Revive Auto, an automobile start up that is making car dent and paint hassle free for its customers

Many new-age entrepreneurs today don’t come from traditional business families and that highly reflects in their mindset. For them, success is not just linked with profit margins but customer satisfaction along with rapid growth is their simple mantra.
A brand that resonates well with the rapid growth mindset is Revive Auto, the brainchild of Revfix India P. Ltd. that has a specialised network of on-demand car body makeover facilities for its customers. Their unique concept offers service in a city with more than fifty lakhs cars running the streets with their strong network of workshops for dent repair, paint repair and car customisation that simplifies the body repairing process while making it extremely quick and convenient for the customers.
Coming from an automobile retail background and having run car dealerships for Japanese, European and Korean manufacturers, Atishay Jain, the founder of Revive admits that the automobile industry has a huge scope of improvement in after-sales operations of car repairs. His inspiration behind launching the brand came from a personal experience when the time and money spent to get his own car’s repair work done at a workshop, came along with continuous anxiety and a bunch of insincere advisors who never cared to update about the status; This is what drove him to start Revive and offer services mainly in terms of process adherence, customer experience and adoption of technology, specifically in body repair vertical.
Initially Revive started out as a small multi-brand car repair workshop, and has now turned into a network of specialist car body repair facilities optimized in terms of infrastructure and geography, which uses advanced tech tools to repair and deliver your car in the minimum possible time, with real-time tracking and updates to the customer, using the best of repair processes and paint material to ensure the highest quality, and all this at a very transparent and affordable cost. There is no need for physical inspection to get estimates for repairs, which can be very easily seen on our website or mobile app. We also make sure the repair activity doesn’t affect your daily routine, and offer alternate cars for your use till the time the repairs are completed.
In their six months of operation, they have built the capacity of around 250 working bays for car repairs in and around Delhi-NCR and completed the dent-paint job on a little over 4500 panels. According to Atishay, the customer response rate is splendid with roughly 200 inquiries daily spread over their different services.
“We are seeing a lot of queries from auto enthusiasts for full-body car paint & interior customizations, pushing our average ticket size to 12,000/- per vehicle. Our mission is to make sure that our customers’ love towards their cars remains forever and we can help them keep their cars brand new” says Atishay.
Being an IIT and IIM alumni, Atishay understands the scope of improvement in the Indian automobile industry, which is why he plans on expanding Revive throughout India. For this, Revive is exploring a few projects to make the repair process even more convenient. They plan on using the image recognition techniques to enable their customers to check the repair costs merely by uploading a few photos of the cars on the mobile app. Not just this, but the company is also in the process of introducing doorstep body repairs, a first in the industry.
As for the requirement of the financial investments for expansions, Revive is planning to spread through their operations in 3 additional Tier-2 cities outside of Delhi-NCR by the end of this year. To help them work more on these, they are looking to raise USD 1 million to fund their expansionary vision.

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