If Police themself aren’t safe in India from gangsters like “Vikas Dubey” then How can a Common Man Feel safe?

Vikas Dubey is a notorious historical character in Uttar Pradesh. In other words, He is a punk, scoundrel, criminal, and gangster. He killed eight police officers in Kanpur on Thursday night. There are already 60 pending cases in his name. Vikas Dubey ruled the city of Kanpur, as well as Bilhaur, Shivrajpur, Rinyan, and Choubepur areas.

We can understand that the people in these villages are very afraid of Vikas Dubey because he is a gangster, and the police did not take any action against him, but why are the police afraid of him?

 Has he ruled the police stations of all these villages? Or he has several connections with political parties! Is there a rotten apple in the system?

Why didn’t the Up police take any action against Vikas Dubey?

In 2001, Vikas Dubey barged into the police station and shot and killed Santosh Shukla, the UP government minister led by Rajnath Singh.

In 2002, Vikas Dubey confiscated large areas of land through illegal occupation and accumulated a large amount of property in this way. During this period, Vikas Dubey ruled the villages of Bilhaur, Shivrajpur, Rinyan, and Choubepur in Kanpur.

In 2004, Vikas Dubey murdered a cable TV merchant Dinesh Dubey. In 2018, Vikas Dubey carried out a lethal attack on his cousin Anurag. During this period, Vikas (gangster) went to prison, even sitting in the prison, he hatched the conspiracy. The victim’s wife named Vikas and four others for this case.

It clearly shows that in India especially in UP, a common man and police are not safe.

How did the UP government and police ignore so many Vikas Dubey murders that are still pending?

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According to sources, in Uttar Pradesh, gangster Vikas Dubey controls multiple political parties across borders. When Vikas Dubey was in prison, that time he also won the Nagar panchayat election in Shivrajpur.

Is he so powerful or political parties help him in winning the election so that they take his help in the election too?

 Even in a videotape, which was recorded by STF that had arrested Dubey in 2017, Vikas was seen talking about his connection with Kanpur’s two current BJP MLAs.

It shows that some policemen and political parties have direct contact with the gangster Vikas Dubey. People vote to the government for their safety and help, but this shows how political parties and police misuse their powers.

Does he have control over all the police stations and several political parties in UP? or Vikas Dubey is the main leader of UP?

Were the murder of CO Davinder Mishra and other police officers pre-planned?

Choubepur was the place where this encounter happened on Thursday night. Vikas Dubey and his associates shot and killed 8 police officers and injured 7 others.

UP DGP HC Awasthi stated that a few days ago, a murder case was filed against Vikas Dubey, and the Police Force went to Kanpur on Thursday night to arrest Vikas Dubey.

 When the cops reached outside the Bikaru’s village, they saw numerous JCB earthmoving vehicles parked on the road and blocking the road. Dubey’s men were fully prepared. Each of them had weapons. The police team was forced to get off. When the police team did not know what had happened, the criminal shot them from the roof of the building.

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 According to officials, the criminals had got information about the raid in advance.

One of the injured policemen told how the police were trapped and the Choubepur police officers stood silent and watching while the others were being killed. The official also stated that how the moles in the police force led to the massacre of eight police officers. The Choubepur police officers did not even fire on Dubey’s gang. Vinay Tiwari’s team remained silent, and Tiwari fled himself.

Does this statement mean that the policemen of Chaubeypur work for Vikas Dubey?

 If the police officers of the village of Vikas Dubey are involved in the case, it means that they will further not provide accurate information about him.

Earlier, CO Davinder Mishra sent a letter concerning the intentions of Vikas Dubey but Viney Tiwari police officer of Choubepur police station ignored his letter.

Earlier, if the police took action against Vikas Gupta, it could save the lives of eight policemen.

Due to some corrupt political parties and unscrupulous policemen, the image of the entire political parties and the police force is destroyed as a sick fish spoil the whole pond.

All the above information clearly shows that a common man in India can not feel safe, because if a gangster can kill the police, then he can also kill anyone. This incident reveals the involvement of some UP police officers and government with Vikas Dubey.

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