Top 10 Best Parenting Mobile Apps 2022

Top 10 Best Parenting Mobile Apps 2022

When you become a parent, it’s the best feeling ever and parenting mobile apps make it a huge life adjustment that’s both exciting and rewarding. You are not alone in caring for your infant, thankfully.

While you should support your partner, being a parent isn’t a tiny responsibility in your hand. You’re well aware of the importance of moving quickly. Maintaining good terms with your children while maintaining a balance between both worlds in which they are growing up and in your world. There is nothing impossible with the use of the smartphone. Why not put it to good use and construct a more comfortable life for parents?

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As a parent, it is difficult for them to keep their children away from smartphones in this digital age. At the age of three, children are exposed to mobile phones for the first time. We hand over the phone to our children hoping that they will enjoy playing games on it and parents can have some peace until they are busy, but we don’t know how or when they will be directed to disagreeable or harmful websites. 

Teens are primarily drawn to new apps such as SnapchatTikTok, Instagram, and Kik. It’s essential to filter apps for your children, and we must occasionally limit our children’s exposure to unknown or unwanted vulnerable Apps. The easiest method to remain secure and keep our children away from inappropriate stuff is using a parental control app or an App locker.

If you’re like most parents, you’re concerned about the impact of technology on your children. As parents, don’t you think your child spends more time on phones? Are they oversharing on social media? Do they know how to discuss with someone face to face? In reality, research shows how dependent on technology children are and how this affects them. For example, this generation’s technology reduces empathy, boosts bullying, and robs them of creativity. Colleges and businesses are finding that youthful people who grew up in this technologically advanced environment lack emotional abilities compared to children a decade earlier.

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So, what should a parent do? As a discipline, we often create a mobile limit, set timers, screen time, phone contracts, and take away technology. Technology, but, what if the problem with social media, technology, and the Internet in our children’s lives is more about how much our innovation use interferes with our parenting? What if reading Twitter and Facebook prevents our children from having essential connections with us?

Sometimes we are too busy with our lives that even our kids try to have a conversation with us, but we’re too preoccupied with monitoring our phones, responding to work emails, or surfing the web. As a result, when they see the gadget in our hands, they either give up or turn to the Internet to find the answer. We miss out on crucial teaching chances when this occurs.

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What is cyberbullying?

Due to excessive Internet use, children get manipulated and get trapped in various cyber crimes. Among all, this one is one of the most common ones. Ragging or Blackmailing is done on digital platforms such as tablets, smartphones, or computers called Cyberbullying. By the use of social media or websites. Out of every 10 kid, almost 1 kid try to attempt suicide after being cyberbullied. 

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What is sexting?

When an individual or among groups forward, send or receive sexually explicit messages is called sexting. These messages could consist of videos, photographs, or text sent via digital devices.

Online predators send unwelcome sexually explicit messages or sexual solicitations to one out of every seven children.

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What are the characteristics of online predators?

They are paedophiles who have a sexual attraction to children and hide behind a teen profile to appear as a friend before abusing children on the Internet.

Three out of every ten teenagers who have sex with someone online run the risk of being labelled as sexual offenders.

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How to Monitor Mobile Devices of Your Kid’s 

In several ways, remote management apps can assist you in maintaining control. Among the most common tracking forms involve location tracking, app blocking, web content filtering, and time management. 

Below, we go over all these great features in greater depth. Keep in mind that some of the product lines we showcase are only available for mobile devices, so they won’t be able to track your child’s actions on Macs or PCs. If you’re most concerned about these systems, have a look at our overview of the best parental control tools. 

The majority of remote management programs work similarly. Install a surveillance app on each gadget you would like to keep a close eye on, then control settings and limitations from a website desktop or a caregiver mobile app. Any choices you make to your devices take full effect right away. We value capabilities that enable us to control our devices flexibly.

5 advantages to allowing kids to have cell phones in schools

Parenting Mobile Apps 2022

1. Artkive

You can save most of your child’s scrawls on coloured paper without sacrificing closet space. Big kudos to this helpful app for digital format preserving kids’ artwork. In the app, you can organize artwork by the child and even print books, which is a beautiful way to keep track of their creations over time. (Up to 40 pieces are free; after that, membership costs $3 per month.)

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2. WOW Parenting

The software was intended to help parents enhance their parenting abilities and resolve their parental concerns; it is linked to several specialists who assist parents in helping them understand their child’s growth. Specialists will assist you in determining your child’s pressure, tv addiction, and distraction. The software also includes a live session with specialists, and they offer the most effective remedy to a child’s issue.

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3. LetsBab (Free)

LetsBab is each store for clothing and accessories, women’s clothing and beauty (including brands like Body Shop, Forever 21, ASOS, MANGO, and Boohoo), men’s clothing and lifestyle (with money back reward), and men’s clothing and lifestyle (with cash back reward).

