E-commerce sites now days are flooded with so many options that they tend to confuse the customers instead of helping them find the perfect outfit. Customers keep wasting their time browsing endless pages of a website to find their style but ultimately leave the site in disappointment. Also, everyone wants to look good but don’t have the awareness or the confidence to choose what’s best for them.
So, Ishita Khosla, a 23-yr old young marketing graduate from Michigan studied about this gap in the market and introduced a more personalised way of shopping through CONFIDRESS.

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Ishita Khosla, CEO – Confidress

Confidress is a unique E-commerce platform wherein customers can get styled as well as shop from the looks curated just for them from 85+ eclectic brands by leading fashion experts of the country. Customers can skip the endless browsing of sites and fill in their preferences such as budget, body structure, style through the questionnaire. The stylists then study each aspect and customise the looks for the customers from the eclectic brands available on the platform. Customers can now easily shop from the customised looks curated just for them.
Ishita recalls an incident with one of her friends “One day, I took my friend out for shopping and bought her A-line dresses that smartly camouflage any extra weight around the lower body. She felt her ‘world had changed’, only by wearing what’s right for her body type.”
This one experience made her believe that confidence and the correct style has the power of affecting one’s life in a positive way.
She did an extensive research on the existing multi-brand e-commerce business in India and found that 47% of potential buyers are not able to complete their purchase due to lack of usability of the site. There were high bounce rates and a lot of money was being spent on remarketing the brand to acquire these customers. Apart from this various brands had to compete with each other on the same platform to gain more visibility, awareness and sales. These platforms were not able to provide all the associated brands equal sales opportunities. The main aim was to break the saturated market and preset a selectivity based model that will add a fresh take to the way people shop in India.
With Confidress, Ishita designed a marketplace where numerous brands can co-exist and get equal opportunities in terms of brand awareness, visibility and sales generation. Brands can connect with their target market easily as Confidress filters it out for them. The competition for visibility amongst brands placed on the same platform is reduced due to selectivity model. Infact, the credibility of each brand increases as their products are recommended to the customers by a stylist.
For customers, it offers a personalized shopping experience they have never witnessed before just a click away. The concept of styling which was earlier considered to be a restricted domain meant for the socialites or celebrities can now be easily available for the masses. People can explore the new world of experiential shopping through CONFIDRESS.

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