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Human Resource isn’t just a simple term, it’s the part that actually runs the business. Having the right kind of human resources can sky rocket your organisations growth. The wrong ones can lead to massive massacres and lead to the depletion of a firm. We must choose our people correctly so that our business sky rockets.

Ally -eXecutive HR Consulting Partner (OPC) private limited established in the year 2014 is an entrepreneurial venture of HR professionals with decades of experience in corporate recruitments and other areas of HR services. The founder and CEO of the company is Mr. Shan Kaul. Mr. Kaul comes with 14+ years of recruiting expertise, with over a decade in the corporate world. As a founder, he is perfect mix of Talent + Business acumen ship + Service with extra attention. He is a value addition as an Advisory Partner to Clients and nurtures the same in his team. Has been a part of diversified industries (Telecom, IT Consulting, e-Commerce, Internet, Management consulting, LPO & more. He is a passionate recruiter himself, wearing multiple hats when it comes to serving the clients. The team has expertise in real time corporate platforms. Ms Pushpanjali Konhor is the business manager for the company. She comes with a natural ability to look into business nitty gritty with a passion towards “people” and “fitment” enabling right Talent Acquisition. She has worked for IT, Internet & Service consulting, Oil& Gas industry and she carries an industry experience of over 10+ years in consulting and of corporate platforms. Ms Geetika Dhawan is one of the best recruiters who comes with the ability of supporting niche and volume roles for the company’s clients. She has worked in the IT, Financial and advertising sector. She has also been a part of the manufacturing sector with n experience of over 11 years in the consulting domain.

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Vision of the company

The vision of Ally – eXecutive is to position itself as a complete business partner through enhancing various customised HR models for their clients. Working with a few, but the top-notch clients, is the clear vision of Ally’s Team.

Ally eXecutive supports its clients in areas of Staffing & Training’s across India, U.S & Canada geographies. They have worked with established brands across the domestic vertical in India. Ally-eXecutive today is thoughtful & trusted name while identifying critical resources for your projects whether in India / U.S / Canada geographies.

The major services being offered by them are:

  • Executive Search – Permanent Staffing: Ally -eXecutive team has its expertise in staffing. They develop a strategic alliance with the clients to ensure a swift approach in identifying the right fitment for the clients with various diverse skills and competencies.
  • Training & Development: the staff of an organisation must be trained in a proper way to get fruitful returns. The customised model of the company provides an opportunity and a broad structure for the development of the human resources. They ensure focus on all areas to improvise productivity, team spirit, moral & profitability of our client.
  • Staff Augmentation: the staff augmentation model of the company eliminates the staffing needs and cost and also helps the client ramp up and down to meet the changing demand without shouldering the cost and liabilities of full-time employees. There services also help the clients control their cost, reduces employees burden, adopt the process with minimum legal formalities.
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Ally-eXecutive Recruitment outsources solutions to reduce the employers’ recruitment costs with a flexible pay-for-performance model that deploys recruitment and works more efficiently when undertaking volume recruitment projects. Ally -eXecutive RPO service provides customers with a dedicated on-site or off-site professional.


USP of the Company

The basic USP of the company is its past association with real time corporates, best quality sourcing and fitment analysis, advisory to client on fitment, 24×7 assistance and promotion of work from home model for female workforce who take sabbatical breaks or discontinue service because of personal family commitments. These few qualities are enough for any person to get associated with this company.

Areas of expertise

The basic areas of expertise of the company are: E-Commerce, Information Technology- Services & Product, Management Consulting, Internet/, Marketing & Advertising, Legal Process Outsourcing, FMCG and Financial Services.

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