Ujjal Vikas aims to manufacture own solar product till 2022 : Saikat Sarkar

As we all know that with global warming rising to its peak and ozone layer depleting, the day is not far when all we will be left with almost no natural resources. The mountains are getting polluted with plastic and other waste material, the trees are being cut, the rivers are choked and the water is wasted on a daily basis. The question which arises here, is ‘whose fault is this?’ Certainly, the answer is human beings. Well, we won’t be wrong to say that now only human beings are capable of solving the problem which they themselves created in the first place. Hence, it is a high time to turn all our focus on saving our nature. Through smart and effective ways, we can replenish for all sins committed by human beings.
One such effective way is to utilize Solar Energy. If you thought that the Sun is only useful to Earth in providing light and heat, so you are wrong. It also provides us with something called Solar Energy. We all know that the Sun is the most powerful resource that the Earth acquires. Hence, solar energy from the sun can be very well captured for several uses. It is also a renewable energy source and an important aspect of Earth’s clean energy future.
Solar energy is giving us a way to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and other carbon-emitting sources which helps us to reduce the carbon footprints and greenhouse gases. Switching onto solar energy reduces our dependency on other sources which are harmful to our surroundings. For example, the extraction of fossil fuel has many effects on health and the environment. Whereas, switching to solar energy is good for respiratory and cardio health since it helps in reducing Nitrous Oxide, Sulphur Dioxide, and other particulate matters.
Another great reason to opt for solar energy is that it is not heavy on the pockets. Since conventional sources are decreasing, there is a hike in the price of daily utilities, making non-conventional energy cheap. Moving on, your solar panel can generate more than your daily need. The extra can be sold back, which is again a bonus. When you install a solar panel, it tends to increase your property’s value. Also, it drastically chips off your electricity bill. It is also very economical to maintain and clean. All in all, it is an intelligent move towards saving our nature and a few bucks.
There are various organizations working towards spreading the awareness of Solar energy and its uses. One such organization is Ujjal Vikas Solar India Limited, the pioneer in solar panel manufacturing and trading company based in New Delhi. They cater services in commercial and residential solar products in Pan India. Ujjal Vikas understands how important it is to conserve resources for a better future. Hence, Mr. Saikat Sarkar, Director at Ujjal Vikas aims to manufacture their own product in India with a target to achieve 175 gw solar energy until the year 2020. This is a great initiative and they are already headed towards its achievement by spreading the words and get maximum manpower for the project.
Join hands to a secure future, where resources have not gone scarce and human survival is still possible. Get your customised solution of Rooftop Solar Panels and contribute towards saving resources for the future generation.

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