Delhi COVID-19 Update: Vaccination Drive Stopped For People Between 18-44 Age Group, Lockdown By Delhi Extended To May 31

The hankering for vaccination is growing deeper in India as the vaccines are still running short, but the amount of population to be vaccinated is more. Indians are solicitous to get vaccinated, checking out for empty slots so that they can get their shots. This incident depicts the situation of the privileged class, the ones who are educated enough to use the internet services for booking their slots.

Think about the economically weaker section of our country. Dying in the desperation of filling their empty stomach as the COVID-19 pandemic snatched away from their income resources, now they can’t even get access to the life-saving vaccines. Their never-ending misery and struggles are growing more profound, mental health of the country is declining during the COVID pandemic.

Nevertheless, the PM isn’t paying heed to their necessities, being indolent as always, busy in his world. When India was recording more than 3 lakh cases every day, the PM busy in Bengal assembly elections did not care to express his ‘concern’ and pay homage towards the people who lost their lives to the pernicious virus. PM Modi on Friday addressed the nation where he got emotional while remembering the COVID-19 victims.

“My deepest condolences to the families who lost their loved ones to the pernicious virus,” he said. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tagged his behavior as ‘crocodile tears’ via a tweet.

Nevertheless, the never-ending misery in the national capital Delhi remains the same. As the COVID-19 cases started dipping significantly, the vaccine crisis began. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has halted the vaccination drive for the 18-44 age group due to the ongoing vaccine crisis in the city.

Vaccination halted for 18-44 age group in Delhi due to shortage of vaccines

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that it would take more than 30 months to vaccinate the entire 18-44 age group population of Delhi if the vaccine crisis continues as it is. For now, he has temporarily halted the vaccination drive for people between the age of 18-44 as the national capital as the vaccines are running out of stock. The CM has written a letter to PM Modi for the immediate and increased supply of vaccines to Delhi so that inoculation can occur swiftly.

Kejriwal has given four suggestions to Modi regarding the vaccination drive as the country is facing a massive vaccination crisis. He mentioned that the procurement of vaccines can be done from foreign manufacturers as well, and India should invite firms from abroad for producing the vaccines.

During the press conference, CM Kejriwal said that all the vaccination centers would remain closed from Sunday for people between 18-44 till further notice. 80 lakh vaccine doses will be required per month to vaccinate the entire city in 3 months. But Delhi received merely 16 lakh doses in May and further reduced to 8 lakh doses for June. As of now, 50 lakh people are vaccinated in Delhi, to vaccinate the entire adult population more than 2.5 lakh doses are still required. On Sunday, more than 88 centers administering Covishield doses were closed.

The center should allocate more doses as soon as possible, so that the vaccination drive may resume again, he said. “At this rate of 8 lakhs per month, it will take 30 months to vaccinate all adults on their own. At that time, no one knows how many waves will come and how many people will die,” said Kejriwal, urging the prime minister to increase the population and move the city immediately. Releasing the Delhi vaccine letter, AAP MLA Atishi said all vaccine providers in the 18-44 age group would be temporarily closed after Saturday due to shortages.

“After today, the entire immunization program for the group will be suspended in public schools,” he said. According to the government, 50, 20,214 doses have been given to the people of Delhi, proving that more people have been vaccinated due to the high-speed immunization program.

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The center should invite global tenders and foreign vaccines so that the supply can be increased. Similarly, manufacturers from India should start producing vaccines fast and give us a clear picture of its production as many of them as still skeptical regarding the vaccines, he suggested. The vaccination of such a large population of Delhi in a short period is the only way by which we can avoid the third wave of COVID, Kejriwal asserted. “We have already started arranging the medical supplies, medicines, hospital beds, and oxygen cylinders, but vaccines are the most effective way by which we can dismantle all the chances of third-wave,” he said.

The shortage of vaccines is not only the government’s concern but the public is also frightened due to the crisis. It has created a very difficult situation in the country, said Kejriwal and recounted a phone call he received from an elderly mother who had asked for her son’s vaccine before the jab, saying he needed it more than he did because he had a job to care for. of the family. It pained me to hear this. There is nothing as painful as this “Dharmsankat” (problem) before a father, mother, brother, or sister – whether he has to get a vaccine or give it to a younger family member,” he said.

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Lockdown in Delhi extended till May 31: CM Kejriwal

CM Kejriwal showed a sigh of relief as the COVID-19 cases in Delhi have dropped significantly, but also mentioned that the people must stay at their homes and follow the COVID-19 protocols as the danger is not averted yet, the third wave is inevitable. Delhi recorded less than 1,600 cases on Saturday. The positivity rate has slipped to 3.48% with 185 fatalities. Nevertheless, CM Kejriwal has extended the lockdown in Delhi further by one week till May 31. He also mentioned that “We will start unlocking Delhi in a phased manner if the cases continue to dip till May 31.” He has expressed his gratitude to Delhiites as their adherence to COVID-19 protocols made the situation of Delhi better.

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