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Delhi Baby Care Hospital Disaster: Government’s Deadly Failures Result in Innocent Lives Lost! Authorities’ Habitual Negligence! Government’s Social Media Tears Won’t Stop the Flames or Bring Back Lives. Citizens Demand Accountability and Justice!

27 Flames, One Big Disgrace. Delhi Baby Care Hospital Fire Exposes a Nation’s FAILING Care! Expired License, Expired Lives! Who is Accountable?

Every time there is a tragic incident with significant fatalities that claim innocent lives, social media floods with condolence messages and apologies. Authorities promise investigations, yet nothing changes. These types of feelings cannot stop tragedies from happening again or bring the lives of the dead back. The real question is: who is responsible for this repeated pattern of negligence and lack of accountability that has led to the preventable deaths of countless citizens?

The responsibility of government officials and regulatory institutions is utterly lacking. Certain buildings don’t have the necessary safety precautions, such as emergency exits that aren’t secured and expired licenses. This degree of ignorance is illegal as well as ineffective. Resolving these dangerous circumstances is difficult due to corruption and a lack of interest in politics.

Delhi Baby Care Hospital Centre 

Seven newborns perished in a Delhi hospital fire at Baby Care center as a result of tragic mistakes. It has led to anger and calls for justice. The hospital’s license expired in March 2024 due to negligence. In addition, it lacked emergency exits, fire extinguishers, qualified doctors, and 12 newborns instead of only five beds were allowed. Despite this, the hospital kept running, putting the lives of premature babies in danger. This overcrowding broke the law and violated safety protocols and treatment standards.

Lack of Fire Safety Measures

The most disturbing revelation is the complete absence of fire safety measures at the hospital. No fire extinguishers were installed, putting the lives of the babies and staff at grave risk in case of a fire. 

The hospital also lacked proper emergency exits, trapping the babies and making it nearly impossible for them to be rescued in time. Another alarming aspect of this case is the lack of qualified doctors at the hospital. It is unclear whether the hospital had the necessary medical staff to care for the newborns properly. The absence of skilled personnel further compromises the quality of care and puts patients’ lives at risk.

The needless deaths of seven newborns is heartbreaking. A parent should never experience it. Someone who did not have empathy or care for them cruelly ended their life. It is impossible to express the pain and suffering these families are going through as a consequence of this tragedy. They are worthy of justice.

Expired License and Lack of Regulation

The incident happened before the hospital’s license ran out in March. It establishes without a shadow of a doubt that the government neglected to keep a close eye on healthcare facilities to ensure rules were followed. The health department of the Delhi government, which is in charge of granting and amending hospital licenses, bears the majority of the blame for this establishment’s unlawful operation. During this process, patients’ lives were at risk.

One of the leading causes of the horrifying incident was the health department’s lack of regular audits and inspections. In addition to being overcrowded, the hospital had problems that might have been fixed before the disaster if the government had routinely visited to ensure it was adhering to safety rules.

Inadequate Enforcement of Safety Regulations

The Delhi Fire Service is in charge of enforcing adherence to fire safety laws in Delhi. They were also to blame for the terrible event that transpired. The hospital’s absence breaks fire safety laws for essential fire safety supplies, including emergency doors and fire extinguishers. The fire brigade should have performed routine inspections, and the hospital should have been fined for violating safety requirements.

One of the main things that led to the terrible incident was the healthcare system’s lack of transparency and accountability. Those who oversee and control healthcare facilities have not held hospitals responsible for problems with patient safety or treatment quality. As a result, unethical and destructive procedures were followed, risking patients’ lives.

Rajkot Fire Tragedy: Shocking Negligence Leads to Preventable Loss of Lives

The horrifying fire that started at the TRP gaming zone in Rajkot, Gujarat, claimed the lives of at least 27 people, nine of them were children. It was evident how carelessly the owners handled their property and how little they cared about safety rules. The Rajkot Municipal Corporation hadn’t given a no-objection certificate (NOC) for fire clearance, so while people took advantage of a weekend discount in the gaming zone, it wasn’t safe to use.

