Most people are avoiding to get tested, despite few symptoms appearing

Last week, I went to a friend’s house and he told me that his mother was suffering from high fever with a sore throat for five days. Without a second of doubt, I asked him whether his mother got tested to which he told me that the fever was duly recovered while she stayed at home. This raised my suspicion, are most people not getting them tested despite showing possible symptoms?

The answer can be yes and this shoots to the next question, why?

Dozens of individuals, including several physicians, whose Computed Tomography (CT) scan showed severe lung engagement, indicative of viral disease, have refused to experience COVID-19 tests.  Doctors cite fear of being monitored by health employees, contact tracing the stigma of isolation, and also by law enforcement from neighborhoods as motives.  Such patients have chosen to not experience RT-PCR evaluations and have opted to quarantine themselves despite having related symptoms such as fever, sore throat, and cough.

The fear of being kept away from your away is one of the main reasons as to why people are not reporting. But according to the ICMR, these patients are not only risking their lives but also risking the fate of their family by exposing them to the infection.

The trend is truly worrying

“The trend is worrying because we’ll be overlooking examining their family, friends, and contacts that can be vital in containing the spread of this virus.  If lung involvement is revealed by reports, the individual should undergo an evaluation for COVID-19.  This should be made compulsory rather than optional.  The State Health Department must send an advisory to scan centers that if CT-Chest reports indicate viral pneumonia, the government concerned have to be alarmed,” said senior interventional cardiologist D. Prabhakar.

The fear of false negative is daunting among people

While individuals with symptoms needing to experience COVID-19 evaluations and walking apart from hospitals or nursing homes are 1 issue, there’s a different dimension to management that is pandemic that’s turned into a challenge for health care professionals — the event of patients becoming evaluation success.

When their CT scans indicate the disease, most of the patients are not getting the correct form of the report stated.  According to senior advisor, Infectious Diseases, Apollo Hospitals, V. Ramasubramanian, there have been lots of instances where CT scans and other health parameters also have signaled that the existence of COVID-19, however, RT-PCR evaluation outcomes have returned negative.  In these circumstances, patients must be convinced they have been infected, to ensure treatment and isolation protocols could be initiated.

Sridhar, GSMCH head has said that patients who tested negative in RT-PCR tests but do have strong symptoms which can suggest that they do have the infection are being admitted to the other wards. Patients who are exhibiting all the symptoms and have been tested negative are less likely to transmit that from one person to the other.

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