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Top 10 Most Reputed Startups In Jodhpur 2022

Top 10 Most Reputed Startups In Jodhpur 2022

Rajasthan’s second-largest city, Jodhpur, is located in Rajasthan. It has reached the status of the second major city in Rajasthan, with a population exceeding one million. As the capital of the kingdom known as Marwar, the city was formerly ruled by a princely state known by the same name. There are many palaces, forts, and temples to visit in Jodhpur, a popular tourist destination in the harsh Thar Desert landscape.

With an average ticket size of Rs 25 lakh to Rs 75 lakh, Marwari Catalysts itself has invested in several startup companies across education and food.

Founded in 2019 by Sushil Sharma, Marwari Catalysts is an organization that aims to build a self-sustaining ecosystem that inspires, inspires, and mentors Marwari entrepreneurs and allows them to learn from each other’s experiences. This is because they are a strong business community in Northern India. Generations of traders and business people have trained them, and their skills have helped them thrive in a challenging environment.

Many traditional, old, and well-established businesses are located in downtown Baltimore. Almost every one of them is still doing business as it set it up decades ago.

“Marwaris have calculated risk-takers who are hedging their risks with smart measures. For example, Sushil began the company after realizing that startups created in Tier-II cities in India were gifted with talent and potential. Still, they do not actively participate in the startup ecosystem,” he says.

We connect startups with potential investors through Marwari Catalysts. The government does not influence its services, such as shared workspace spaces and product development services. Among the districts where it has incubation centers are Pali, Balotra, Barmer, Jaisalmer, Nagaur, and Jodhpur.

For the Marwaris by the Marwaris

The aim of Marwari Catalysts is to connect Marwaris all over the world.

Entrepreneurs can get help in developing their ideas into successful businesses by connecting them with mentors in business planning, product development, raising funds, and interacting with industry contacts.

With an average ticket size of Rs 25 lakh to Rs 75 lakh, the company has funded several startups, including education and food.

Yearbook Canvas, DreamTeam, Urja Utsav, The Book Café, SoulCraft, Unimedia, Startup Chaupal,Mentor Kart, My Car Buddy, FreshWoof, Wow-Uniform, and Online Freelogo are some of the startups it has in its portfolio.

As a result, the team no longer incubates and invests in Rajasthan-based startups instead of partnering with startups with at least one founder from Marwar.

Through its investors, Marwari Catalysts leverages its network all over the world to help startups raise funding and develop business leads and generate business leads.

There are 35 angel investors to the incubator. In addition to 10 core employees, the company has more than ten advisors who assist with investments and incubation.  

Focus on new-age entrepreneurs

A major purpose of Marwari Catalysts is to help others succeed. The site is intended for startup companies in need of mentoring and advice and startups in the early stages of their lives.

A new startup culture is being introduced that has the potential to change the startup ecosystem. “Youth with ideas, ambition, and ability can seriously impact this ecosystem,” says Sushil.

A Marwari Catalyst invests money in entrepreneurs and companies with unique business ideas and a strong passion for changing the world. He said that we invigorate new ideas and provide funding and resources to help entrepreneurs achieve their aim.

Jodhpur is an educational hub, which is why Sushil selected it as his company’s headquarters. In addition to IITs and AIIMS, the city also has NLU, NIFT, and FDDI. Our motive at Marwari Catalysts is to give budding entrepreneurs an atmosphere of trust and confidence and encourage them to explore more.

“We are doing all we can to help our country achieve sustained growth,” Sushil says.

Intending to bring some international investors to the Marwar region, this startup is also working on creating the next Indian unicorn. Mumbai and Bengaluru, one in Singapore is on the way.

Eligibility for Entrepreneur Registration in Jodhpur & Government Programs

In an attempt to jumpstart digital entrepreneurship in the common people, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Startup India movement. The action plan he outlined had many salient features.

In an important report, he announced that startups would qualify for three consecutive years of tax-exempt income status. The PM also assured to speed up patent registrations and facilitate the exit of companies. He also assured a relaxation of procurement rules for startups.

