Shoppers’ Darbar: The Facebook business group

The year 2010 marked the arrival of various online business groups on social networking websites such as facebook. It was indeed a wonderful idea to purvey a platform to the online sellers and buyers who loved to shop online. In the due course of time, most of the leading business groups became defunct or succumbed to growing customer complaints because of the influx of the re-sellers who compromised on the quality of products merely for profits. It became a routine affair for the sellers started to vanish after striking a one-time deal with the customers, leaving them and the admins of the concerned group in a soup. In 2016, three ladies- Sejal Paliwal, Arpita Srivastava, and Garima Bhatnagar, all from the Indian Armed Forces background decided to form a business group on facebook with stringent quality checks, disciplined environment and authentic sellers. Their vision gave birth to one of the most popular business groups on facebook – Shoppers’ Darbar. Long hours of tedious work and herculean efforts of these ladies soon fructified and their group made its place amongst the top 5 most active business groups within no time. In February 2017, Shoppers’ Darbar took a concrete shape in form of a legally registered firm. In August 2016, the ladies decided to take their venture a notch higher and launched their own multi-vendor website- Sejal Paliwal, being a software engineer by profession, helped in the inception of the website with her technical expertise. Her refined analytical and outstanding work ethics have played a critical role in helping shoppers ascend the ladder of success in a very short span of time. Arpita Srivastava, despite sitting in one of the remotest areas in the country works almost 24 X 7 to handle the group with utmost efficiency. From being a homepreneur, she has come a long way, and with her knowledge of the online trading arena, she has become a vital force behind the smooth functioning of the group. Garima Bhatnagar, an online content developer, ventured into the realm of online business by a mere stroke of luck and today is an integral part of Shoppers’ Darbar. She plays an important role in maintaining discipline in the group, running quality checks and handling CRM.
Their tagline ‘Reinstating your faith in online shopping’ clearly defines these young entrepreneurs’ goal. These ladies have taken one year to reach where they are today and are relentlessly striving to make their business group and website better than the day before. Thus far, these ladies have faced a host of trials and tribulations that came in their way with supreme confidence and utilized every hurdle as a means of getting acquainted with their true power. Together, they make a formidable team, capable of tackling any challenge or situation that they are presented with. After attaining tangible success as a business group, these ladies are now gearing up to explore the other online platforms dauntlessly with an intention to skyrocket their presence on the social media these. With ambitious dreams and glint of hope in their eyes, they intend to waltz ahead on the path they have chartered for themselves.

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