EHRs a roadmap to transforming the healthcare industry

We live in an era of evolving technology which envisions an empowering, progressive and enriching society., To ensure this, the laws and regulations which govern the social impact from these technologies are coevolving. Recently, the Ministry of Health and Family welfare (MoHFW) notified the Electronic Health Records (EHR) standards for India[SA1] .
An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a systematized digital collection of a patient’s varied medical records that gets generated during any clinical encounter or events. With rise of self-care and homecare devices and systems[C42] , nowadays significant healthcare data gets generated 24×7/round the clock and also have long-term clinical relevance. However it gets challengingto keep a note/track of all these data along with our other preoccupations/engagements.
Therefore to facilitate easy maintenance and retrieval of patients records, an amazing app product undertook this challenge. On Five Fingers® came up with a million dollar revolutionary idea. It is a cloud based portal which will enable users to access their health / medical records at any time and place in the world, also facilitating them to share it with qualified medical practitioners as well. EHR and the technology, which facilitates the exchange of health information, have immense importance.
They help us provide higher quality and safer care for patients while creating tangible benefits for the entire organization. The need for EHR is ever increasing with the stringent laws and actions being taken up by the government. The list of benefits flowing from the EHR is humungous. They provide accurate, updated and complete information about the patient. Quick access to patient records enables efficient and coordinated care. EHR also enable safer and reliable prescription with enhanced privacy and security of patient’s data hence aiding providers improve the efficiency and achieve work life balance. EHRs are the first step towards a transformed and innovative health care system.
Since they are a major change in the existing system, their adoption will see a slow surge. However once the momentum is caught, these EHRs will become the harbingers of positive changes around the existing health care system. Considering the importance loomed around these EHRs it becomes prominent for individuals to maintain their health profiles and track the growth of their health status year on year. However, on a macro level, health statistics carry huge prominence because they measure a wide range of health indicators. The health profile helps in creating an overall healthier population. The future of health statistics is bright if carried forward with care and smart vision.
To lead this baton of advanced healthcare system, health care startups are taking the charge. The momentum was provided by On Five Fingers® and having highest degree of commitment towards safety and privacy of data. They have designed the system in a way wherein strict privacy has been maintained of the user’s data. None of the modules has data sharing provision. Doctors can see profiles, ONLY when user has granted the authorization. That authorization can be either on long term, Or for very short period of time. This is the key, which will give highest level of confidence to its users that their data is fully secured.
An additional feature of this portal is “Active Analyzer Engine (AAE)” which makes this portal very unique and keeps ONFF on top of the best EHR. AAE helps the portal users to evaluate all their health trends, data and indicate how healthy we are. AAE uniquely suggests whether patients need to share their data, trends with Doctor or not. On Five Fingers® is on the path to redefine health services in truly digital and setting up new roadmap to transform the way healthcare services are serving thus far as well as envisioning an era of systematized evaluation of ailments with convenient and prompt process of seeking professional support.

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