Top 10 Promising & Scalable Startups in Jodhpur 2022

Top 10 Promising & Scalable Startups in Jodhpur 2022.

Marwari Catalysts, a startup accelerator, and company fund capitalist have come to be a lifesaver for entrepreneurs in tier 2 and tier 3 locations that have passed the earliest phases. Marwari Catalysts, based in Jodhpur, was first established almost two years ago in 2019 by its founding partner Sushil Sharma and has made major progress, providing funds to dozens of startups that had made changes beyond the incubation and ideation stages, and guiding them through the following steps of getting investors and accelerating their growth.

 “I believe that India’s second and third-tier cities have a large talent pool, a large market, and always been a largely untapped market, and I have always worked in tier 2 areas and had access to technology and foreign exposure.”

I believe that India’s tier 2 economy has exceeded majorly and that, following Covid, tier 2 cities have gained a major advantage due to a reversing memory. Sushil Sharma told India Today that “many people have returned to small cities from Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and overseas markets.”

Exploring India's Blue City - the Best Things to Do in Jodhpur (+ Map) - 5 Lost Together

 As a result of the Covid pandemic, some people have been relocated from big cities like Delhi and Mumbai, and the across the market, to tier 2 and tier 3 cities like Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bikaner, Indore, and elsewhere.

 Jodhpur‘s different colour refers to the Brahmins, who always used to paint their dwellings blue to keep bugs out and cool during the summer. The old city was established in 1459 and is encircled by a massive wall with eight big gates. A comprehensive, open boulevard connects Jodhpur’s modern areas with the bustling heart of the old city, the Sardar Market, which is home to a tangle of bustling bazaars under the city’s most famous clock tower.

From the clock tower, a live connection of old passageways extends, where vendors negotiate for traditional handicrafts spanning from loose pants named after cities to handcrafted shoes, tie-dyed linens, and stoneware.

 The city’s world-renowned antique reconstructions to conflict for resources with puppeteers and traditional pepper vendors. The huge Mehrangarh Fort, perched on a picturesque valley and surrounded by massive city walls, keeps watching over a tangle of rooftops. This huge bastion, illuminated in yellow light at the night, stands out because of Rajasthan’s best-kept fort. The imperial compound’s courts’ system is the best place to go out with the research.

In the shadow of the hillside, the fort stands the Jaswant Thada, a big marble cremation ground erected for Maharajahs in the 19th century. The Umaid Bhawan Palace, with its unique art deco design, allows all the tourists a glimpse into the lives of the royals, with a tantalizing glimpse into the present Maharaja, who still resides in the palace complex.

Marwari Catalysts now has four active partnerships, three of which are headquartered in Jodhpur and one in Surat. They’re all youth, enthusiastic, and ready to go. It ranges from 6 of 28 startup enterprises in which it has acquired ownership and is assisting them in attracting investors and accelerating their growth beyond the early stages.

Swachh Survekshan: Jodhpur adjudged 'Fastest Mover Big City' - The Economic Times

“I believe the next big thing will come from tier 2 cities, which is why Marwari Catalysts Ventures’ total concentration is on tier 2, tier 3 market, and we have placed ourselves to be the one who accelerates who will be stakeholders in the growth stage, and we’ve changed the model a little.

“We come with skin in the ballgame in the startup. We write a tiny payment to the youth and new entrepreneurs. We say we’re advisors, coaches, and growth members, but we write a small cheque indicating we’re there with you for the long haul,” Sushil Sharma explained.

Jodhpur, the state’s second-largest city, is located in Rajasthan. With a community of over one million people, it has developed to become Rajasthan’s second-largest city. The Marwar sultanate of Delhi first administered the region, and the monarchy’s sector was named Marwar. There are different temples, forts, and monasteries to explore in Jodhpur, a renowned tourist town in the arid Thar Desert area.

 The culture of a new startup firm is gaining popularity, and it has the ability to change the startup landscape. “Young people with ideas, desire, and ability have the potential to have a major impact on this atmosphere,” Sushil says. A Marwari Catalyst assists entrepreneurs with creative company ideas and a strong interest in positively impacting the world. He said that we bring new ideas and provide funding and tools to help entrepreneurs achieve their purposes.

