Wizibility – Taking the Creativity of Communication Business to The Next Level

A play of words that implies visibility through creative ability is all from where the inspiration was sought for “Wizibility”. Basically, Wizibility is a communication business which is holding its traditional values high though it is contemporary in nature. They are new age business partners to help their clients reach their respective objectives through innovative branding, digital marketing, marketing and online reputation management.

The old world of agency-client was totally different. “Mad Men” was true in some respects”, says Vidya  Karnam. In olden days they would have large meetings where on one side of the table would be the people from the client side and on the other side would be equal number of people from the agency side. The ultimate output would be an “ad” that would be delivered on several platforms. Those were different times where the important requirement was to be clever. Whereas nowadays clients expect to understand the exact audience, and expect measurable results within the stipulated time while keeping their budgets minimal. The keywords need to be no longer clever but nimble, smart and steady.

Wizibility works with businesses of various sizes and through all the phases of evolution. Set of challenges and objectives differs from startups and matured companies. “There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution engineering. Each problem has to be studied and tailored solutions are made”, says Vidya Karnam. 

Wizibility is based out of Bangalore but they have no restrictions in their solutions provided or the implementation provided. They work and provide solutions across the globe. “In fact, we see a lot more tractions from markets like Africa where there is an immense demand for brand, marketing and creative solutions.” Says Bijoy Nair

Wizibilty does not have any difference in the kind of work, it’s the approach that is different. They take in very few clients and get deep in their involvement. “Eventually, we establish a deep connection and bond with our clients and essentially ‘become’ them” says Bijoy Nair.

Wizibility is a self-funded company and they don’t see themselves looking for funds in the near future too. They invest in their resources based on their business requirement. When the need arises, they engage themselves with experts and consultants hence creating a great balance.

The inception of the company has happened many years ago. Vidya Karnam and Bijoy Nair has started Wizibility as they wanted to channelize their passion for brands.

Bijoy Nair, is a lawyer by education and has done MBA in international business. He has worked is several media companies and has dabbled in the eCommerce business also. Vidya Karnam, an MBA with a passion for all things creative. A digital specialist with ample experience in the media ecosystem, her entire interest lies in providing strategic solutions to the clients.

“The chip on our shoulders is the accolades we get from our clients. It’s a great kick and the biggest award when we crack a campaign and achieve what we set out for”, says Vidya Karnam with pride. It’s really overwhelming to see such creative and enthusiastic people behind the success of Wizibility.






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