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These days we all are advancing in health, education and technologies. However, in this fast-moving life, the all-new latest synthetic cosmetic and body care products have been taking a toll on everyone. Just imagine, if you were given a chance to use such body care products which are 100% natural, GMO-free, Paraben-free, 100% veg and cruelty-free? Well, if this would be the case, then you can easily be able to look after your skin, hair, and hygiene of different body parts without fearing of any synthetic ingredients in it. 

Everything you need to know about Tosh Organik

A brand named “Tosh Organik” was launched by Aditi NC which promises to appraise people with 100% natural products for skin care and body care. Tosh Organik deals in handcrafted personal care products such as artisanal soaps, herbaceous oil, face wash, after-bath body oil, hair masque, intimate wash, body wash, under-eye serums and much more. They are planning to introduce more products in the upcoming months. Tosh Organik wants to reach maximum people and aware them about what natural is, in true sense. Products are for people, who like unadulterated and natural products going on and inside the body.

What makes this brand different from its contemporaries?

The USP of the product is that all products are free from synthetic preservatives. Products by Tosh Organik are GMO-Free, 100% Veg, Paraben-Free and Cruelty-Free. The idea behind having an organic and natural range of products is to introduce the world of green to people.

Tosh Organik is different from our contemporaries because they define Natural clearly. Some of their competitors claim that they are natural and they define it differently. They say 100% natural ingredients used with artificial preservatives that are synthetic. As per Tosh Organik, natural products are made from 100% natural ingredients and the plant-based preservative (100% natural), if at all preservatives are used. This is what makes us different from our competitors. We have categorically defined Natural.

About Tosh Organik Founder- Aditi NC

Aditi NC owns this brand, solely. She is married to Nishant Chaturvedi who is a News Anchor and a Consultant with a National Channel. Earlier, she was with broadcast media. Aditi had started as an intern with a news channel and later worked for 12 years with different media houses.

She has a degree in Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication. Apart from that Aditi NC has completed an advanced course in the German Language from Goethe Institute, Max Mueller Bhawan. Lastly, to take her business to the next level, Aditi had also taken about 4 to 5 online courses by world-wide crafters like Shona O’ Conner and Jennifer Schroeder.

What are Aditi’s plans about Tosh Organik for the upcoming years?

When our team from Inventiva asked Aditi NC about her plans for this brand in the upcoming 3-4 years, she said;

I plan to have products by Tosh Organik reach people through retail network. Also, I wish to have a Boutique Store which is all about my care handcrafted products. The store will have a unique combination of earthiness and luxury at the same time.”

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