Jodhpur Rajasthan | Mehrangarh Fort - Jodhpur Visiting Places - Rajasthan Tourism | Jodhpur Hotels - YouTube

Sushil selected Jodhpur to be his company’s headquarters since it is a prominent educational centre. In addition to IITs and AIIMS, the city has NLU, NIFT, and FDDI. Our purpose at Marwari Catalysts is to foster a culture of faith and confidence in prospective entrepreneurs, motivating them to achieve their ambitions.

 Rounak Singhvi believes the firm has done properly in this region. Marwari Catalysts aims to become the country’s first unicorn in the expedited industry.

Due to their subject expertise, they completely focus on three distinct types of enterprises. Firms in the areas of teaching and finance, and interactive (D2C) startups, may be interested. We’ve had our share of disappointments, but they’ve taught us which startups are worth investing in.

“We exclusively connect in companies that operate in sectors where we are experts,” Devesh, a Marwari Catalysts partner, explains.

Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, thus according to Marwari Catalysts, are expected to see most of the activities in the future. As a result, it is working with businesses and helping them scale quickly and become the first unicorn in the industry.

1. Yearbook Canvas

Former CEO of General Electric Energy South Asia, Nandkumar Dhekne invests in Yearbook Canvas - IssueWire

YearBook Canvas is a program that allows you to create and distribute an online yearbook. Users can create a book by giving information like the date the book will be released, the book’s templates, the subgroup that will be formed, how you will enquire all of the user’s queries, and by requesting friends to change the text. Users with talents, and have the ability to write testimonials, create and vote in polls, submit photos, and more. For Android devices, there is a mobile app.

Company Overview

                  Legal Name             Yearbook Canvas
                   Industries Online platform to create and publish yearbooks
                   Founder(s) Surashree Rahane & Abhinav Madavi
                Founded Date                    2018 
         Total Funding Amount                 USD 301K
                   Investors     Nandkumar Dhekne, Marwari Catalysts, Fund Nest and 8 Other Investors
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2. Utkarsh Classes

Utkarsh Classes, Sardarpura - Tutorials For Railway Exam in JODHPUR, Jodhpur - Justdial

Utkarsh Innovations provide test preparation. Live classes, quizzes, and e-books are available to students studying for exams like the SSC, CBSE, B.Sc., and others. It has a mobile app for both iOS and Android smartphones. Utkarsh is an online test preparation service. Online lessons can assist you in studying for exams like the SSC, Banking, and IAS. It provided students with flashcards and other teaching programs. There is an Android app available. In-app purchases are used to commercialize the app.

Company Overview

                  Legal Name             Utkarsh Classes
                   Industries Provider of online various test preparation platform
                   Founder(s)             Sunil Bansal 
                Founded Date                 2002
         Total Funding Amount                  NA
                   Investors                   Acquired

3. Qriyo

Qriyo - Transforming Education | Creating Jobs | India's 1st Managed Home Tuition App - YouTube

Tutors who operate from home may use the internet for marketing their services. Customers will be able for lessons, plan a house display, and reserve classrooms, all from the comfort of their own homes. Tutors are available for K-12 classrooms, fitness programs, and hobby-related classes like yoga, language training, competitive testing, dancing, and character development. Students can use the internet to make notes of their punctuality, renew their programs, and pay their bills. Tutors can create their accounts on the website to set their hourly rates.

Company Overview

                  Legal Name                    Qriyo
                   Industries Home tutors can advertise online.
                   Founder(s) Rishabh Jain & Mudit Jain
                Founded Date                    2015
         Total Funding Amount               USD 314K
                   Investors     NB Ventures & Idein Ventures

4. DreamTeam Technologies

Pin on Dreamteam Achievements

Literom, an ERP-based provider for educational institutions, was founded by DreamTeam. Financial and business online, HRMS, admission control, job systems integration portal, academics management, alumni strategic planning, digital library, occasion/seminar management, complaints governance, logistics planning, and student examination system are just a few of the modules available.