Important Schemes of the Startup-

  • Startup Intellectual Property Protection (SIPP)
  • AIM
  • Provide financial assistance to protect Patent, Trade Marks
  • Entrepreneurship promotion through Self-Employment and Talent Utilization (SETU)
  • Establishment of incubators to nourish

Startup Registration Eligibility

  1. Registration/incorporation of the entity must be as follows:
  • Partnership Abbreviated as LLP in the Limited Liability Partnership Act.
  • The Partnership Act, 1932, requires registering a partnership firm; or
  • Under the Companies Act, a company is a private limited company.
  1. pon incorporation/registration, the company must not have been in existence for more than five years.
  2. Unless the annual turnover is more than Rs. 25 crore (as defined in the Companies Act, 2013) cannot be more than that amount in the upcoming financial year.
  3. The startup should develop, deploy, or commercialize technologies or intellectual property that give novel products, processes, and services.
  4. A startup should be focused on developing and commercializing the following products:
  • New products or services; a new process;
  • An upgraded version of an existing product or service.
  1. In addition to these, the startup must also:
  • A developing a product or service or process without commercial potential
  • A product or process that is undifferentiated; or
  • No or limited incremental value to customers or workflow for products, services, or processes
  • An established business cannot be split up or reconstructed into a startup.
  1. DIPP (Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion) has certified the startup for its innovative nature, certifying: – that the business has an innovative nature and – that it has acquired all the requirements to be successful.
  • An incubator established in an Indian PG college could provide DIPP with a  innovative nature of the business; or
  • Projects can be supported by incubators funded by the Government of India or City-based incubators.
  • Incubators recognized by the Government of India should support an incubator innovative nature of the enterprise (as specified by DIPP); or
  • We can use investment funds, angel funds, PF, accelerators, angel networks duly registered with SEBI to fund enterprises with innovative business models; or
  • India may fund innovations through specific schemes designed to promote innovation;
  • In nature, possess a patent from the Indian Patent.

Furnweave, a startup in Jodhpur, aims to reach revenues of Rs. 4 crores in FY ’22 by prioritizing sustainability

During the post-COVID era, business seems to be more sustainable and quality-driven. For example, Furnweave Handicrafts Pvt. Ltd., a Jodhpur-based handicraft company, hopes to reach Rs.4 crore in FY ’22.

Furnweave accomplished its aim by generating over Rs. 1 crore in revenue in FY ’21, which ended in March, despite a short-term setback caused by the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020.

As a result of the tremendous response from Furnweave, it has decided to increase production capacity fixed plan in its Jodhpur manufacturing amenity. With its history of beautiful handicrafts, this city is known.

In this current era of product longevity and durability being the core requisites in all home furnishing products, consumer demand for home textile and furnishing products increases.

Himanshu Agrawal and Mayank Maloo, two adult entrepreneurs who formed the company in the second half of FY ’20, specialize in specialized handcrafts such as Stools, Benches, Night Lamps, Tables, Baskets, Storage Boxes, Chairs, and Step Stools.

A report from Apparel Resources suggests that charpai and wooden khaat are the most memorable souvenirs produced by the company. An Indian wooden bed known as WoodenKhaat is a easy to carry, not harmful to the environment, cultural, and traditional artifact that has been used for ages.

It uses recycled plastics, polyester textiles, PET bottles, and waste sarees to create its denoting the most expensive of products items. As part of the project, FurnitureWeave partnered with artisans in Jodhpur’s surrounding villages and skilled at weaving.

We apply to cotton, jute, and recycled Saree ropes to manufacture our goods and make the manufacturing more environmentally friendly. Our company believes that this is the way to go in the current age,”

He told Apparel Resources that Himanshu Agarwal, founder of Furnweave, is very strong feelings about his work. 

According to Himanshu, the firm has recycled over 10,000 kg of waste sarees so far, with the amount expected to rise to 50,000 kilograms in FY ’22 due to planned growth.

Co-founder Mayank Maloo says Furnweave is not in competition with other companies. However, we do not sell low-quality, low-cost products as a company.

Our narrow the area of variation between upper and lower limits on a particular scale of products and an ‘average’ price point of about Rs. Seven thousand are only possible because we know that quality works best for quality shoppers.

Consumers today are no longer looking for cheap products made from nonrenewable resources, and consumer industries, be they clothing or handicrafts, are responding to this changing consumer demand.

Industry changes occur, and we understand what clients expect from a company like ours.” So, besides opening up many opportunities for a lot of job seekers in Jodhpur and its surrounding areas, Furnweave’s report of tripling its turnover is also noteworthy.

Our social responsibilities are known to us. Since we have ties with weavers in and around the city, we want our development plans to improve this industry and the livelihood of the craftsmen,” Himanshu said.

