Fight against Corona: PepsiCo India to provide 25,00 Covid-19 test kits; food to 5m people

Coronavirus has sent shockwaves to almost every country. So far more than 1lakh people have died due to the virus worldwide. The highest number of deaths is reported in America(41,114) followed by Italy(23,660) and Spain(21,852). At the same time, it is wreaking havoc in India as well. However, other countries are not spared of this pandemic. The spread in each country is increasing with no viable treatment so far.

However, governments and common people are all geared up and doing their best to combat it. A lot of efforts have been made and everybody is showing solidarity in this situation.

The number of donors in the PM Cares Fund is increasing continuously upholding the ideals of unity and solidarity amidst the crisis.

In such a situation, PepsiCo India has also come forward. PepsiCo, along with its philanthropic organization PepsiCo Foundation, will provide 25,000 COVID-19 test kits and food for 5 million people to fight the corona virus pandemic in India. 

PepsiCo partnered with Akshaya Patra foundation

The company said in a statement on Monday that it has partnered with the Akshaya Patra Foundation to distribute cooked food.

PepsiCo’s collaboration with smile foundation

Also they aim to provide 8,000 poor families with ration through the help of Smile Foundation. The company said the initiative is part of the company’s global program ‘Give Me, Give Hope’. 

PepsiCo and FIND

In addition, the company has tied up with the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) to provide Covid-19 test kits. FIND is the World Health Organization’s (WHO) collaborating centre for laboratory strengthening and diagnostic technology evaluation. It works closely with the Indian government.
These testing kits will be deployed across public and private healthcare laboratories identified by the Indian government to scale up access to COVID-19 testing.

Not only Pepsico, but there are other organisations and companies donating generously in this situation. Actors to owners of companies to common people, all our donating wholeheartedly.

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Number of corona virus patients reached 17,265 in the country, 543 deaths so far

Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in each country. All sectors, economies are on a standstill. In India as well, cases are increasing rapidly. The pace of the increase indicates the need of lockdown 3.0 as on an average 1000 cases are being reported daily.

The number of coronavirus cases has crossed 24lakh worldwide with 6 lakh above recoveries and 1 lakh above deaths. In India the total number of cases have reached 17,265 with 543 deaths. The number of people recovered has reached 2,547. According to the data released by the health ministry, 1324 people have tested positive in the last 24 hours.

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