Apart from being illegal and resulting in the death of innocent individuals, the absence of a fire NOC breached safety laws. The owners of the regulator should be held fully liable by the authorities for their carelessness.

Furthermore, there was only one emergency exit in the playing area, making it difficult for people to exit in case of a fire. The owners’ blatant indifference to customer safety indicates that they don’t care about fire safety laws.

It is pretty accurate to say that this is a “man-made disaster” and that the Gujarat High Court has chosen to address it separately. The state government must see that individuals in charge of this horrifying act are apprehended, thoroughly investigated, and punished.

The Rajkot mayor confessed that the area was open without a fire NOC. He said he would look into how such a massive operation could have been run without the necessary safety approvals. Still, this is insufficient. Any facility without the required fire safety permits should be closed right away, and the government should make sure they abide by all rules before allowing them to reopen.

The link between both cases 

At least 27 people, including children, were murdered in the TRP gaming zone in Rajkot, Gujarat, and seven newborns perished in the fire that destroyed the Baby Care New Born Hospital in Delhi, India. These tragedies are linked to the shocking negligence and contempt for safety rules shown by those in charge of guaranteeing the public’s health and safety.

The buildings should not function in both situations since the required permits and licenses weren’t obtained. The Rajkot gaming zone opened without a fire clearance no-objection certificate (NOC) from the local government in March, and the Delhi hospital’s license expired.

There were also serious safety concerns with both buildings. The Delhi hospital lacks fire extinguishers and has just one escape route in case of an emergency. The Rajkot gaming zone had a single entrance and exit, making it very difficult for people to flee in the case of a fire.

The authorities in both situations neglected to set up safety rules and conduct regular inspections. Neither the Rajkot Municipal Corporation nor the Delhi Fire Service checked these buildings to make sure they were secure. It is the reason for these avoidable deaths.

The fire department and healthcare regulators have supported dangerous and unethical activities due to a lack of transparency and responsibility. To find and prosecute those responsible for these deaths and to avoid a repeat of this incident, the authorities must act immediately.

Gujarat’s government has mandated district managers, municipal commissioners, police commissioners, and other state authorities to make sure that all gaming establishments follow safety protocols and to shut down those that don’t follow them. Still, this is insufficient. The governments of Delhi and the other states need to take similar measures to ensure the security of their residents in public areas like parks and hospitals.

Given what has happened in Rajkot and Delhi, the government should prioritize the safety and welfare of its citizens over politics and profit. Those responsible for the care and protection of vulnerable people must never put them at risk through careless or irresponsible actions.

Tragic events that cruelly claimed innocent lives owing to shocking disregard for patient care and safety procedures occurred at the TRP gaming zone in Rajkot and the Baby Care New Born Hospital in Delhi. These events should never have happened. The terrible deaths of defenseless people including infants and kids serve as a sobering reminder of the sad outcome of the negligence of duty.

Such blatant disregard for human life and safety precautions is intolerable. The family members of the people dead in these incidents are enduring an unbearable hardship. Nobody should be exempt from the law until those accountable for these mistakes are held responsible.

It is depressing that individuals are still allowed to behave with such apparent contempt for their safety. More supervision and stricter restrictions might have perhaps avoided the deaths. The government must take immediate action to stop these incidents and ensure that those who cause them are held accountable.

The answer to whether these horrible events should have happened is undoubtedly- No! Ignoring how crucial it is for people to be safe and healthy is not just unethical but unbearable. In order to stop this from happening again and make sure the people responsible take the consequences, the government has to act quickly, firmly, and powerfully.

Recurring Tragedies: Failure to Learn from Past Incidents

Similar things have happened before. Even though these incidents occurred in the past, nothing was done to ensure they wouldn’t happen again. Neither the fire department nor any other agency has practiced these kinds of drills on a regular basis to be ready for emergencies like this.

