arrange interviews. Job consultants are essential in finding candidates that perfectly fit the job description of their clients from the enormous application pool.

The job searchers gain from the consultants’ efforts throughout the process as well. Job consultants assist job seekers in discovering better career opportunities, enhancing their CVs, and refining their skill sets through professional training while looking for the greatest match for their client’s needs. And one may not be aware of all the advantages a career consultant may provide job searchers. Here are a few ways that hiring an employment consultant might help a job seeker. 

  • Providing Career Opportunities Advice: The unrivalled career guidance that consultants can provide is one of the major advantages of employment consultancies for a job seeker. The candidates are given career advice by the employment consultants based on an analysis of their qualifications, experience, talents, and prerequisites. They may also serve as career consultants by helping job seekers select a different professional path that will be better for them in the long run. To offer brighter opportunities in the desired industry, they analyze the interests and preferences of the candidates.
  • Candidates’ Training: A variety of businesses engage job consultancies to meet their staffing requirements. From the enormous application pool, the consultants weed out the top candidates and give them the required training to make sure they are the greatest fit for the role being chosen. To make sure the prospects are ideal for the position, they develop their skill sets, work on the candidates’ resumes, and even get them ready for the interview. By doing this, the job consultants raise the likelihood of the candidate being hired.
  • Negotiating With Clients: Quick negotiation is another advantage that job searchers may gain by using employment consultation services. Job searchers may more easily bargain for a higher offer because the employment consultancies have connections to the client firms for which they are submitting the applications. Direct negotiations between job seekers and businesses or recruiters are not required.  They can speak with their job consultants about their concerns and terms, and the consultants will then negotiate the terms with their client firm. Therefore, job consultancies assist job searchers in obtaining greater employment benefits.
  • Enhancing Your Resume: A job applicant’s resume serves as their initial point of contact with a prospective employer. This tiny piece of paper must have all the relevant details as well as a few things that catch the interviewer’s eye right away. Job consultancies research the profiles of candidates and assist them in improving their resumes. Job consultants are well-versed in the finer points of resume search and may enhance a resume with the right keywords to increase the likelihood that it will be picked up by an automated screening system. Through various techniques, they assist in increasing resume exposure so that it attracts interviews right away.
  • Matching Specific Candidate Needs with Appropriate Companies: The main duty of employment consultants is to match individuals with available positions across various businesses. The additional advantage that job searchers may have by using job consultation services is the ability to submit any specific needs they may have to the consultants, who will then help them locate a firm that meets those needs. To develop alternative possibilities depending on the particular need that the job seeker has put forward, they also determine the applicant’s profile and personal strength.

Despite having agreements with businesses, job consultancies are vital to job seekers in their search for employment. They link job seekers with the companies they want to work for, help them prepare for interviews, offer advice on better career options, look for positions that fit their needs specifically, and improve resumes for better exposure and screening. One may always contact the consultants to meet their employment demands, whether they are looking for a job consultancy in Kolkata or any other location in India.



Infinity Placement Services - Best Manpower Recruitment Consultancy Service Provider Firm and Top Placement Consultant in Noida and Delhi NCR India

In essence, each of the aforementioned job consultancies serves as a bridge between employers and job seekers, providing the latter with assistance in finding employment opportunities. But beware of some scam consultancies, where every day one or more job searchers are defrauded in the vain expectation of being hired. Therefore, exercise extreme caution before speaking with any dubious career adviser. To help you avoid this problem, we have provided a list of the most reliable job placement agencies in India. So go ahead and get in touch with them immediately to land your ideal job. I wish you luck in your hunt.

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