Can Karma be moulded through astrology? Is astrology in its own so powerful?

Born in the 1970s in Jamshedpur (Jharkhand), Samarpit Kanwatia is a Mumbai based acclaimed celebrity astrologer and can be best described as a New Age astrologer. His clientele includes successful Media personalities, Business houses, Corporates, Lawyers, Doctors, Royals, Housewives (Domestic Issues) and many people from different professions.

He is here today to put a light on the thought that resides in every human being, “Can Karma be moulded through astrology?” and “Is astrology in its own so powerful?”

To answer truthfully to the above mentioned questions the answer is YES! It can be moulded. YES! Astrology is a powerful tool. Now let me explain what I said but for that we will have to understand the functioning of astrology and karma in a bigger synthesis of things and how it works hand in glove with one another.

Astrology tells you the essence of your good time and bad time that you will be or would be going through. Everyone has a planned destiny with which they are blessed in this world as a human. We just live and fulfil our destinies. Some live their destinies for a longer time frame than others. BUT we can tweak our destinies too!!!

Subjectively speaking I have always mentioned that “one can enhance their good and minimise their losses through the in depth knowledge of their kundli” but this tweaking happens though one’s Karma alone.

Surprised or Confused!!!

It is very simple, the kundli knowledge becomes one’s guide path of life as to how one’s life will unfold. Through this one can decipher the phase they are going through and act (karma) accordingly to get their desired results in a “given capacity”. Karma is supreme and it becomes one’s asset when mixed with Astrology. Good phase can be enhanced by right karma and right precaution (again karma) during the weak phase will sail the person though. This is exactly how you can save yourself from being hurt by others or situations or even hurting your ownself unknowingly.

Even Lord Krishna said in Bhagvad Gita “Karm karo phal ki iccha mat karo”. The emphasis is always on your action. The results are a by-product of your action in support with your destiny. Never fail in your karma or else even your good time will not give you the desired benefit.

Every action is somewhere decided as right or wrong and every human is treated with a tag of success or failure. Where part of it is definitely subjected to one’s destiny the bigger picture will look into the person’s action and action alone. That’s how great karma is. Taking help of astrology, when one strategizes their action (karma), its only then that they have an edge over situations and people, who are not aware of their own being (calibre and potential).

Mahabharat is a classic example of what I have said above. The 18 day battle was only and only about ones karma (yudh in the karmbhoomi) and strategies of Lord Krishna who helped the pandavs to win the war with his maya (illusion and charm) and divyata (divinity). Again another form of action to win a situation.

“Remember at the end of the day you will only get what you were destined to but to put it metaphorically God laid a condition to every human that you have to work towards the same to achieve and fulfil it.”

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