Many hospital patients in India have lost their lives as a result of fires and other safety-related incidents. On the other hand, the authorities have taken no action to recognize the seriousness of the situation or to stop it from happening again.

In 2019, a thrill ride along the Kankaria lakefront at an Ahmedabad amusement park crashed, leaving two people dead and almost thirty wounded. 

Again, 22 adolescent children were killed in a fire at Takshashila Arcade in Surat in 2019. Such cases have been reported more often in a short time. Illegal Construction on the 4th Floor

There were worries that the Takshashila Arcade, an illegally built construction, might destroy a classroom gathering on the Fourth Floor. A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) presented to the Gujarat High Court states that a Sarthana region resident had made five complaints against the illegal building, but the authorities took no action.

It was found that the assets, estimated at Rs 67.33 lakh, did not belong to S.K. Acharya, the suspended Deputy Chief Fire Officer who was arrested in relation to the Takshashila Arcade fire case. Furthermore, the ACB found that he had deposited a total of Rs 74.35 lakh into his bank accounts between 2008 and 2019, which did not match the income he was known to earn.

India has seen other disastrous disasters similar to this one due to lousy rule enforcement, insufficient fire safety measures, and unlicensed development. These incidents emphasize the importance of prioritizing safety and making people and institutions responsible for their actions.

Kamala Mills Fire, Mumbai (2017)

In the Kamala Mills complex in Mumbai, bombs went off in 2017, killing fourteen people. The fire from an unapproved rooftop restaurant spread quickly due to the use of flammable materials and the lack of fire safety measures. The disaster brought to light the need to carefully follow building codes, fire safety laws, and the problem of illegal Construction.

Karol Bagh Hotel Fire, Delhi (2019)

Seventeen people lost their lives in a hotel fire in Delhi’s Karol Bagh neighborhood only a few months before the tragedy in Surat. The hotel did not follow the necessary fire safety procedures and changed the Construction without permission. This event served as further evidence of the need for regular audits and inspections to guarantee that fire safety laws are followed in the hotel industry.

These incidents, which happened across a number of sectors, show that there are problems with how fire safety laws are applied and how irresponsible people are held accountable. Tragedies like this keep happening because people either don’t know or don’t care about safety standards, and there is a strong relationship between corporations and regulatory organizations.

We need a thorough plan that includes regular inspections and reports, strict enforcement of fire safety laws, and harsh consequences for rule violators to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Campaigns for public awareness and required fire safety training for all residents might also contribute to developing a preparation and safety culture.

To avoid additional tragedies similar to the one in Surat and the several others that have happened around the nation, the Indian government has to act right now.

The government must promptly adopt and firmly enforce strong safety laws for gaming areas, hospitals, amusement parks, and other public areas in light of these tragedies.

The country is in shock and devastation after the tragic fire in Rajkot. Among the 27 dead were several young people who were not posing a threat. A family should never have to go through such terrible suffering. 

The people whose duty it is to protect the public’s safety need to take full accountability for the destruction their carelessness has created.

 Authorities that are responsible for:

1. The Crash at Delhi Hospital:

Owner Running a hospital:

The hospital’s old licenses, overstaffing, and lack of safety measures are all the fault of its management and managers.

Fire Department in Delhi:

This terrible accident might not have happened had the fire department followed fire safety rules and checked regularly.

The Tragedy of the Rajkot Gaming Zone:

People who own gaming areas:

The owners of the gaming area are directly responsible for the deaths because they did not have the necessary fire permits and did not provide enough safety measures.

The Rajkot Municipal Corporation:

There should be consequences for the city government for letting the betting area run without a fire NOC and not following safety rules.

Since fires like the ones in the Rajkot game zone and the Delhi baby care center are still happening after tragedies like the Takshashila Arcade fire, it is clear that people in power are being criminally careless. The same happens when you don’t learn from these tragedies, enforce strict safety rules, and hold lawbreakers accountable. These tragedies happen over and over again, taking innocent lives in the process.

