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Top 10 Best Waterparks of India in 2023

Top 10 Best Waterparks of India in 2023

Water parks are generating buzz. Water parks are being included in amusement park operations by business owners and entrepreneurs to boost revenue and patron happiness. Amusement parks that provide water play facilities like splash pads, lazy rivers, water playgrounds, and other swimming activities are part of the water park industry. Water parks can be found inside, outside, or both.

Water Parks in Ahmedabad - Stanza Living

You probably have inquiries regarding how to construct a water park, whatever a water park venture would cost, and how to turn this new venture lucrative if you’re interested in opening or developing a water park or possessing an amusement park area. This manual was put together to assist you in getting started.

Building a Water Park

People should design a water park after deciding to go ahead and construct one. Before deciding what to include within your design, you need to consider your budget, operational costs, and the features you want the garden to have.

How much land do you own?

Define what a great water park means to you as well. Is a profitable water park everything that you consider to be a success? Or is a water park considered successful if it generates enough money to support other amenities in your garden while covering its costs and adding new attractions? The park’s design will depend on what constitutes a successful water park. Rides, a hold, and a kids’ area are water parks’ three main aquatic components.

Water Park in Ahmedabad (2022) Amusement Park, Timings, Entry Fee

1. Rides

Diverse age groups should be catered to in a water park’s rides and attractions. Even though most visitors desire to ride the waterslide, younger children and senior guests who prefer more sedate attractions should avoid the tense teen attractions. Anybody can enjoy the attractions you add, but you should include rides catering to particular visitor demographics. Baby and toddler-friendly attractions include: Tot slides; tiny, zero-depth pools

Water slides are one of the kid-friendly attractions. The following activities suit older kids and teenagers: giant waterslides, sand volleyball, water walks, and open water. Young people can enjoy intense waterslides, open water, climbing wall, drop slides, and sand volleyball, among other activities. Adults can enjoy the following activities: lap lanes, a zero-depth pool, a spa, and a sun deck.

2. Capability Holders

Top 8 Theme and Amusement Parks in India

A place or attraction with a large capacity may accommodate many visitors. The success of a water park depends on capacity holders, even though they might not be profitable. A popular capacity holder might be a wave pool or a recreational river. They serve as the center of the pitch, keep visitors amused and have a good time without waiting in line.

3. Area for Children

Another essential component of a great water park is a kids’ area. You must allow for younger guests if you want to entice families to your garden. Many parents intend to keep their kids with them when visiting the park because some of the more intense roller coasters can be too intense for young children.

Extensive water play facilities, kiddie pools, and playgrounds can be included to guarantee that your younger guests will enjoy themselves just as much as the rest of your guests.

Along with rides and attractions, your park must be planned to incorporate support areas and amenities like concession stands and restrooms. The standard of your restrooms won’t entice customers, but they can prevent them from leaving. To guarantee that these areas improve your visitors’ entire experience in your park, you should locate them in accordance with traffic flow.

Water Parks Are Becoming More Profitable

TravelBytes: Top 5 best water parks in Delhi-NCR

In the last five years, the industry income for water parks has grown, but what factors have caused this substantial growth?


Because of declining unemployment rates, higher disposable incomes, and a strengthening economy, water parks became more profitable. The increase in consumer spending has aided the expansion of the water park sector.

Additionally, consumers are traveling more, which may help explain why water parks are becoming more profitable. Customers may be prepared to travel from different regions of the country or the world to visit water parks since many of them are regarded as tourist destinations. Consumers’ willingness to travel is influenced by a number of variables, including fuel prices, geopolitical conflict, and fears of sickness or terrorism. How far they are ready to travel impacts how profitable these parks are.

When the economy is strong, and the a low unemployment rate, Americans have more money to spend on leisure-related activities. Consumers would still likely visit domestically regularly even if geopolitical unrest made foreign travel less common; this is good news for American water parks.

Water park - Wikipedia

Typhoon Texas, which exceeded expectations in terms of season pass sales and attendance capacity, is one example of a water park that is very successful. Typhoon Texas made damn sure to provide activities for people of all ages to boost their revenue.


Even though many waterparks in America begin modestly, businesspeople increasingly see the potential for profit from a water park’s expansion. A water park draws guests from all across the world when it brings to everyone’s needs and gives an amazing experience for its patrons. A park has a possible chance of development and success as long as it is appropriately cared for and administered.