Webdesign, hosting, and connection development are in its offerings (SEO). JNVU, Tumkur University, Agro Business, Bodhi International School, National Law School, DPS Bhagalpur, GD Goenka School, Dunes School, Marwar Engineering College, and other institutions are in the clientele. It is a member of the ESC, STPI, and RIICO SSI companies.

Company Overview

                  Legal Name      DreamTeam Technologies
                   Industries ERP-based management system for educational institutions
                   Founder(s)             Sushil Sharma
                Founded Date                 2005
         Total Funding Amount                  NA
                   Investors                   Acquired

5. Academic Eye

startups: Top Russian global digital startups eye India as a priority market - The Economic Times

School management software is included in Academic Eye’s cloud-based ERP software. Concession maintenance, educational management, fee top managers, stock management, transhipment, record-keeping, hostel strategy development, accounting & finance, and other modules are all included in the program.

Company Overview

                  Legal Name             Academic Eye
                   Industries Cloud-based ERP software provider for school management 
                   Founder(s)                  NA
                Founded Date                 2018
         Total Funding Amount                  NA
                   Investors                   Acquired

6. Interview questions

Understanding Great Behavioral Interviewing Questions | DDI

A web-based educational tool called Interview Question can help you plan for an interview phase. Other topics covered include PHP, Java, C++, iPhone, Ajax, HTML5, and others.

Company Overview

                  Legal Name           InterviewQuestion
                   Industries Online learning platform for technical interview preparation
                   Founder(s)                     NA 
                Founded Date                    2012
         Total Funding Amount                     NA
                   Investors                      Acquired

7. Pre-PG

Pre-PG Prep - Best App for NEET PG, AIIMS, JIPMER, PGI, DNB, FMGE & other PG Medical Entrance Exams - YouTube

Online mock tests for medical doctorate-level exams are available through Pre-PG. This curriculum will prepare students for exams like AIIMS, NEET, JIPMER, and others. Mock exams, practice questions, performance appreciation, and GD are available in addition to practice questions, practice questions, performance appreciation, and GD. Apps are available for both iOS and Android.

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Company Overview

                  Legal Name                  Pre-PG
                   Industries Provider of mock tests for the preparation of postgraduate level medical exams
                   Founder(s)                    NA
                Founded Date                   2015
         Total Funding Amount                    NA
                   Investors                      Acquired

8. Shaurya Bharat App

Shaurya Bharat - Defence Exams Learning App (Powered by CASA)

 They provide mobile testing solutions for the Defense Department. Exams like the army technical, army GD, clerk, military police sailor, navy AA, RIMC, NDA, and CDS have programs available on the platform. In addition to online lessons, e-books, and question-and-answer sections, the platform provides mock tests and doubt-solving sessions. Its smartphone app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

The Shaurya Bharat App is India’s very first Military Exams Study App. The purpose of this curriculum is to help applicants prepare for competitiveness examinations in the Military Today, Special Operations Forces, and Criminal Justice Services. Candidates with a proper mission to support their country can use this app to access the most up-to-date training materials (e-books and important videos), and a system of evaluation and rigorous education delivered through live group discussions.

Since 2012, the “Capt Atul Shaurya Academy, Jodhpur,” India’s first defence tests and tutor school, has selected over 3600 people in different sectors of the Indian Armed Forces. Capt Atul Kulshrestha participated in the Rajput Regiment to be the fourth Army officer. Prof. Vanita and her team are in response to the academic quality of the app.

Company Overview

                  Legal Name          Shaurya Bharat App
                   Industries Mobile-based platform providing Defence exam preparation solutions
                   Founder(s)                   NA
                Founded Date                 2020
         Total Funding Amount                   NA
                   Investors                     Acquired

9. Cattle Mettle

Krimanshi- Nikhil Bora Started A Sustainable Venture In 2015

Jodhpur-based Nikhil Bohra created Cow Mettle to be a social enterprise with the aim of increasing India’s cattle output. It is run by Krimanshi Technologies Private Limited, a firm that was founded in June 2015.

