STARTUPS, World’s First Business Search Engine, Finds Hidden Clients Across the Web world’s first business lead search engine, finds hidden business opportunities by analyzing data points over the internet using blend of AI, NLP & Machine Learning
If someone shows buying intentions over the internet (like social media, forums or other platforms), catches those intentions as leads and gives access to those in real-time. The first of its kind Business Lead Search Engine is Efficient, Reliable and most cost effective amongst currently available online lead generation platforms.
Generating a steady supply of new leads and building sales pipeline is a critical part of developing a profitable business. However, it can be a challenging process. The creators of LeadLake has come up with the first business lead search engine that helps the user in identifying fresh business opportunities across the web.
LeadLake has launched its web version where the users will be able to explore new Business Opportunities, Marketing Opportunities, Companies Information, News Signals, Journalists, PR Opportunities, Influencers, Franchisee Opportunities, Government Tenders, Business and Email Lists for various Marketing Campaigns. LeadLake has a vision to find hidden clients across the Web and answer to the biggest question ‘Where is my next client?’ which every business has across the world. LeadLake makers have developed an ‘all-in-one’ business lead generation tool which understands the changing Lead Generation patterns and predicts what the potential buyer may buy next.
LeadLake is equipped with peculiar blend of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to analyze the buying data points to find leads through all interactive online platforms. Leadlake’s advanced technology has helped in drastically reducing the pricing and save hundreds of hours of many sales teams.
Any company can make use of the search engine ranging from a startup to MNC, targeting multiple local or global audiences. The tool is available for trial at to evaluate its benefits and available in variable pricing plans for different business needs.

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