Startup companies in tiers 2, 3 look for help to grow

Jodhpur-based Marwari Catalysts, the firm in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, provides capital to hundreds of startups.

Despite crossing the incubator stage and finding wide acceptance for their ideas, a variety of startups have not been able to grow due to a lack of funding.

Startup accelerator and startup fund capitalist Marwari Catalysts is helping startups in tier 2 and tier 3 cities who have gone beyond their stages.

Since its founding by CEO Sushil Sharma nearly two years ago in 2019, Jodhpur-based Marwari Catalysts has grown tremendously. As a result, we helped dozens of startups that have passed the incubation and ideation stage by providing funds and mentoring and hand-holding on their way to getting investors and accelerating their growth.

Since I have continuously operated in tier two and three cities and met with technology and international exposure, I feel Indian tier two and three cities have a lot of talent, market potential and have been largely untapped.

Tier 2 cities in India have seen growth in the past few years because of reverse which is a big advantage for tier 2 cities. According to Sushil Sharma, many people have moved back to small towns from Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and international markets.

Marwari Catalysts, a partnership firm that will soon go public, tweaked the game because it had the ‘skin in the game.’ They do this by issuing checks to the founders ranging from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 50 lakh, thereby purchasing stock in the startup, Informing the founding team that they will be involved for the long haul.

We come from there and are familiar with the action on the ground has always attracted us to second-tier and tier-three cities. Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai are all vibrant ecosystems, and when people say they are building. Rounak Singhvi, Marwari Catalysts partner, said that “we are very familiar with what’s building in Bharat right now.”

As a result of the Covid pandemic, startups have acquired talent in tier 2 and tier 3 cities such as Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bikaner, Indore, and others by returning from big cities as Delhi, Mumbai, and international markets.

Their energy and eagerness to learn to make them very attractive. The firm holds in 28 startups that it has bought equity in, has been helping them to raise capital, and has been helping them accelerate their growth beyond the initial stages. In my opinion, a big thing is coming out of Tier 2 cities.”

We have put ourselves as accelerators and partners in tier 2, tier 3 market, and we have tweaked our model a bit as well to fit the tier 2, tier 3 market.

During the startup, we are putting our skin on the line. We send the startup founders a small check. In addition to referring, saying that we are committed to your success for a long time,” said Sushil Sharma.

As a result, Martwari Catalyst is focused on tier 2 and tier 3 cities since these are where startups will grow soon. In addition, these are the areas where most of the talent is expected to come from.

Hence, there are a lot of exciting startups emerging from these places in India and cities all over the world, and our fascination with these cities is based on our interest in entrepreneurship.

Having experience with startups based in these cities allows us to understand what it is like to struggle and face challenges as a startup founder. As such, we will hold their hands throughout the journey.

Rounak Singhvi believes that the company has been successful at this as well. Marwari Catalysts aims to achieve this with its intention of becoming the country’s first unicorn in the accelerator sector.

Because of their domain expertise, they focus on three different types of startups. Education and finance startups and direct-to-consumer (D2C) startups may be involved.

We have experienced a share of failures, but we have learned from our mistakes which startups are worth investing in.

According to Devesh, one of the Marwari Catalysts partners, “we invest only in startups operating in fields where we are experts.”. According to Marwari Catalysts, Tier 2 and tier 3 cities are where startups are likely to see the most action in the future. As a result, it is working with startups to accelerate their growth and make it into the industry’s first unicorn.

IIT Jodhpur promotes innovation, incubation, and entrepreneurship

IIT Jodhpur has established a startup ecosystem that includes freedom to encourage innovative ideas, industry interaction, R&D intensity, IP regime and protection, institutional setup to support entrepreneurs, incentives for faculty/students to ideate/innovate, startup policies, and networks with other incubators, equities and investments, investors, angels, and entrepreneurs. Startup policies, equities, investments, and networks with other incubators, investors, angels, and entrepreneurs are all part of the ecosystem’s aim. 

This year’s Institute Foundation Day was commemorated by the inauguration of the IIT Jodhpur Innovation Complex on 2nd August. IIT Jodhpur has established the Technology Innovation and Startup Center (TISC) as a Section 8 Company under the Companies Act, 2013 as a component of the complex. TISC encourages startups and programs based on scientific discovery or technological innovation to address critical real-world issues.