Therefore, how do water parks make money? Admission fees are one way that water parks generate income, but they also do it through selling merchandise, food, and drinks. The use of additional amenities or attractions may also be subject to costs at different parks. Owners can boost their theme park’s earnings by including a water park in an already-existing park, particularly during the summer.

Splash Water Park Delhi Tickets | Book @ ₹700 & Save 17%

Weekends in the summer can be cliched if you spend the afternoons at malls, theatres, and coffee shops. Wherever that isn’t directly under the hot Sun. However, how about relaxing the senses and avoiding the heat while spending the weekend in the Sun?

We are referring to the splashing and exhilaration of boat trips at India’s most incredible water parks.

Many Indian families consider visiting these theme parks in India when planning their trip there. Kids and adults alike adore these waterparks for the pure joy they bring. To learn more, browse through this list of India’s top 10 water parks!

1. Water Kingdom (Esselworld)

Water Kingdom, Mumbai (2022): Entry Fee, Timings, Top Attraction

Essel World includes the Water Kingdom, the first water park in India. It is the largest water park not only in Asia but also in India. It is a well-known tourist destination for a summer home in Mumbai, crowded with families and students out for picnics. It is also great for a family vacation because it guarantees a fun-filled day.

There are still some old favorites, including the artificial beach constructed inside the park. In addition, combo passes are also offered for the next-door Esselworld. From student picnics to weddings and New Year’s Eve parties, Water Kingdom remains one of India’s most popular parks. It is the biggest water theme park in both Asia and India.

What-a-Coaster, Idiot Zone, Goofers Lagoons, Atlantic, The Lake, and Adventure Amazonia are the most well-liked rides.

Operational hours: 10 am to 8 pm

Entry fee: INR 300 for seniors; INR 950 for adults; INR 600 for children.

2. Adlabs Aquamagica

Imagica Water Park Full Review | Aquamagica Water Park INDIA - YouTube

Adlabs Aquamagica, on the highway connecting Mumbai and Pune, is often busy on the weekends. During breaks and weekends, people from both cities come to this water park to unwind and have Fun. People of all ages love its amazing rides, mouthwatering food, and endless amounts of Fun.

The well-known water park in India, which is a component of the Adlabs Element, represents an amusement park, and provides possibilities for twisting, turning, spraying, and simply swimming around all day. Adlabs Aquamagica, hailed by many as the finest water park in India in a very long time, is well renowned for its courteous employees and reasonably priced meals.

Even if its costs are on the upper end of the scale, those who visit in groups throughout the week are guaranteed a great time. Weekends witness a significant inflow of people from the already-packed towns of Mumbai and Pune, which results in extended wait times for each journey. The resort has a fantastic atmosphere overall, and each coaster has a distinct vibe. Numerous seasonal discounts are available for couples, students, and other groups.

Wacky Wave, Floats, Pirates Bay, Raftaastic, Whirl Whirl, Dopey Woopy, Boomerang, and Zipper Zap, are the most well-known rides. Zoom

Operational Hours: 11 am to 6 pm

Entry fee: Adult admission is INR 950 during the week and INR 1150 on weekends. Children are admitted free of charge.

3. Oysters

Oyster Water Park / Appu Ghar Gurugram (Entry Fee, Timings, Images,  Location & Entry ticket cost price) - Delhi Tourism 2022

Oysters in Gurgaon, often called Appu Ghar, are situated next to Leisure Valley in Sector 29. This water park is one of India’s most impressive ones. The rich and expansive entertainment complex offers exciting and thrilling attractions and is the ideal setting for escaping the sweltering summer heat.

This popular water park is located in Gurgaon’s perfect position opposite Huda metro station and spans a 10-acre area. OYSTERS is a best place to go for entertainment. It has a variety of rides for all ages, including rides for the youth of today, relaxing rides, and thrilling adventures.

Oh-My-Gurgaon rides, Wave Pool, Lazy River, Finale, Rapid Racer, and Thunderstorm, are the most popular. Other attractions include the Monsoon Mania Rain Dance Area, the Crazy River Food Hall, and the Low Tide Restaurant.

Operational Hours: 11 am to 7 pm

Entry fee: Couples pay INR 1000 on a weekday and INR 1500 on weekends as entry fees, Senior citizens and children: 400 INR

4. Fun ‘N’ Food Village

Fun N Food Village Gurgaon/ Fun N Food Village Water Park In Delhi Ticket,  Timing, Location, Food - YouTube

Fun ‘N’ Food Village, one of India’s top amusement water parks, is situated in Delhi close to Kapashera Border. It is undoubtedly a spectacular entertainment location in the Capital, with various water slides and amusement rides. In Delhi NCR, the water park run by the Polo Number of Companies is a well-liked destination for picnics.