Farmers presently rely on sporadic supplies of green and dry feed, and food grains, which do not meet the nutritional needs of cattle. In addition, the focused cattle feed on the market is incredibly expensive for these local suppliers.

The firm intends to address these issues by adding locally available materials into the food supply chain of livestock that are now underutilized. Interestingly, the firm uses farm trash, mandi waste, forestry waste, and other waste to make cattle meals based on the waste’s characteristics.

The company has not yet been introduced and is presently laying the groundwork. It has already partnered with Ambuja foundations, which has touched over 2000 farmers with its farm-based product in the form of its pilot program. It received $261K (INR 1.7 Cr) in investment from Startup Oasis in 2017.

According to Nikhil, cow Mettle presently employs a staff of four full-time and ten part-time people, and their cattle feed has resulted in a 20-25 per cent motivation in milk production and fat. Plans are in the works to expand the activities to Jaipur.

Company Overview

                  Legal Name                Cattle Mettle
                   Industries       Food grains for animals
                   Founder(s)                Nikhil Bohra
                Founded Date                    2015
         Total Funding Amount                    NA
                   Investors                     Acquired

10. Kooky Infomedia

Kooky Infomedia | LinkedIn

Jodhpur-based Kooky is a role model for Tier II companies looking to go big and scale across the world. The Kooky team is an expert in quality UX/UI design, mobile app development, game development, website design and development, animation and art, video creation, and digital marketing.

Ravindra Prajapati and Gulshan Solanki, the founders of Kooky, focused primarily on game development until 2013. They eventually gained a large client with whom they collaborated on games. They founded a limited liability membership in 2014-15 and pushed onto the worldwide market.

Before startup experience inspired them to help others with their MVPs by incorporating their interests into creating good and great goods. The Kooky team has more than five members all across the world and is still growing.

Company Overview

                  Legal Name Kooky Infomedia Private Limited
                   Industries Information Technology, Software, Web Design & Web Development
                   Founder(s) Gulshan Solanki & Ravindra Prajapati
                Founded Date                  2014
         Total Funding Amount                   NA
                   Investors                   Acquired
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Rajasthan, which was once known to be the ‘Land of Kings’ and primarily to be a tourism destination, is now a top competitor in DIPP’s state ranking challenge. The state government is lying no behind without paving the way for a healthy startup infrastructure to promote talent and foster the culture of entrepreneurship in the state, which is home to over 750 businesses, different accelerators, and incubation organizations.

While the startup and IT/ITES regulations, and IT/ITES regulations, have tried to define the proper course for the entrepreneurship environment stakeholders, major efforts have been made to develop the entrepreneurial roots in the state from the ground up.

For example, in January, Rajasthan’s state information systems and development department announced intentions to assist college students in launching companies, with the purpose of supporting 500 of the best student developers.

5 Places to Visit Near Club Mahindra Affiliate Resort in Jodhpur

The number of activities that are branded under the Rajasthan state authority is continually growing, including iStart, Rajasthan Digifest, Startup contests, and Rajasthan IT Day. This is driving more investors and companies to set up shop in Rajasthan’s TTier-IIII cities, like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, and others.

The country of kings has a history of leading development by example, with companies like GirnarSoft, Gemporia, CultureAlley, Finova Capital, and others.

Today, Marwari Catalysts is a conduit between a startup and possible investors. It provides benefits like coco-working spaces, product design services, and networking possibilities without government approval. Its incubation centres are located in Jodhpur and nearby areas like Pali, Balotra, Barmer, Jaisalmer, and Nagaur. Marwari Catalysts’ ultimate goal is to connect Marwaris all around the world.

The initiative assists entrepreneurs in turning their ideas into effective enterprises by combining them with mentoring who can assist them with company planning, product development, fundraising, networking with industry contacts, and marketing or selling.

