8BitDo’s N30 Pro 2 controller offers more design options

One of the best third-party controllers is getting an update. Peripheral company 8BitDo revealed its N30 Pro 2 gamepad today. This is a followup to its 8BitDo N30 Pro, but it has some significant new features that bring it in line with the excellent SN30 Pro.
The N30 Pro 2 is available for preorder now for $40. It begins shipping November 23. On the outside, it features the same chassis as the original N30 Pro. It still has the classic Nintendo-style look, but with two analog sticks and enough buttons to work with a modern console.
On the inside, it is getting several new additions. This version of gamepad supports rumble vibrations, motion controls, and the USB-C charging standard. You can also activate a turbo mode. And the N30 Pro 2 works with Windows and MacOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, and the Nintendo Switch.
Those are all features that 8BitDo previously added to its SN30 Pro. The big difference is that the SN30 Pro mimics the shape of Super Nintendo controller, while the N30 Pro 2 has a slightly more modern and ergonomic design. Additionally, you can get the N30 Pro 2 with all of the extras but in new color schemes.
As usual for 8BitDo, the company gives enables you to celebrate classic hardware of your choosing. Those include GameCube, Nintendo 64, Sega Mega Drive, and the Nintendo Entertainment System. That’s on top of the Super Nintendo design of the SN30 Pro.
I’m planning to try out the N30 Pro 2 soon, and I’ll let you know my thoughts then. But I can confirm that the SN30 Pro is one of my favorite ways to play games on Switch — especially due to its D-pad, which is significantly better than the Switch Pro controller.
Source: VentureBeat
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