AIoT, which has a unique impact on the country, is the focal theme of TISC’s new-age ventures. Our interests are in the following deep-tech fields: artificial intelligence, new materials and materials intelligence, healthcare, including cyber-security, precision medicine, multi-omics, digital economy, advanced communications, robotics, quantum computing, etc.

The following are examples of fields where we can apply deep tech: Agriculture, Energy, Life sciences, Food, Aerospace, and Defense. TISC also cooperates with the Ministry of MSME and electronic and information technology ministries as part of its incubation projects.

BioNest Bioincubator has been set up now by the Government of India and administers entrepreneurship-related activities covering a multitude of stakeholders and programs in the surrounding area. For this reason, the Institute has built the following opportunities for entrepreneurship.

IITJ’s Exclusive Entrepreneurship Programme

IITJ has developed a unique program to provide insight not available from traditional engineering programs, Work in and manage interdisciplinary teams, communicate effectively, think critically, understand business basics, solve open-ended problems, and understand business fundamentals.

Entrepreneurship can be selected as a course from the eighth semester. Students must complete six months of Entrepreneurship as part of their Minor and earn 20 credits for completing at least six months in Entrepreneurship. As a substitute for the open elective requirements, students would be exempt from earning credits against Entrepreneurship.

Although the remaining coursework must be completed early in the semesters or can be completed after Entrepreneurship is completed, the remaining coursework must be taken as extra credits. For example, suppose opting for a dual degree M. Tech. A student must earn at least 6 CGPA after the seventh semester.

IITJ’s IP Regime and Protection

Jodhpur University has launched a new IPR policy to protect the Institute’s intellectual property. The IPR management policy reflects the transparent nature of the operative framework. The Institute manages the IPRs resulting from its creative work, its students, employees, researchers, and the people involved in the Institute in various roles with short, medium, and long-term links.

The organization collaborates with various governmental/non-governmental agencies as well as industries. In this policy, an Institute startup linkage is elaborated upon and a similar incentive program for students and faculty.

Technology Innovation and Startup Center at IITJ (TISC)

IITJ has established a Technology Innovation and Startup Center (TISC) on campus and a Technology Park to foster a cluster of new-age businesses. AI0T is the central concept of both TISC and Technology Park. TISC is now operating in a 5000 sq. ft. space, with infrastructure planned for a 21,000 sq. ft. space at IIT Jodhpur, active this fiscal year. It would provide incubated with office infrastructure and other business support amenities such as videoconferencing, conference spaces, and other utilities. In addition, the incubatees will access the Institute’s laboratory facilities, faculty and management expertise, library, and interns.

The Institute’s extensive industry connections will assist incubatees in obtaining targeted domain-specific coaching and networking with potential business partners and consumers. This incubation unit will offer training, connect with investors, provide intellectual property protection assistance, and provide feedback/suggestions for product development, testing, and consumer engagement.

  1. Qriyo

Home tutors can advertise online. Customers can fill out the class registration form, schedule a home demo, and book classes online. In addition, we offer tutoring services for K-12 classes, fitness, and hobby-related classes like yoga, language learning, competitive examinations, dance, and personality development. Students can track their attendance, renew courses online, and make payments. To set their hourly rates on the platform, tutors can register.

See the source image

Company Overview

Legal Name Qriyo
Industries Home tutors can advertise online.
Founder Rishabh Jain, Mudit Jain
Founded Date 01 Sep 2015
Total Funding Amount USD 314K

NB Ventures, Idein Ventures

  1. Utkarsh Classes

Utkarsh Innovations provide test preparation. Students preparing for tests like SSC, CBSE, B.Sc., etc., can take live classes, quizzes, and e-books. You can download its app on both the iOS and Android platforms.

See the source image

Company Overview

Legal Name Utkarsh Classes
Industries Provider of online various test preparation platform
Founder Sunil Bansal 
Founded Date 2002
Total Funding Amount  NA


3. Utkarsh

Test preparation is provided by Utkarsh online. You can practice for exams such as SSC, Banking, and IAS with online courses. It also offers flashcards and other learning resources for students. There is an Android app available for download. In-app purchases are used to monetize the app.

Company Overview

Legal Name Utkarsh
Industries Provider of online various test preparation platform
Founder Sunil Bansal
Founded Date 2002
Total Funding Amount  NA


  1. Yearbook Canvas

A yearbook can be created and published online using YearBook Canvas. By providing data regarding the time of the book creation, the template for the book, the groups that will be created, how you will ask questions of the users, and inviting friends to edit the text, users can create a book. In addition to writing testimonials, adding and voting in polls, uploading photos, and more, users with edit access can do so. For Android devices, it has a mobile app.

