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Entrepreneurs: Branding for you!

Do you know that YOU have a brand? Sorry.. Not only that you have a Brand, but YOU are a Brand! And even if you don’t know, it doesn’t matter.. Agree or not—we all have a Brand..!

So the question is not that you have a Brand or not- the question really is do you want to manage and promote your Brand. Are you proud of the Brand you own? Is the Brand taking you closer to your goals or farther from them?

So Entrepreneurs, I hear you! Why? Coz I am one of you..I have taken up this journey myself and with every passing day I understand the challenges that come along.

So here are a few tips from my own experience as an Entrepreneur and as a Coach to several Entrepreneurs-

  1. Keep Moving- You start with an idea or a product. And then you may wonder if the people want it the way you thought they would. I have learnt that no matter what the challenge is you have to keep moving. As long as your Purpose is clear and your destination is clear- the routes may change and you can’t stop so Keep Moving! A Brand that evolves is the Brand that stays!


  1. Keep Asking- Do you ask what is my Brand? What is that I want to be known for? What is the problem that I or my product/service solves? Do you know it? Have you invested enough time to figure out why you started up? Your Brand has to be in alignment with these questions and you are the best person to figure out the answers. So until you find the answers and in affirmative- Keep Asking!


  1. Bridge the gap- We just love our idea/product, so much so that sometimes we create a gap between us and our target audience. It’s imperative to get into our client’s shoes and then see your product/service. Hence, break down your Branding in a way that your audience can relate to it and can see the value you can provide.


  1. YOU are the Brand- Being and Entrepreneur I understand that there is a very thin line between the Founder and the Product/Service, so much so that there are moments when the meaning interchanges. Show the YOU in your Brand and be the Brand you can be proud of. Your audience want to know the face behind the company, the passion behind the product and the self behind the service and trust me there is no better advertisement than YOU! So invest in building your Brand and Credibility. Do analyse your Social Media presence and make the changes to convey the Brand YOU!

The good news is –you don’t need to figure it all by yourself.. Hire an expert or a Coach who can help you develop the right Branding on LinkedIn or develop a powerful positioning including your Elevator Pitch!

You may go to http://www.changeurstory.in for more details and to hire a Coach, you may contact us at [email protected].

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