Another raid by ED in Kolkata: Cash recovered from a businessman’s house claiming a connection between him and the E-Nuggets app case.

Another raid by ED in Kolkata: Cash recovered from a businessman’s house claiming a connection between him and the E-Nuggets app case.

In the Ultadanga area of Kolkata, a team from the Enforcement Directorate (ED) carried out a raid at the office of a businessman named Umesh Agarwal claiming a connection between him and the E-Nuggets app case. Large sums of money have been recovered from the location.

When the ED team left the building, they were spotted carrying three cash counters and a sizable bag.

Sources said that almost Rs 1.5 crore in cash was found inside the house. The ED also apprehended Rumen Agarwal, the businessman Umesh Agarwal’s son, for questioning.

A laptop and other significant papers were taken. The person who has been seized is reportedly close to businessman Amir Khan detained in connection with a fraud case involving mobile gaming software.

Raid by ED

According to official sources, ED conducted raids at many MBS Group of Companies and Musadddilal Jewellers locations in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The sources claim that the enforcement agency took the operations in Hyderabad and 20 other locations in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Considering money laundering and the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), the raids were done.

To maintain forex holdings without paying an additional 5% tax, the MBS group, its director Sukesh Gupta, and sister companies bought gold from MMTC on credit, according to the official. This cost the corporation money.

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ED Raids Promoters of Kolkata-Based Mobile Gaming App, Seizes Over Rs. 7 Crore in Cash | Technology News

E-nugget app fraud case

It was possible to download the game E-Nuggets from the Internet. According to officials, it encourages users to retain their money in the app so they may receive a commission on the deposit. They also noted that the app has many games users can play on their smartphones using real money.

The app asked that users add funds to their app wallets to receive a commission of a particular percentage. Later, it was simple to transfer the funds to the user’s bank account.

According to ED sources, substantial sums of money were paid to download this software. Even a daily three to four thousand percent commission was allegedly given as a lure.

At first, there was a table where you could play an online lottery to win money. Unaware customers were first given a sizable incentive based on commission right after they downloaded the app and started playing. These customers were lured by greed. Their bank accounts would immediately receive that money.

The app developers were then given consumer information and bank account details. All withdrawal possibilities, nevertheless, were eventually disabled. Even the server’s admin and application details were erased. According to ED sources, that is how the fraud was executed.

Amir Khan, whose father is a transport businessman in Kolkata named Nasser Ahmed Khan, developed the “E-Nugget” gaming app.

The investigators found that Amir’s fraud was practiced all over the country. There have allegedly been thefts totaling between Rs65 and Rs70 crore, of which Rs17.3 crore have so far been found at his home.

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At the police department on Park Street, a fraud case was reported. The scam was discovered after federal bank officials filed an FIR against E-Nugget on February 15, 2021, under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), namely sections 420, 406, 409, 468, 469, and 471.

The Kolkata Police are accused of taking no action in this thing. The Ministry of Finance learned about it and asked the Enforcement Directorate to look into it so that it was made practicable.

Tracing the Act of Money Laundering in India • Legitly

ED recovered large sums of money from the money laundering case.

This is not the first time that ED has conducted a raid and recovered a large amount of money. Continuous money laundering cases are happening around the country. Several mobile gaming apps do these kinds of fraud and take money from people.

Previously During searches being conducted at six sites in Kolkata related to the investigation into the smartphone application allegedly defrauding investors of their money, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has reportedly found more than Rs 7 crore in cash.

ED officers said that bundles of money were taken from the second floor of a home owned by Naser Khan, who owns a transportation company. They said that Amir Khan, the younger son of Naser Ahmed Khan, had introduced the E-Nuggets mobile gaming software, which first gave commissions to investors in exchange for their investment and permitted easy withdrawal of their wallet balances.

To receive higher commissions, consumers soon started making larger investments. Officials discovered that once a sizeable sum had been taken from consumers, they were prohibited from making withdrawals under a lot of pretexts. After that, they continued, “all user data, including profile data, was reportedly deleted from the app’s servers.” Based on a report made by Federal Bank officials on February 15, 2021, the ED had filed a case against Aamir Khan and others.

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Amir Khan was detained by the Kolkata Police earlier in September for his involvement in the mobile app fraud case. After the Enforcement Directorate (ED) raided premises connected to him, he was on the run.

Amir Khan admitted to the police that he had converted nearly Rs 100 crore into bitcoins during questioning. The authorities said that he and his friends had defrauded many people in Bangladesh, the Middle East, and Bengal.

In February 2021, a written complaint was delivered to the Park Street police station against Aamir and others. The accused defrauded users of the “E-Nugget” mobile gambling app.

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