Company Overview

Legal Name Yearbook Canvas
Industries Online platform to create and publish yearbooks
Founder Surashree Rahane, Abhinav Madavi
Founded Date 2018
Total Funding Amount USD 301K

Nandkumar Dhekne, Marwari Catalysts, Fund Nest and 8 Other Investors

  1. DreamTeam Technologies

Literom, an ERP-based management solution for educational institutions, was developed by DreamTeam. Finance and accounting management, HRMS, admission management, career service management portal, academics management, alumni management, library management, event/seminar management, grievance management, transportation management, examination management, and so on are available modules. 

It provides web creation, hosting, and search engine optimization (SEO) services. JNVU, Tumkur University, Agriculture Management, Bodhi International School, National Law University, DPS Bhagalpur, GD Goenka School, Dunes School, Marwar Engineering College, and other institutions are within the clients. It is a member of the ESC, STPI, and RIICO SSI organizations.

See the source image

Company Overview

Legal Name DreamTeam Technologies
Industries ERP-based management system for educational institutions
Founder Sushil Sharma
Founded Date 2005
Total Funding Amount  NA


  1. Academic Eye

School management software is available through Academic Eye’s cloud-based ERP software. The product offers many modules such as concession management, academic management, fee management, inventory management, transportation management, library management, hostel management, accounting & finance, etc.

See the source image

Company Overview

Legal Name Academic Eye
Industries Cloud-based ERP software provider for school management
Founder NA
Founded Date 2018
Total Funding Amount  NA


  1. InterviewQuestion

Getting ready for a technical interview can be easier with InterviewQuestion, an online learning platform. The topics covered are PHP, Java, C++, Android, jQuery, Ajax, HTML5, and more.

Company Overview

Legal Name InterviewQuestion
Industries Online learning platform for technical interview preparation
Founder NA
Founded Date 2012
Total Funding Amount  NA


  1. Pre-PG

For medical postgraduate level exams, Pre-PG provides online mock tests. This program prepares exams like AIIMS, NEET, JIPMER, etc., trained through the program. In addition to mock tests, practice questions, performance analysis, and GD. Its apps are available for both iOS and Android.

Company Overview

Legal Name Pre-PG
Industries Provider of mock tests for the preparation of postgraduate level medical exams
Founder NA
Founded Date 2015
Total Funding Amount  NA


  1. Shaurya Bharat App

They are providing solutions for making the Defence exams on mobile devices. Courses are available on the platform for exams like army technical, army GD, army clerk, coast guard sailor, navy AA, and RIMC, NDA, and CDS. In addition to video lectures, e-books, and question-answer sections, the platform provide mock exams and doubt-solving sessions. Android and iOS versions of its mobile app are available.

The Shaurya Bharat App is India’s first and only Defense Exams Study App. This program is designed to help candidates prepare for competitive tests in the Armed Forces, Paramilitary Forces, and Police Services. This app provides the best learning resources (e-books and video lectures) and an evaluation system, and methodical learning through Live interactive sessions to candidates who have a strong desire to serve their country. 

Since 2012, the Shaurya Bharat App has been powered by India’s foremost defense examinations tutoring institution, “Capt Atul Shaurya Academy, Jodhpur,” which has selected over 3600 people in many sectors of the Indian Armed Forces. Capt Atul Kulshrestha is a Rajput Regiment veteran, a third-generation Army officer. Prof. Vanita and her team members are handling the academic excellence of the app.

See the source image

Company Overview

Legal Name Shaurya Bharat App
Industries Mobile-based platform providing Defence exam preparation solutions
Founder NA
Founded Date 2020
Total Funding Amount  NA


  1. Dreamteam

Dreamteam Technologies provides management automation software, website design, and dedicated server hosting to schools, colleges, and universities. For the complete management of activities of the institutions, it uses LITEROM’s campus management software.

A web-based application manages knowledge and communication between all departments as office, fee counter, library, hostels, and center in an educational center. Many modules make up the software, including a training Online Examination System, placement modules, exam cards, alumni management, etc. On and off-campus, it meets campus needs.

See the source image

Company Overview

Legal Name Dreamteam
Industries Provider of IT solutions for schools & universities
Founder NA
Founded Date 2005
Total Funding Amount  NA




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