Here’s What You Need to Know About 3D Printed Jewelleries

3D printing has found its grip in the world of fashion and jewelry widely. This technology has brought a plethora of possibilities. The designing and manufacturing of jewelry now are much safer, easier, and even cost-efficient.

The speed sustained from 3D printing, and its ability to produce it in a day is its main advantage. No doubt it has revolutionized the way jewelry is made. However, its complexity does remain. Nevertheless, the way it works with detail and precision, makes it shine and compensates the cons.

What is 3D printed jewelry?

Just like 3D printed has spread its arms, in every sector today, it has also reached the beauty industry. 3D printed jewelry is a very similar example. It portrays that now, hand carving and days of working on cutting is not a burdensome task.

3D printers have made it much easier, and by following just a few steps you can also master this skill and create your jewelry much fast and without any hassle. That’s the technology of 3D printing in the modern world.

How to achieve 3D printed jewelry:

Step 1: Designing the jewelry

Imagine you are a jewelry designer, who needs to make 100 rings a day for your customer. The first thing to do would be to design them out. The process of designing is done on a 3D printer aided CAD application. This should be compatible with the printer.

You could design 100 different beautiful pieces on it easily, due to the features provided on CAD for easy layouts and makings.

Step 2: Arranging raw material

Once you are satisfied with the designs the next thing would be production. For this purpose, you would need to glue 100 such rings together. This should be fixed on a plastic or wax stand firmly. This model will be put into a bin for the mold to be poured.

Step 3: Preparing the mold

Once the mold over the rings has taken shape, let it cool to be solid. Now the mold has completely taken the shape of the previous rings. Place its preparation in the oven so that the rings inside the mold melts.

Once it melts, it will a hollow space inside it. In this space, you can fill any other material, for variant material rings like gold, or silver.

Step 4: Set the machine

Once the above steps are followed, prepare the build bed, or printing bed, for the 3D printing to take place. Rest the machine will do its work, and you are done!

It is so easy to make 3D printed jewelry, although the process might look difficult. It is much easy and faster to achieve via conventional methods.


The technology of 3D printing is widely used even in the jewelry industry, due to the detailed precision it offers a result. This means it would require less manpower investment now. It is safe and the most cost-efficient method.

Hence 3D printing is here to revolutionize the way how seamlessly jewelry is made to adorn your eternal beauty.

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