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4. Baby Connect

If you’re expecting your first kid or are a first-time parent, life with an infant is full of ups and downs. Parents may also need assistance organizing their to-do list and managing their wits between doctor appointments, feedings, diaper changes, and naps. This app is excellent for keeping track of your medicines, tube feeding, baby’s sleep pattern, and doctor appointments. And if sometimes you forget to feed your child, then this app may help you set reminders for the next feeding, and you can also share this information with your partner, relative, or nanny who will be looking after your baby since you are gone.

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5. Find My Kids

It’s impossible to overestimate the value of monitoring wherever your kids are. Anybody who has experienced the terrifying panic of the loss of a child can testify to this. As a result, there is no more critical app than one which will inform you wherever your kid is at any particular time. The most okay locating app available is Find My Kids. Locate My Kids uses actual Google Maps to help you keep track of your children and ensure their safety.

find my kids review to keep tabs on your kids in a non crazy way

6. Qustodio

Qustodio is the world’s leading provider of parental control technology for households. Qustodio supports all generations of Windows PCs, iOS, and Android smartphones and is accessible in six languages. Customers will like Qustodio’s greatness and easiness, as well as its outstanding features for sophisticated security.

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7. Boxed(Free, iOS and Android)

You’ll be pleased to get bulk essentials (toiletries, paper products, snacks, and many more) immediately with the help of your phone if the prospect of lugging the kids to your local warehouse retailer gives you hives. It’s also a good idea to stock up on school necessities that your child goes with quickly, such as batteries and notebooks. It doesn’t not only saves you time, effort, money, and the hassle of navigating the large cart through the halls, but it also ensures that your order arrives in 1-2 business days so that you can use it quickly.


8. Azoomee

Your youngster enjoys using your phone by playing games — and who doesn’t want such great fun.

However, this can also increase the risk of addiction and can grow monotonous. So, think about an app that updates every week with puzzles, new games, and activities? Enter Azoomee, our gold-award-winning app.

That’s correct; you won’t have to spend money on specific applications each time your kid gets bored with what they’re doing.

And the best part is that it’s kid-friendly, and you can have up to five children’s profiles only with one family membership, which is less expensive if you join up for a more extended period. And, let’s face it, if the children are happy, we are so glad as well!

9. Bit Guardian Parental Control

Its helpful features have been ranked the top parenting app in several nations. They have several functions that will assist you in caring for your child. You can, for instance, use this software to disable any app from your kid’s smartphone.

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A new software restriction feature prevents your youngster from downloading any new apps. The SOS warning is the most significant function since it will notify you if your child is in danger. The application uses an alarm when your child touches it.


10. Baby Nursing/Breastfeeding Tracker

Feeding may appear to be a breeze. Many mothers, though, can speak to the difficulties they endure. Baby Nursing (we can also call it a Baby Breastfeeding process) is a fantastic software for keeping track of your child’s feeding times. Can use the app to track how much your baby eats and how much they eat at each mealtime. You may also submit images and keep track of your milestones, baby’s height, and physical growth with the app.

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Why Does It Matter?

According to a study published in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, parents’ use of technology is not only depriving households of learning opportunities. Still, it also produces negative relationships, internal disputes, and tension in the house.

Not only are mothers finding it challenging to juggle everything, but cellphones, tablets, and other electronic gadgets are eroding the barriers among office and personal, allowing parents to be “on-call” for work at any time. As a result, too little time is spent engaging with children and too many hours invested using technology.

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It’s Difficult to Strike a Balance

Mom and dad are trying to balance time with family the willingness to be available when at houses innovation preconceptions like replying to a job and other requirements. Study participants, for example, repeatedly expressed an internal conflict between technology, employment, and family time.

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Emotionally, you’re a mess.

Furthermore, survey participants claimed that their emotional responses to what they saw on their smartphones led to more common unfavourable reactions from their family members, mainly when the email or text they received had terrible news or included distressing content. According to the study, parents were interested in using tech, their kids displayed more exciting behaviours, which led to them screaming at their children.

In another portion of the study, the researchers noted that families consume junk food with their kids. They found that when youngsters are using mobile devices, they have less vocal and behavioural responses.
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It Becomes a Means of Evacuation

However, other people surveyed justified their use of tech, claiming that it enabled them to connect from the outside globe and acted as a necessary recall of existence outside of parents. Many families also said they use software to help them deal with the tedium and monotony of parenting. Overall, parents are predicted to spend three hours or more every day on devices such as mobile phones, smartwatches, and tablets.

Whereas the scientists admit that families don’t have to become present to their kids 24/7 and that some alone help youngsters develop independence, they equally point out that parents are overworked and exhausted from being tugged in several ways. In addition, technology has changed how parents engage with their children. Technology, as opposed to newspapers, traditional books, or periodicals, commands a family’s concentration and requires an additional emotional engagement.

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Article Proofread & Published by Gauri Malhotra.

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