How Video Alert Software improve internal communications?

With the transition of all or part of employees to remote work, the issue of internal communication becomes especially acute. You can no longer just walk into your Departments and make an important announcement. Of course, you can ask the secretary to call everyone. But what if your company employs not 5-7 people, but 150-200? E-mail correspondence also does not seem to be very effective, because employees read letters at different times. You cannot be sure that some extremely important message will be immediately read and taken into account in the work.

Multiple Benefits of Video Alerts


The effective answer to this question has already been found. This is a video alert tool. Video alerts have multiple beneficent features:

  • Your communication with employees remains personal. E-mail correspondence doesn’t give the effect of presence. It could be boring, especially when you give some long instructions.
  • Visual presentation is more vivid. That is why employees better understand and memorize the presented content.
  • Video alerts save your business time and time of your employees since producing video content with needed instruction takes less time.
  • You will notice employees’ engagement in the creation or watching video alerts. Over time, more and more people will produce videos for internal communication. It will become a great tool for communication not only between superiors and subordinates but among all employees.
  • Finally, making videos could be fun for your employees. They may employ their creative abilities to produce them. Over time your videos could become a real piece of art!

Capabilities of Video Alerts Software For Internal Communication

But to use this kind of communication, you need advanced video alerts software. Desktop video alert tools combine the best possible features for the instruments of internal communication:

  • possibility to use a webcam for recording video alerts
  • possibility to attach other external pages through embedding video url
  • possibility to delay presentation of video alerts thanks to the mechanism of scheduling messages
  • your employees can watch and respond to video at any time comfortable for them. Still, you can determine the deadline for responding or even employ the possibility of blocking an employee’s screen until the video will be watched and responded
  • possibility to send video to any device of your employees. With Desktop video alerts software, you don’t need any unification of devices employed
  • analysis of statistics thanks to which you will monitor messages sent and operation with them on your employees’ devices
  • customization of the audience that will get particular video messages
  • customization of additional functionality, such as auto-closing of received messages.

Using video messaging can help reinforce your organization’s corporate culture. However, it should be remembered that some employees may experience psychological blocks in relation to personal recordings of video messages. Therefore, do not rush to extend this mechanism to everyone at once. For the beginning, let this become a common communication mechanism for management and the most active members of your team. Over time, you will see others open up emotionally and happily join your intense video communication.

In addition, this tool can be used to communicate not only with your colleagues but also with your business partners and customers. You will be surprised how much time this saves! You and your employees won’t have to explain the same product or transaction details to every customer. It will be enough to send a video message. And you will be able to spend the additional time on something more useful!

With application video alerts software for internal communication at your organization, the productivity of your company will essentially rise. The atmosphere of ease and mutual interest will make the conditions of work more comfortable, friendly, and participative. The great advantages of this tool make it the best solution for communication with employees in the XXI century!

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