Taking responsibility and being accountable

The people in charge of rules are fully responsible for these deaths because they didn’t put public safety first and ensure the rules were followed correctly. Unfair deaths happen because illegal businesses are growing, people don’t care about safety rules, and there isn’t enough control or concern for public safety. The terrible effects of their laziness and lack of care have made those in power face the consequences.

Priorities that aren’t what they seem to be

There is a difference between how often approved offices do safety drills and checks and how frequently places are reviewed before political rallies. Daily safety measures that could prevent crashes and save lives aren’t given as much attention as if any political rallies are happening; the rally sites are checked twice to make sure everything runs smoothly. It shows that the goals are wrong and that safety must be put first daily.

Two sets of rules and neglect

It’s a shame that thorough checks and inspections are done before political events but not as much for regular safety drills and inspections. No political show is worth putting people’s lives in danger or ignoring safety steps that make sense and could save them.

Not being ready and not being responsible

Public safety offices will not regularly do Safety checks and drills if they are not ready for them or held accountable for them. If the government puts its own political goals ahead of the well-being of its people, it’s not doing its job right. People might think that not having regular safety drills and following safety rules is an apparent lack of concern for the lives and well-being of most people.

Need to Act Right Away

We can’t take any more lying and absence of care. The authorities should put the safety of the public first, and they should do tests, checks, and training events daily to ensure they are ready for anything. All leaders should provide the public with safety first; people’s lives shouldn’t be considered useless.

The senior officials must take swift and robust action against the regulatory bodies to stop more accidents and laziness. They won’t make sure anyone holds them responsible until then. Here’s what we can look forward to:

Right away suspending responsible officials:

  • The fire and health services should be fired, along with anyone else who was in charge of watching over the game area in Rajkot and the hospital in Delhi.
  • Everyone who is personally responsible for safety clearances and checks should be put on leave until a full review is done.
  • The people who enforce safety rules must be freed of their tasks. This group includes people who didn’t notice when permissions ended or let places run without the proper approvals.
  • Ensure that these punishments are fully recorded to show that being not very careful will not be tolerated.

To ensure this doesn’t happen again, the systems that control things need to be changed immediately to increase the number and severity of checks, strengthen law enforcement, and raise safety standards.

Notifying People of Regulatory Actions:

Ask government bodies to fully explain their actions against businesses to ensure they follow the rules and avoid problems.

Ensure that the government’s decisions are made public by strict dates to keep the financial sector open and responsible.

Creating a safer world

To keep safety standards high and prevent accidents, senior officials must keep a close eye on regulatory agencies and make sure that they make better safety attitudes inside firms a top concern.

Accidents are less likely to happen, and people are more likely to follow safety rules when there are regular checks, training programs, and free sharing of information.


It’s time to hold people responsible, not just offer condolences.

The idea of “diffusion of responsibility” is not agreeable. When many people are in charge of public safety, it’s hard to tell who is responsible for what, and nothing gets done. It is what happens when lawmakers don’t implement safety rules and don’t go after people who break them.

It’s a severe issue when poorly constructed buildings become dangerous and cause harm or death. It’s one thing when disasters happen naturally, but worse when they occur due to avoidable mistakes and societal issues. It is not right morally; it’s against the law, and it should be considered murder. They all must be punished with Section 308 in the IPC, Attempt to commit culpable homicide.

The main reason for this breakdown is that duty and power must not be linked. People with a lot of power often blame others instead of taking responsibility for what they do or don’t do. Public safety is put at risk by widespread fear and apathy caused by leaders who won’t take responsibility.

The negligence of fire safety department and other government departments responsible for this incident is what motivates the law breakers to do more such unethical practices. As they know exchange of bribe there is no one to question them.

Keeping people safe and healthy should be the primary concern, and leaders must act fast to solve problems affecting everyone. If they don’t act quickly, people’s safety and health could be in danger.

Sehjal is a writer at Inventiva , where she covers investigative news analysis and market news.


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