India’s Total Budget for School Education in 2019-2020= Rs. 56.536 Cr in Total, A Startup Focusing School Education Has More Valuation Then Entire India School Education Budget

In a country like India, where the ratio of illiteracy to literacy, of course on literal terms has been so marginally diametrical, that finally an attempt was made to resolve this out by Om Namo Shivaya government. This was for the very time witnessed by the country at large by huge alterations and amendments in the existing education policy.

The new education policy aims at providing quality and reachable education to every child of the country who has been deprived of it. The convention of which was to portray US standards of education in Indian education. Don’t they say competition exists everywhere!

Nirmala Sitaram, the finance minister of India proposed an immediate budget allocation, and establishing the national educational fund this Friday was a total of ₹94,853. 64crore allocated for the education budget, around ₹56,536.63 crores have been pegged for the schooling sector. ₹38,317.01 crores have been allocated for those in the higher education group.

India’s Total Budget for School Education in 2019-2020 is Rs. 56.536 Cr in Total, whereas a start-up targeting school education has a valuation of 77.366 crores, that’s more than a state government could release against all odds from the union budget. This has created rage as the Namo government is most likely to slash the budget for school education for FY2019-20.

The total slash of as much as Rs3000 crore has been conducted in the view of financial crunch in the national economy. Nirmala Sitharaman has set off an interim budget for the education sector as a whole and this has sparked some heated conversations among teachers and education enthusiasts.

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On Wednesday, Delhi’s deputy chief minister Sisodia, called the lotus party an “anti-education” government, alleging that they wanted to ruin the future of the youths by slashing the education budget.

The budget which is allocated goes straight to the teacher’s training and facility only for about Rs. 125 crores. There is a significant downward turn form the Rs. 871 crore which was initially allocated for the budget of about 2018-19.

Sitharaman has also said that there have been over the addition of about 200,000 new education policy which will be announced soon. Come 2030, India will have one of the largest working-age population in the whole of the world. The INSAT has even enrolled some African and Asian Students from all around the world to enroll in their favorite educational institutes.

Although Sisodia claims, that the government is not interested and not willing to invest in the education of the youth, who shape the future and the government! This is conspiring to destroy the future of the nation.

If such funds cuts are finalized, then it will affect the projects associated with school education. Moreover, the government funds only sources to all schools, especially government-run Kendriya Vidyalaya’s, the Navodaya Vidyalaya’s, who need monetary support to run their schemes.

For the school sector, the bulk allocation of about Rs. 36,322 crores will be directly allocated to the Samagra Shikha Abhiyan. This is a completely new scheme in bits of help in the amalgamation of several schools that lie under the Sarva Shiksha Abhigyan. For all those looking forward, the mid-day meal allocation has been pegged to around Rs. 11000 crores.


Looks like the government is in serious financial trust issues, and this is stifling to most of the research sectors and innovations of the country, that are going to be nursed on bits and remaining pieces only.

Reviewing the past three years, the Namo government’s estimated education budget for school has been increased by more than Rs 9000 crore, from Rs. 46,000 crores in FY18 to Rs,56,536 in FY20. However, the revised budget in the actual spending of the ministry as checked in the last for years has been either stagnant or just increased by marginal amounts.

Yajulu Medury, Director of Mahindra Ecole Centre, has spoken on this issue. ‘the budget allocation which is done right now has been directed the complete focus towards the NRF. The FM has also talked about bringing better regulation and legislation for setting up the Higher Education Commission of India’.

In August 2019, The Ministry of Human Resource and Development called MHRD announced that NISHTHA- National Initiative on School Teachers Head Holistic Advancement has introduced the training of over 4.2 million teachers located from all around the world.

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