This waterpark is one of the most excellent spots for picnics in Delhi during the summer. Undoubtedly,  is Delhi’s most popular cool-off destination due to the city’s sweltering climate. The location is jam-packed with exciting water rides, adventurous rides, a kiddie pool, a water playroom, and cultural shows. It has one of India’s longest lazy rivers, a 400-foot water channel.

Snow Blaster, River Mary, Magic Carpets, Lazy River, and Hawk Ride are the most well-liked rides.

 Operational Hours: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Entry fee: The ticket cost varies for individuals, couples, and small groups (stag entry). Here are the specifics:Kids: 350 INR plus taxes, Couple: 800 INR plus taxes, Stag: 400 INR plus taxes

5. Wonderla

Wonderla Holidays to set up amusement park in Bhubaneswar, investment of Rs  115 crore- The New Indian Express

One of the leading water parks in India is Wonderla in Bangalore, which is packed with thrilling rides and outstanding entertainment. Wonderla is a hub of Fun and amusement for both kids and teens, and as such, it is very well-liked by both demographics. It offers kids’ rides, high-adrenaline thrills, and dry and rainy rides. Wonderla is a popular water park in India that provides a variety of exciting rides for both young children and adults. The park features both a theme park and a water park. However, unlike most integrated parks, the amount of rides in each category hasn’t been reduced.

Many people find it challenging to do all the activities in one day, but they always have a great time. For risk-takers and those who enjoy pushing their limits, the park offers incredibly intense thrill experiences. Wavy and steep fall, Equinox, Insanity, Y-Scream, and all other high-adrenaline rides are must-try attractions.

Most well-liked rides:The pirate ship, hanging glider, sky wheel, musical fountain, and laser display are examples of dry rides, The Lazy River, Hari Kari, and Uphill Racers are among the wet rides.

Mini Venezia, Magic Flower, and Merry Ghost are kid-only attractions; Equinox, Flash Tower, Tornado, and Y Screaming are high-adrenaline coasters.

Operational hours: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends.

Entry fee: Fast Track Tickets* cost INR 1360 for kids and Rs 1740 for adults, Regular Tickets cost INR 870 for adults and INR 680 for children.

6. Wonderla

WonderLa Kochi Amusement Park | Family fun in Kochi - YouTube

Another well-known and well-liked water park in India is Wonderla, located near Kochi. Families make up the majority of the crowd, who gather there to celebrate and reenergize. Wonderla in Kochi offers safe and enjoyable rides for children and high-tech thriller rides for adventure-loving young people. Among the most popular lazy river parks in India is this one.

High thrill rides include Dual Flip Monster, Super Jump, Vintage Twister, and Space Gun. The most popular rides are:Dry rides include XD max, Rocking Tug, Spinning Card, and Flywheel, Wet attractions include Family slide, water park, rapid river, and aquatic coaster.The Flying Ammu, Convoy, Balloons Tower, and Castle Jet are exclusive experiences for children.

Operational hours: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends.

Entry fee: Fast Track Tickets* are available for INR 1360 kids and Rs 1740 for adults. Regular Tickets are available for INR 680 for youngsters and Rs 870 for adults.

7. GRS Fantasy Park


GRS Fantasy Park in Mysore offers amusement and enjoyment in one location, along with Fun and pleasure for all age groups. The ideal adventure location is this fantasy-filled park, which is easily reachable by public transportation. GRS Fantasy Park, one of India’s most well-known water parks, also operates a private shuttle service up to the downtown area. The GRS water park in India, which won the 2014 Travellers’ Choice Award from Trip Advisor, promises and delivers excitement.

GRS Mysore offers enjoyment for all types of tourists by attempting to build all kinds of activities for them, such as the Aqua Race, the only one of its type in India that includes lights and motifs inside the tubing of the rides. Hygienic settings, good personnel, and an excellent crowd to finish your trip.

The most well-liked attractions include Red Indian Falls, the 5D Reality Ride, Telecombat, Boomerang Slide, Idle River, Amazonia, and Aqua Tornado Ride.

Entry fee: Adult tickets cost INR 575; additional fees apply for the five D trips.

