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The India Influence Report 2019 revealed that 65 percent of marketers and strategists said influencer marketing helped in increasing brand awareness and recall; 50 percent agreed that it was effective in managing (brand) reputation and sentiments while 47 percent said it was effective in reaching out and influencing the new target audience. Any brand screaming for attention can no longer afford to ignore influencer marketing. But it’s become increasingly difficult to get attention on the internet because of several reasons such as finding influencers to participate, low attention span of viewers, cluttered market, fickle customers, managing campaign contracts or deadlines, bandwidth/time restraints, credibility of influencers and so on.

In India, digital advertising has grown faster than any other medium. The digital advertising industry right now stands at a Rs 13,683 crores, a 26 percent jump from where it stood just a year before.


So, what does it take for a brand to successfully drive brand awareness? As the world prepares to embrace new technology, ZEE5 is committed to offering cutting edge products and solutions. In just two years of operations, they are the only OTT brand that offers content in 12 languages and 100+ originals, has crossed 100 million app downloads, and engaged 11.4 million daily active users. This has made it the go-to platform for OTT advertising.
India’s largest ConTech brand, ZEE5 is acting as the enabler to help brands leverage the power of storytelling through their influencer tool, Ampli5.

Boost your brand’s perception with Ampli5

Ampli5, an effective tool from ZEE5’s Ad-suite, helps brands capture the attention of their audience in the right context and in a controlled environment using influencers. Since its launch, ZEE5’s Ad-suite has incurred an exponential user growth of 252 percent and created significant value creation for brands through advertising. With Ampli5, you have the opportunity to collaborate with well-known influencers and partner on editorial content (stories) to boost brand perception and make it relatable.
On ZEE5’s strong foothold in influencer marketing and branded content, Taranjeet Singh, Chief Revenue Officer and Business Head, ZEE5 India, said, “We are thrilled with the initial response received from brands that used Ampli5 to enhance their presence in a cluttered digital market. The launch of Ampli5 and other offerings as part of the Ad-suite fortifies our commitment to investing in the latest and relevant ad technology to give advertisers the best solutions for building brands and reaching their target consumer in the most cost-efficient manner and in a brand-safe environment.”
Ampli5 has a robust distribution plan across telco and mobile carriers like Jio, Airtel, operating systems like Android and Apple; OEMs like LG, Samsung, and has also established partnerships with brands like Paytm, WeWork, SBI, among others.

Brands who experienced the 360-degree value

ZEE5’s Ampli5 has helped brands execute high-impact campaigns and improve their sales conversions through influencer engagement. One such brand is Dettol who, although their product was top quality, had lukewarm user association as customers strongly associated the handwash with a ‘hospital odour’, which deterred them from using it. To break this notion, ZEE5 created a shoot-based influencing marketing campaign, using popular ZEE5 influencers like Ruchi Savarn, Jia Shankar and Anita Date. They became brand advocates and played the part of mothers who convinced viewers why Dettol’s hand wash was safe for their family. The campaign achieved over 5.82 million impressions, 1.02 percent CTR and an 84.09 percent completion rate.
Another brand to benefit using Ampli5 tool was Mahindra Scorpio for their blockbuster hit Simbaa, which enabled them to complete a 30-day sponsorship course successfully. The campaign witnessed 245+ million impressions on sponsorship, 33.3 lakh video views and 44 hoardings, airport branding, metro branding as well as celebrity posts and tweets.
Several other large-sized MNCs and blue-chip companies have utilised the Ampli5 tool, including Crizal, HP, Kinder Joy, Ching’s Secret, among others.
Content marketing leaders out there can boost conversations with their core audience and expect a year-on-year growth of 7.8x with Ampli5. With a reach of 76.4 million, 6x to 8x higher direct response rate, 8 to 10 percent average CTR, ZEE5’s Ampli5 is delivering 360-degree value to brands and their users in India.
To know more about Ampli5, click here.

Source: Yourstory

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