How The AdCode Is Helping Client Reach Vertex Of Growth

The AdCode is a consumer centric creative agency offering 360 marketing services such as:
Strategy Development, Digital Marketing, Events & On-Ground Activation, Film and Motion, Design, Influencer Marketing, PR, Media Buying etc.

The AdCode follows a unique approach which not only understands the importance of the new business and its earnings but also the ways through which an organisation can grow strategically. During a recent talk with the founders Mr. Arpit Jain & Ms. Sony Jain it was realised that, for an organisation can work effectively, one of the requirements is to be dedicated and determined.

The AdCode stands strong in a consumer-centric industry by holding this USP. Do you want to know what we are referring to? So, despite not having a client servicing department, The AdCode has always kept up with the tight competition in this industry and their primary motive to keep their clients delighted by the quality of their work, has brought them to an unmatchable level. Having its presence in an industry wherein customer service in essential, they ensure that their employees whether planners or designers are well trained and experienced in handling the client’s queries directly without any involvement of a mediatory like client-servicing personnel.

The AdCode’s team of creative human assets, works with the clients directly on one-on-one basis and eventually, this helps them save trillions of minutes and also brings along a lot more efficiency. In turn, this eliminates any chance of miscommunication between the parties involved in the project, which is a great point to take into consideration while working with organisations. They follow a client-combined approach to create a marketing strategy that fits into the client’s needs, budget, and objectives. Their primary motive is to make the new-age marketing accessible to all brands regardless of their budgets.

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Each and every member at The AdCode is strategically obsessed, creatively inspired, audaciously ambitious, consumer centric, a digital native. As a fully integrated brand agency, they have the zeal, passion, expertise and experience to change the way the world experiences and interacts with the brands.

When asked about the history which led to the creation of The AdCode, Mr. Arpit said, “Sony and I have been in marketing and advertising since 2012-2013. After spending 5-6 years in jobs it became a bit monotonous. Even though marketing is considered to be an electrifying sector, but that monotonous job culture made it difficult for us to survive”. He added, “The AdCode was born out of the desire frankly; a desire to be a one-stop marketing firm that could deliver consistent results to the clients no matter what services they require”. Since both the founders, Ms. Sony Jain and Mr. Arpit Jain have a background tracing back to the design industry, they decided to take their passion forward and since then, they never stopped to strive hard and continued to follow their dreams.

The founders hail from a business family and being brought-up in such an environment has got them well versed with the pros and cons of both a business and a start-up. Despite such a strong upbringing, they had their own set of challenges ranging from the market’s price-war, to finding suitable employees who being good at their work, shared the company’s vision and strived hard towards its accomplishment.

Their vision in the upcoming 2-3 years is, to substitute their clients’ marketing department with The AdCode. They have already achieved the Indian-market targets and recently, they have expanded to Canada top. They are working towards their goal to capture the US market in the coming 2 years. Their goal is to become one of the largest marketing agencies, by catering to numerous marketing aspects of the business world and acting as a pillar of inspiration to those starting a business or have an on-going business.

The AdCode was also mentioned in “The Top-10 most promising marketing start-ups of 2019

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