8. Ocean Park 

Cebu Ocean Park Ticket - Klook India

Ocean Park is a sizable water park located in Gandipet, 15 kilometers from Hyderabad, on 20 acres. The amusement park features thrilling rides, top-notch food, and live entertainment. Ocean Park, one of India’s most well-known water parks, sees many visitors in the summer as people head there to escape the heat. Ocean Park, 15 kilometers from Hyderabad City, offers an extensive range of water rides and games for people of all ages. The swimming pool, aqua ride, splash, and tornado, a few of the well-known water rides, are the location’s main attractions.

Children can also enjoy rides like monkey rides, Mini Colossus, tube slides, and toddler pools. You’re guaranteed to have Fun on dry attractions like the mega loop, bumping vehicles, bumper boats, and ropeway. If you’re hungry, you can find a variety of foods on the seashore park grounds.

Twister, Water Snake, Crazy Cruise, Zap Zap Zoom, Aquatic Trail, Wave Pool, and Water Glide are the most well-liked rides.

Operational hours: 11 am to 6 pm

Entry fee: Adults is 350 INR.

9. Dreamworld Water Park

Dreamworld Waterpark & Beach Resort 🏖️ - Reviews, Food, Entry Fees, Couple  Package, Room Price, Contact Number - Resorts in Virar 🏖️ Best Resorts in  Arnala Beach & Vasai, Virar | Resorts Near Me

Near the Athirappilly waterfall is the entertainment zone and water park Dreamworld. It is a well-known tourist destination in the area and an excellent place for a day trip with the family, and it is situated in Chalakudy in the city of Thrissur. As one of India’s leading water parks, this amusement area has been certified by Kerala Tourism and has already seen more than 8 lakh visitors.

It has recently gained popularity as a location for filming in the state. Dreamworld amusement park offers a thrilling experience against the backdrop of Kerala’s largest waterfall. The cutting-edge facility has a wave pool that is 8 feet deep and a raft ride that is more than 30 feet long. Additionally, the park has 42 lifts. More than 50% of them are water rides.

It is one of the top waterparks in the nation because of its setting in the center of a beautiful waterfall. Its main draws are the rain dance, dolphin pool, multi-game complexes for youngsters, video games, and many eateries, including ice cream salons and buffet options.

Space Bowl, Idle River, and Amazonian River are the most well-liked rides.

Operational hours: 10 am to 6 pm

Entry fee: INR 500 for kids under 10; INR 600 for adults; INR 400 for elderly persons.

10. Waterworld

WaterWorld Themed Waterpark (Ayia Napa) - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go

In the center of Kolkata is the most fantastic water park in Eastern India. On 17 acres of land, Aquatica provides pure enjoyment, thrills, relaxation, and happiness. Aquatica is a favourite and favoured picnic location among residents of Kolkata since it is filled with exhilarating water rides, opulent lodging alternatives, world-class food, and party space.

The most well-known rides are the Lazy River, Black Hole, Wave Pool, Niagara Falls, Cyclone, and Raft Slide.

Operational hours: 10 am to 6 pm

Entry fee: 50 INR during the week; 100 INR on weekends

Introducing a Water Park to that, an Established Theme Park Has Many Advantages

Could a water park boost a theme park’s revenue and encourage patron satisfaction? At initially, companies and theme park owners can have their worries regarding a water park’s likelihood of being financially successful. They get the conclusion that adding an amusement park to their existing theme park wouldn’t work because water parks draw less people than theme parks. There is a good reason why water parks are built at so many theme parks.


Top 10 best water parks in Mumbai you visit this weekend

When comparing the price to build and maintain facilities in a water park with a theme park, the costs for a waterpark are significantly lower compared to those for a theme park. Smaller plots of land can also be used to build a swimming pool. If you do not have enough acreage for a new or bigger theme park, a water park could be a terrific, more affordable option.

2. Visitors will stay longer.

Visitors to your theme park may come for the chance to interact with a famous character or ride a record-breaking roller coaster, but a water park may encourage them to remain for longer. Even if you are able to persuade visitors to remain longer, a water park may be able to do this far more cheaply than more theme park rides. Additionally, a water park may convince locals to buy annual passes.

भारत के सबसे पॉपुलर वाटर पार्क - Best Water Park In India In Hindi

If you expand your present theme park to include a water park, tourists will stay longer and spend more money. Since a water park is far less expensive to create and operate than some other theme park attractions, it is a wise investment for many theme park owners.

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