5 Solid Reasons to Convert Your Files Into PDF

There are many document formats, but none of them is good. Generally, most people prefer to share the files or have the final copy of a file in PDF (Portable Document Format). Developed in the early 1990s, PDF has become immensely popular all across the globe, both for professionals and non-professionals. PDFs are easy to share, can be viewed from all the devices, are compact, maintain originality and cover many other pros. If you are still sending the documents in the original format, you need to change it for sure. If you are wondering whether you should also start sending files as PDF, we are here to answer your query by giving five reasons why you should convert the original document into PDF.

1. The format of the document is maintained

When you work with other file formats like Microsoft Word, the main issue that arises is compatibility because there are many versions of Microsoft Word. Also, not all versions support everything. If you send a file in any other version, the chances are high that documents will lose their original format. However, that is not the case with PDF. The PDF files ensure that the original format of the file is maintained. When you are sending a PDF file to anyone, you can be sure that the person will receive the file precisely in the format you have sent it. Therefore, it is recommended that you convert the original Word to PDF before sharing it.

2. PDF is supported by all the devices

One of the most outstanding PDF features is that it can be read on all devices, no matter which platform they are operating on. The only app or website that a reader will need is a PDF reader for reading PDF files. The PDF files can be viewed easily and you need not worry whether a viewer will be able to read the PDF or not. Also, the reader has the option of highlighting text on the PDF along with commenting on their notes and views in the file itself. Also, the PDF files can be shared easily, thanks to the fact that the size of a PDF is comparatively smaller than the original document.

3. All the PDF files can be password protected

If you are running a business or in a job that requires confidentiality, then the PDF can be helpful because it can be password protected. The password-protected file can be extremely useful for protecting sensitive information. Also, there are options in the PDF file that allows users to restrict the file based on their requirement. If you want to protect your data from prying eyes, convert the file first to PDF and then password protect it.

4. It is easy to include non-text elements

Sometimes, in a document along with a text, we also have to add the non-text elements. Alignment becomes extremely important when it comes to managing non-textual elements like images. We have already discussed how the formatting changes when we share the files in other formats. There won’t be any problem if you share the pictures in the form of a PDF. There are many PDF editors available online which will convert the JPG to PDF for free of cost. Transferring the files in the format of PDF will ensure that the quality of the files is maintained. PDFs are multi-dimensional in that sense.

5. PDFs are compact

PDF copies are always smaller than the original document. Even after that, the users have the freedom to compress the PDF further for making it smaller without compromising too much with the quality of the files. The compactness of the PDFs also make them the perfect format to share the files quickly. When you are having difficulty sharing an original document because it is bulky, try sending it by converting the document first into PDF.

Lastly, PDFs give a professional touch to the document. They are good to look at and ensure the format and alignment of both the textual and the non-textual elements. Further, it can be password protected and shared easily. Most professional documents demand PDF copies of a document as they can be easily viewed from all the devices, irrespective of their operating platform. This aspect of the PDF makes it an extremely user-friendly format.

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