The organization has invested in a number of startups in industries like education and food, with typical ticket sizes ranging from Rs 25 lakh to Rs 75 lakh. Marwari Catalysts is noted for its business development capabilities, creating business prospects, using its global network through its members, and assisting startups in raising funds.

The incubator now has a network of approximately 35 angel investors. It features a core staff of ten people, including a research team and more than ten advisers handling investments and incubation.

Things To Do in Jaipur and Jodhpur in 2022 | Unique things to do

Pay special attention to new-age entrepreneurs.

Marwari Catalysts wants to be known to be a corporation that assists others in succeeding. It appears to be geared toward new and young businesses who are looking for mentorship and expert help.

“Young minds are increasingly contributing to the development and acceleration of the startup ecosystem. “This new culture has the potential to be a game-changer for youth generation who have the power of concepts, ambition, and ability,” Sushil says.

“Marwari Catalysts invests capital and confidence in businesses and people with unique business ideas and a desire to make a difference in the world.” We energize fresh ideas and assist bright entrepreneurs in realizing their ambitions by providing them with the necessary money and tools,” he added.

Because of its reputation of being an educationalist and running an educational institution, Sushil selected Jodhpur to become his headquarters. Prominent institutes including IIT, AIIMS, NLU, NIFT, and FDDI, in others, are located in the city.

Marwari Catalysts believes in building faith, and confidence in aspiring entrepreneurs and encourages ‘newbies’ to go deeper into their research. “We are putting forth our best effort to help our country achieve a sustainable economic’ boom,” Sushil says.

The company is presently paying attention to attracting overseas investors to the Marwar area and developing the next Indian unicorn. The company has their offices in Mumbai and plans to open others in Bengaluru and Singapore shortly.

Entrepreneurship, creation, and innovation are encouraged at IIT Jodhpur.

IIT Jodhpur has created an entrepreneurial culture that includes freedom to encourage innovative ideas, company interaction, market concentration, IP military dictatorship, and safety, endorsement of entrepreneurs, incentive programs for doctoral students to ideate/innovate, businessman policies, and networks with other startup companies, share markets, and economic benefits, investors, angels, and people in business, in other things. Policies, equities, expenditures, relationships with other institutions, businesses, seed funding, and entrepreneurs are all part of the ecosystem‘s mission.

This year’s Institute Foundation Day was marked with the completion of the IIT Jodhpur Technological Building on August 2nd. IIT Jodhpur has established the Technology Invention and Startup Center (TISC) to be part of the complex, which operates in the Section 8 Company under the Companies Act of 2013. TISC supports companies and programs that use scientific discovery or technological creation and innovation to solve pressing real-world problems.

The AIoT, which majorly impacted the country, is the focus of TISC’s new-age programs. We are interested in artificial intelligence, innovative compounds and substances intelligence, medicine, and other deep-tech sectors. It includes cyber-security, surgical intervention, multi-omics, the digital economy, improved communications, robots, particle physics, and other technologies.

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 Here are a few examples of industries where deep technologies can be applied: Agriculture, Biological Sciences, Nutrition, Aeronautics, and Defense are just a handful of the sectors that are involved. TISC collaborates with the Department of MSME and the Department of Information and Communications Technology to be a part of its incubation projects.

 IITJ provides a unique entrepreneurship program.

IITJ has developed a one-of-a-kind program to provide information unavailable in traditional engineering institutions. Work in and manage interdisciplinary teams, communicate effectively, analyze critically, and take all the business concepts. It comprehends business fundamentals and provides solutions to open-ended situations.

Beginning in the ninth semester, entrepreneurship is provided like a course. Applicants must complete six months of Entrepreneurial to be a part of their Minor, and if they meet at least six months, they will receive 20 credits. As an alternative to the necessary open conditions, students would be spared from earning credits for Entrepreneurship.

The following courses must be taken for more credit and must be scheduled and completed in the seasons or after Entrepreneurs is done. Consider pursuing an M. Tech. that combines two degrees. A learner must have a CGPA of at least six by the end of the seventh semester.


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