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DGCA Takes Action Against Redbird Flight Training Academy for Back-to-Back Crash Landings – Special Audit Underway 2023

DGCA Takes Action Against Redbird Flight Training Academy for Back-to-Back Crash Landings – Special Audit Underway 2023

In a significant move that underscores the importance of air safety and regulatory compliance, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has taken strict action against the Redbird Flight Training Academy. This decision follows two consecutive crash landings involving the academy’s aircrafts.

Redbird Flight Training Academy, a prominent flight school, came under scrutiny after two of its aircraft faced crash landings within a span of a week.

2 Persons Injured As Training Aircraft Crashes Near Village In Pune; 2nd  Incident In 4 Days

Both incidents thankfully resulted in no fatalities, but they raised alarm bells regarding the training protocols and maintenance practices of the institution.

After two crash landing accidents happened within a week, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) decided to halt Redbird Flight Training Academy’s activities at all of its sites.

This declaration was made on Monday by a top official, who emphasised the importance of paying greater attention to maintenance and operating procedures at the institute’s Baramati site in Maharashtra.

Prior to contemplating the resume of Redbird’s operations, the DGCA is now carrying out a specific maintenance audit and competency tests for their trainer/examiners.

In one of the two crash landing instances, the crew suffered minor injuries.The first incident took place on October 19 and involved a single-engine Tecnam P2008JC aeroplane with the registration VT-RBC that was just the Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) on board.

Multi-Engine Rating - Redbird Aviation

At around 100 feet into the initial climb, there was an engine issue that resulted in a power loss. The crew made the decision to terminate the operation, and they made a crash landing just beyond the northern edge of the area.

The CFI neglected to disclose or document the problem for maintenance action despite the fact that this flight was intended to look into a previous problem (abnormal noise and braking difficulties).

The accident caused serious damage to the aircraft, and the crew only received minor injuries.The second incident, which involved the same kind of aircraft, happened on October 22.

While ascending to the designated height of 2,500 feet, it lost power. After calling off the trip, the instructor made a forcible landing in a field about two nautical miles from the airport. As a result of the collision, the landing gear, propeller, wings, and fuselage of the aircraft were all damaged.

The fleet of the Redbird Flight Training Academy consists of 30 aircraft, both single- and twin-engine models.

Recognizing the gravity of these incidents, the DGCA immediately grounded the academy’s entire fleet. Pending a thorough investigation, no aircraft associated with Redbird is allowed to operate.

Redbird Flight Training Academy Inaugurates Flight Academy In Belagavi,  Karnataka | Exclusive - Aviation A2Z

DGCA stated that the primary objective of this action is to ensure the safety of both the trainees and the general public.

The DGCA will assess the quality of training imparted to students, the qualifications of the instructors, and the simulator training infrastructure.

The investigation will delve deep into the maintenance records of the aircraft. Special attention will be paid to whether the academy adhered to the prescribed maintenance schedules and if any shortcuts were taken that compromised safety.

The audit will review the academy’s organizational structure, the presence (or absence) of a safety management system, and the reporting mechanisms in place for safety concerns.

The academy has been cooperative with the DGCA’s move. They released a statement expressing deep regret over the incidents and assured full cooperation with the investigations. The statement also highlighted the academy’s historical safety record and its commitment to the highest training standards.


However, they also accepted that these consecutive incidents indicate a potential systemic issue that needs to be addressed urgently.

DGCA suspends flying training at Redbird academy - Hindustan Times

The DGCA’s swift and decisive action against Redbird serves as a warning for other flight training institutions across the country.

It underlines the regulator’s commitment to safety above all else. Flight schools might see this as a cue to internally audit their practices and ensure they are in line with DGCA guidelines.

The back-to-back crash landings at Redbird Flight Training Academy have certainly jolted the aviation training sector.

Trainer aircraft makes emergency landing on farm field in Belagavi; 2  injured | Karnataka News - News9live

While it is crucial to await the results of the DGCA’s special audit before passing judgment, the incidents underscore the importance of rigorous safety and maintenance standards.


The DGCA’s action reaffirms the importance of constant vigilance and proactive measures in the aviation industry, where the margin for error is minuscule.



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