No Vaccine For This Man-Made Nightmare Called COVID-19, As It Enlists Itself In “The No-Vaccine Virus” List!

COVID-19 has infected millions and has added hundreds of thousands of deaths to its name. Every day we learn new yet frightening facts about this disease, whether on its extremely contagious tendency or the superpower ability to mutate to such an extent that it makes a scientist rethink their career! Nonetheless, many people are still dreaming to find a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a COVID-19 vaccine granting us all immunity from this terrifying virus. Unfortunately, we have to break the truth; there can NEVER be a vaccine for this COVID- deadly-19 virus. That’s right. Since, dangerous and complicated problems are visiting humanity these days; waiting for a silver bullet to put an end to problems is just a futile and waste fantasy. Seeing countless articles about the various vaccine developments going on across the globe and by witnessing how all of these tests are claiming to be standing on the doorstep of a breakthrough is urging us to keep a tiny ray of hope within. However, experts like Michael Osterholm, director of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy think that news like this is building dangerous, false hopes among the public. Even the suggestion that a vaccine will be developed and available in the next several months has led many to underestimate the virus, both in terms of its immediate malicious effects and its potential to infect an even wider spectrum of the global population. But all these false hopes will not be propagating if we have accepted the fact that this virus IS man-made. Yes, remember those entire conspiracy theories gone virus for several days that the government of China personally had to reveal a denial letter.

Let’s move into some brainstorming notes to clear you out of false propaganda.

Say, you are a scientist who works with viruses, a virologist. And you have just detected something that looks like a new virus. The most asked questions will be how do you analyze a virus and especially find it’s not a result of some laboratory accident? What the virologist explains is both fascinating as well as an eye-opener. They say it’s not easy to identify the difference. But of course, there would be things which might ring all the bells. If there was something in there which does not occur in nature has always would make you suspicious. The question is then what does not appear in nature? First, they look for any relationships to known viruses. They have databases like gene Banks that collect sequences. And in comparison, we can find which type of virus it is, whichever family and what are the closest related viruses that we have already seen in the past. They consider something not natural if it’s not present in a database. But the databases or what is present in the databases are a very small piece of information. But the suspicion begins when something is visible, something like what they call a reporter gene. Reporter genes are well known in the scientific community and do not occur naturally. They are like a fluorescent marker that’s used in research. For example; if you want to check whether a virus can infect certain cells, a virus with a reporter gene would emit a green glow. Hence the presence of a reporter gene in a virus would be a clear sign that somebody has been messing with new viruses.

But what about the less obvious manipulations? If somebody has done this badly, you might be able to find something like this. But chances are with the tools which are available today you would not see anything. So, for instance, the CRISPR- Cas technology can be applied to cut DNA in almost any sequence that you desire, and it doesn’t leave any trace of a foreign sequence behind. That means you probably won’t be able to tell whether a virus was completely natural or whether its genes had been edited in a lab. Then what proof does it proclaims to be a natural virus? Every virus mutates, but the question here is can the mutation be so sudden that it even makes a common cold deadly? Does nature tend to see which place, which time, and who to affect? We don’t think so. All we say is, technological growth and the need for power have caused China to create Frankenstein’s monster!

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You might not care about its origin as its existence still prevails and only wish for it to end with a vaccine, and yes, we have certainly come up with vaccine but that vaccine will all be a failure. This situation is more complicated than what the public has come to understand. Veteran researchers, Adolfo Gracia phrase it “The degree to which a virus is amenable to an effective vaccine has less to do with the symptomatic traits of the virus and more to do with the specific characteristic of HOW the virus infects”

This is one of the greatest challenges that modern medicine has ever faced, scrambling doctors and scientists to find treatments and drugs that can save lives. We have a newcomer here, Malaysia has identified a new strain of coronavirus which is 10 times deadlier. This new strain of COVID-19 has been dubbed as D614G. The reports claim the mutation has been sighted in three cases from a cluster and tracing it to begin when a restaurant owner returns to the country from India. A similar strain has also been detected in another cluster case which was found among the returnees from the Philippines. This strain could only mean that existing studies on vaccines for the current COVID 19 might be incomplete or completely ineffective against the mutation. Europe and the United States are starting to witness this predominant variant mutation. According to the World health organization, there is no evidence that this strain leads to more severe disease. However, a paper published in the cell press mentions that the mutation is likely to have a major impact on the efficacy of the vaccines currently being developed.

Researchers have found the characteristics of COVID-19 in terms of its virulence are extremely similar to that of an earlier coronavirus, SARS, which came to prominence in the early 2000s. Unlike COVID-19, SARS was caught and contained quickly leading it to burn itself out after only killing 700 people compared to COVID-19 multiple hundreds of thousands of deaths. During that time, scientists did develop two different vaccines for SARS which were tested on lab animals only to find extremely disturbing effects. Earlier the vaccine did activate antibodies in the immune system which allowed the test subjects to respond to SARS, but it was not actually to stop the virus from causing serious damage.

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Professor of immunology at East Carolina University, Rachel Roper played a part in those aforementioned SARS tests believes there’s credible evidence to indicate that COVID-19 might just be resistant to vaccination altogether. It’s not just SARS that sets the precedent for this; the FDA has never approved a single viable vaccination against any coronavirus, including SARS, murres, and the common cold. It is even astonishing to find that they are even developing a vaccine for COVID-19. The natural virus does tend to mutate into deadlier, but this virus seems to be crazy enough to show different genome in various parts of the world. How can you explain this? No response will come. Why? Because the fact that nature can do astonishing things has blindfolded all. But we are forgetting something. The mere existence of man is way more disastrous than any other thing in the world. Man can do wonders he possesses both capabilities of building a great wall of China as well as destroying Hiroshima! Then why can’t this virus?

The truth is no vaccine can ever be made for this virus. The virus seems to mutate as its wishes at any place in its leisure time. Every information and observation of one strain will be of no use in comparison with other strain. Roper has also warned us that rushing into a bad vaccine could be far worse than not having any vaccine at all. From history, we have witnessed a worst-case scenario of vaccines gone wrong. The vaccines that are on their way cannot be reliable. Perceiving this virus to be some natural virus was our first mistake and hence we have let to its spread. If we don’t accept the fact that this virus is indeed man-made and a dirty work of China then we might be facing a deadlier world that can never be able to see the dawn again. No vaccine is ever going to stand a chance against this underestimated man-made virus ever and if you are still living in darkness, we call upon you to wake to adjust to the new normal than waiting for some falsely labeled bottle named “vaccine”  to come save the world!

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