Logitech’s MX Vertical is the ergonomic mouse I didn’t know I wanted

logitechs mx vertical is the ergonomic mouse i didnt know i wanted
Logitech announced the MX Vertical earlier this week, a mouse designed to improve ergonomics and reduce strain. Though I’m lucky to never have been afflicted by any computer-related discomfort, I was surprised by how much I like the vertical grip.
Granted, the MX Vertical is far from the first vertical mouse out there – a company called Evoluent has been selling them since 2002, and there are plenty others – it’s the first product I’m aware of from a major accessory maker. With the disclaimer I’ve only used it for the past couple of days, it was love at first grip.
Logitech says that 12 percent of computer users experience some sort of PC-related pain or discomfort on a daily basis, and 57 percent do so occasionally. Coincidentally, Logitech found 57 degrees to be the best angle to tilt the mouse in order to reduce strain.
The company worked with ergonomists on the design and says that the angle can reduce pressure on wrists and forearms by up to 10 percent compared to a standard mouse. Again, I’ve never had an issue with other mice, but I preferred the new angle right away.
So I put it to the test. If I’ve ever come close to experience discomfort while using a mouse, it’s been while gaming, so I fired up CS:GO and played some deathmatch and casual matches for a few hours. I was surprised: I played as good, and perhaps even a bit better than I normally do with Logitech’s own flagship G903 gaming mouse. Usually it takes me a couple of hours just to get used to a new mouse shape, so I expected a major adjustment here, but the vertical position clicked with my right away.

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Not to say that the new mouse is by any means meant for gaming. The MX Vertical’s 4,000 DPI sensor is more tuned to tracking on different surfaces than raw speed and precision, and the wireless technology isn’t as robust as the one on Logitech’s gaming mice.
So no, MX Vertical can’t keep up with gaming, but if you’re as mouse-crazy as I am, you know the right mouse shape is arguably as important as a good sensor. It makes me hope Logitech has a vertical gaming mouse somewhere down the line, though the company wouldn’t comment on future offerings.
Otherwise, it’s your standard Logitech mouse. You have back and forward buttons, as well as a DPI switch should you want to reduce hand movements (faster DPI) or need the extra precision (lower DPI). It connects to your PC via Logitech’s Unifying Reciever, Bluetooth or USB-C (finally!).

logitechs mx vertical is the ergonomic mouse i didnt know i wanted 2

Considering the $100 price, I wish there were more buttons or an extra scroll wheel like on the MX Master. And at that price, I fear it will likely only appeal to users who have experienced discomfort rather than be preventative option for those of us who haven’t.
Still, it’s an important option for those who need it, and hopefully it means we’ll see more ergonomic offerings from Logitech and other big accessory makers down the road. If you’re in the market for a new mouse, the MX vertical is worth considering; it might just save you some pain in the future.
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