Starting A New Business: Support And Guidance For Being An Excellent Entrepreneur

Dream- marvel as the name suggests is a dream come true for all those people who are willing to start their own business and be entrepreneurs. Dream marvel believes in decreasing unemployment in India.

As we talk about the unemployment there is no doubt in saying this that the unemployment rate in India is increasing months by months, some of the reasons behind this hiking rate of unemployment are slow economic growth, slow industrial growth, increased  population growth, unequal distribution of incomes and land. These are some of reasons which affect employment of the country not only it affects employment generation but also creates a problem in establishing a new startup or business. Dream marvel supports talent and passion and the mission of the company is to decrease unemployment which is widely spreading. 

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Services offered by dream- marvel for businesses

The company offers the services in three stages:

Startup business program: The program which helps the candidate to start his/her own business from early to pilot stage by providing Guidance, Skill Development, Financial, Administrative and Marketing Support to get him/her succeed in his/her business.

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  1. Leadership Development: the company believes there is a Leader in every person but its the situations that made that leader lost whether the situation is Social or Personal. The main objective of this program is to find that lost leader in yourself, and putting it out in front of the world. This program includes Leadership counseling and life coaching. Conducting personally by the CEO- Mr. Kamal Kumar and his team.

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  1. Marketing Solution: they have developed an app named Just Click which will act as a bridge between the retail business and the people who loved to shop online. This app helps the traditional work to get the maximum footfall for its business with the help of technological advantage.

How Dream- Marvel is different from others:

The unique point of the company is that it is attached to its roots and operates from India. The company targets the middle classes who are situated in semi-urban and rural areas the objective of the company is to empower these people because the reachability of resources at these places is limited.

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The objective of the company is to reach and cover each and every region of India from Garhwal of Uttrakhand to Kandhamal of Odisha. Recently the company has started a new scheme in their startup business program ‘स्त्री आत्मनिर्भता अभियान’ an initiative for empowering women living in semi-urban and rural areas by providing them training, knowledge, skills and support to start business from their home.

In the next few years company’s target is to establish 100 new startups and empowering more than 1000 women to work from home.

About the Founder and Co-Founder:

 The founder of the company is Mr. Kamal Kumar belongs to Garhwal: Pauri a hill station in Uttrakhand. Graduated in business administration and is successful business men own a couple of retail businesses. He’s a Skilled Professional in life coaching, Motivational Speaking, Direct Sales and Team Leadership. He’s also an upcoming author of a book which is going to revolutionize the ethics of doing a retail business.

Co- Founder of the company is Mr. Devlata R. is a Renowned Social Activist. Worked With Worlds Vision India For Over 6+ Years As A Community Development Facilitator. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and had more than 8 years of experience. A Visionary, an Iron Lady and an inspiration for many in India as well as outside India, she continuously Striving for the opportunities which can help to empower Women of India.

Dream –marvel organization is not only training and guiding people for setting up startup business and empowering women to become an entrepreneur but also supporting them financially and intellectually for achieving the goals. The performance of the company has resulted in getting it awarded with Quality in Business Certification’ from the International Trade Council’.

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