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Every story has a reason for the way it is written. Even every business has a story behind it. The story of SINGH BIOTECH LLP revolves around the power of life science and technology to transform the way of life.

The scope of life sciences in India and other developing countries is immense but the problems these countries face are costly research work, poor system of support mechanism from the government and the corporate for the innovation. Not to forget the long gestation period for the return of the investment in life science industry if it is focused on solving bigger issues of the society.

The level of scope can only be gauged by the population, economic growth, utilization of the resources and large number of diseased people living in India. In many cases like that of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and genetic diseases India is home to highest numbers of individuals. Number of milk cattle and production of tea, spices etc India is among the leaders in the world. All these sectors are directly or indirectly related to the life science industry.

With SINGH BIOTECH LLP, it’s setting up of unique centers for understanding and learning the co-relations among the varied aspects of life sciences with their potential for commercialization. All the requirements will be pre-set up to work as the supporting mechanism for the young minds to enter into the entrepreneurial field with life science at the core.

India is the leading producer and exporter of generic drug still very little is spent for the innovation and start ups which are looking to innovate in life sciences. The primary reason is that this sector of Life Sciences with applications is very costly and the return of the investment comes very late.

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There are situations when companies which have dared have found themselves been at stage of no funds to even carry out the basic functionality, forget about the innovation. This leads to shutting them up even if they held a great promise.

More of the aspiring bio-entrepreneurs in India are actually people who are already in their mid 40’s to 50’s. Even there are some who wait till their retirement because of the family responsibilities and slow system of producing the results. They spend years working for someone else and saving the money to start their own venture at some point in their life.

SINGH BIOTECH LLP has a range of solutions to support the youth looking to take up the entrepreneurial role even in the life sciences especially in the segments of agriculture, healthcare, environment and skill development. The demand for transforming India is not the traditional method of years into the research and testing but a street smart innovative way which will help resolve the critical issues in Increasing the productivity of the crops, improving the healthcare system and also ensure the environmental conservation. The field of Life Sciences is highly regulated which requires a well thought strategy building to avoid any hurdles in between. SINGH BIOTECH LLP ensures that its clients’ compliances are met as per the standards.

Indian sub-continent, South Asia and South East Asia have more or less similar culture. Even the problems in economic growth, education, healthcare and environmental concerns are quite similar. Applied sciences have the potential to provide solutions to all the problems in these regions.

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SINGH BIOTECH LLP works on two aspects which form the backbone for any industry to achieve growth. First is the quality manpower; in this Singh Biotech LLP provides training to the fresher and professionals into varied skills as per their sector requirements. It aims to open up the mind and enhance the skills to create the leaders and champions of tomorrow who have potential to take their organization to the next level. Under this soft skills training and corporate training is provided as per the requirements of the clients. Second is the business development; in this under the brand name Bizstylers services like web development, digital marketing, social media marketing, app development and content marketing are covered. Other supporting solutions in recruitment and regulatory in pharmaceutical sector is also provided.

As a support system for the Agriculture based businesses products like bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides are provided. Even the farmers looking to turn their farming into business get the right training for analyzing the market and how to reach the prospective client.

In today’s highly competitive world it is very difficult to achieve growth moving alone. Understanding this SINGH BIOTECH LLP has collaborated with different strategic partners with their own area of expertise and is continuously on the lookout for the associates who share the same vision.

Our strategic partners cover different area of protecting the innovation through complete intellectual property right solutions, supporting into the complete IT solutions and building the much needed public relations with solutions for online marketing. You name it and SINGH BIOTECH LLP will bring that service to you and at reasonable rates. No more worry to spending huge amounts into these aspects of your business and still be worried about the quality.

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In the coming 5 years from 2018 to 2022, SINGH BIOTECH LLP aims to enter into the healthcare and environmental services segment with self or joint ventures with the like minded excellence driven organizations. The company will continue its endeavor to achieve excellence and support the growth of the life sciences industry in India and other developing countries.

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