What Indians Have Learned From Coronavirus Pandemic?

The coronavirus outbreak that originated from china has now its reach all over the world. In mere 5 months, this infection has affected more than 200 countries and it is spreading like a forest fire. Every country all around the world is in an urge of finding vaccination and cures to fight the coronavirus, but till now no such solid and remarkable solutions have been discovered. 

India is one of the countries which have been drastically affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone in this whole world is talking about the repercussions that humans and the economy are facing due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. Similarly, Indians are also considering the evil side of the virus, you know every story has different phases just like that the story of the novel coronavirus also has different phases, and one of its phases reflects its positive side.

The lockdown and coronavirus pandemic is teaching us a lesson that we should never forget and even after this issue gets resolve and gets over, we should keep these lessons with ourselves for life. We should always try to find a silver lining in every situation and circumstances and in this situation which is drastic and dark, life-threatening and painful these lessons act as a ray of sunlight. 

A lesson for the government:

The very first lesson that coronavirus crisis has taught is to the Indian government that one should never get overconfident on anything, the country with second best medical facilities that is Italy could not even control the spread of the coronavirus and there the hospitals got fully occupied and the situation got so gloomy that the coronavirus started infecting the doctors too. In such a situation despite being warned so many times by the oppositions and the health advisors the Indian government did not take measurable steps in the beginning and after the cases reached 500 above the country was suddenly put under the complete lockdown without even giving time to people to prepare themselves which led to the chaos and violation of the lockdown after few days only, Prime minister Narendra Modi is a last-minute fighter and always creates havoc by imposing his last-minute decisions on the country and god knows from here he gathers so much overconfidence that a country like India which falls in the bottom for its healthcare and medical facilities would be able to fight the infection last minute.  

The coronavirus pandemic has taught a lesson to Indians on the cleanliness:

People in India have become more sensitive towards cleanliness and sanitization, there is no doubt about it that people in India are really poor when it comes to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, the concept of toilets and washing hands in our country came into existence after 20th century and if we talk about rural areas people in remote and rural areas are still not aware of the whole concept of maintaining personal hygiene, even till now people here don’t prefer using toilets or washrooms for urination rather they go to open areas and fields to do so. After the coronavirus pandemic, the people have become more sensitive and aware about their personal hygiene, and we actually know this from our insights that how much we all have developed our habits on being clean and hygienic, before the coronavirus infection how many of us had this habit of washing our hands in every 1 hour, we use to wash them only at the time if we are using the washroom or before eating food, but now after the infection, our habit of washing hands 2-3 times a day has been changed to at least 10 times a day. Thus, Due to the coronavirus people have become more sensitive towards their health and hygiene, and they have started using masks, soaps, and sanitisers, etc. 


Environment and pollution:

Talking about the environment people of India have also learned how to keep their surroundings and environment clean, as after the coronavirus pandemic and due to the lockdown people are forced to stay inside their home there is less crowd, less noise, and air pollutions because most of the industries are shut down and there is also less traffic on the roads. Every city and street of India has become cleaner after the lockdown and COVID-19.

 India is ranked as the bottom five countries on the environment performance index. But during this lockdown, the environment and the pollution has decreased in India sky has become blue and there is a huge drop in the air pollution, according to the Air Quality Index, India’s air pollution rank has decreased to 93 this month as compared to 161 in march 2019, if we talk about water bodies they have become 40% cleaner than it was before. The lockdown and the virus have taught the people how to stay clean and wash hands in every one hour, which is a big thing because the government is trying to teach these things since ages by launching big campaigns and cleanliness drives and now, finally a virus came and taught them in months. 


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Adopting our old Indian values and culture:

Coronavirus pandemic took us Indians back towards adopting our values and cultures, you know why Britishers were able to rule upon us so easily because it is very easy to brainwash our minds and influence us against our country and its values, somehow Britishers left but the western values and culture which came with them did not leave the country and people shifted from joining hands and doing Namaste to shaking hands and doing hello. Our Indian way of greeting someone or welcoming someone transformed so quickly, the coronavirus pandemic in order to maintain social distancing reminded and brought people back to our old customs and values of saying Namaste by joining our hands. As a result of this, the Indian greeting “Namaste” is now appreciated and being practiced in foreign also, as now people around the world are worried about the spread of the virus by shaking hands and hugging each other.  


These lessons that the coronavirus has taught us should be stored in our memories forever because somehow we lack these habits and now if we have started adopting them we should keep them evergreen with ourselves.

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