NEET 2020 is approaching! Here are some LAST MONTH PREPARATION TIPS

NEET, the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test was earlier familiar with the name of  All India Pre-Medical Test. It is an entrance examination for students who wish to study undergraduate medical courses and dental courses in government or private medical and dental colleges in India. 

Since the pandemic has kicked in the education sector has suffered from a shaken ground. All examinations faced a delay hence NEET signed up for the same fate. But this rescheduling can be proven beneficial to students as they are offered more time and this can surely be used as an advantage with a strategic approach towards the same. If a student chooses to put all his/her good that would result in good marks and thereafter an improved rank.

One must make the most out of this pandemic situation where everyone is restricted to stay within their home premises. Home comfort can trigger an increase in focus on preparation. Now one month is surely not enough for preparation for those who are not prepared well adequately throughout the past 1-2 years but those who are well prepared and need a little practice to improve their performance, this time does mean a lot to them. One cannot miraculously get thorough with everything at this time but can definitely fill the minor gaps by strategic planning.

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  • 13-14 hours devotion~ At this crucial hour, it is essential to devote a prolong period of time each day towards study. This certainly doesn’t mean it should straight 13-14 hours of continuously studying; some small breaks must be included. This continuos and dedicated study pattern will help the student in regularising study schedules. This adaptation will help them get ample revision of the entire syllabus, and further will reduce their stress and anxiousness about the same.
  • No need to compare~ There is no use of getting overwhelmed by the preparations done by one’s pals and peers. Because this will trigger the urge to study from new sources and material and do not try to do so. It is better to focus on NCERT books and revise the already prepared notes.
  • Restricted Distractions~ It is very important to stay focussed and for the same one needs to limit the use of mobile phones and keep their minds away from silly distractions like social media, virtual games, and stuff. It cannot be ignored that small breaks are indeed needed to refreshing one’s mind but instead of entangling the focus with such silly things one can opt for small walks, yoga, meditation– all this will help to calm one’s mind. And still, if it is not helpful to cam the increasing stress then talking to parents, teachers, and friends about the same will definitely do the magic.
  • Analyzing Mistakes~ During this period, the aspirants should thoroughly analyze their mistakes so that they can actually stand on the ground of No room for MISTAKES. 
  • Making the negatives into positives~ The students should put an extra effort into those topics and subjects they are not confident about or not strong enough to deal with.
  • Enhancement~ It is believed by many educationalists that this is the best time to memorize all the methods of calculations, formulas, and repeated practices of more and more questions to increase the speed.
  • Relaxation~ In this race the greed of winning is justified but one should be careful while dealing with the same. Such entrance exams and its preparation easily take a toll on student’s mental and physical health. One cannot afford to fall sick at this hour, so it is important to study with a relaxed and calm mind. The increased stress can hamper learning and productivity.
  • Eat healthy~ It is mostly suggested that the aspirants should adopt a balanced diet and that should include fruits and green vegetables. A healthy lifestyle is the key to achieve success. A healthy lifestyle involves adequate sleep, exercise to stay fit. 
  • Atmosphere creation~ Building an atmosphere that is similar to the examination hall where a three-hour timer is set, and proper question paper(one can take the previous year’s question paper to solve) will help the student to become comfortable and confident before they actually appear for the same. This has proved to be one of the best ways of preparation. 
  • Revise rather than jumping on to new things~ At this hour aspirants tend to hop on to new things out of anxiety but they should avoid doing so. Students should focus on revising the already remembered topics than jumping on to solving new problems. 
  • Keeping Track~ Students tend to appear for mock examinations for better preparations. While doing so, students should estimate the time taken by them to solve the questions. By doing so they will be able to determine the number of questions they can easily solve while actually appearing for the exams. Solving mock papers also offer other benefits like devising a strategy for the main examination and identification of strengths and weaknesses.
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Topics that need undivided attention   


  1. Modern Physics & Semiconductor devices
  2. Magnetism & Matter
  3. Current Electricity
  4. Newton laws
  5. System of particles and roration motion


  1. Chemical bonding & Molecular structures
  2. s and P block elements 
  3. Equilibrium
  4. Chemical Kinetics
  5. d and f block elements


  1. Biological Classification
  2. Plant kingdom
  3. Animal kingdom
  4. Cell 
  5. Human health and disease
  6. ecosystem
  7. Principle of inheritance and variation
  8. Human reproduction 

{Inspired by Saurabh Kumar- director academics at Vidyamandir}               

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