Seven Features The OnePlus 6T Should Have

02 November 2018, India:
OnePlus launched it’s new flagship – OnePlus 6T last month. You have seen the first impressions of the smartphone. The smartphone is priced at ₹37,999 (US price – $549). The smartphone has almost entered in the true flagship segment (from flagship killer segment) Let’s talk about the features that should be present on OnePlus 6T, but they are missing.
Official IP Rating
Official IP Rating (Water Protection Rating) is becoming an important feature on flagships. OnePlus claim that the 6T can sustain light water splashes like rain, but it doesn’t have any official IP Rating. Official IP Rating makes users more confident.
Headphone Jack
Few months ago, OnePlus was proud of giving headphone jack. But with the launch of OnePlus 6T, the scenario changed. The company removed the headphone jack from the 6T.
Many companies have removed Headphone Jack from the smartphones, but some companies like Samsung, LG still provide Headphone Jack on their smartphones. In budget flagship segment, ASUS gave headphone jack on 5Z. Xiaomi also experimented and gave Headphone Jack on POCO F1 after removing it from some of the Mi Series smartphones.
The 3.5 mm Headphone Jack is still handy, the wireless headphone technology might be the future, but it has not been evolved completely. Many gamers prefer to use wired headphones to avoid latency issues.
The removal of headphone jack can be a deal-breaker for some people.
Stereo Speakers
Razor smartphones showed us how stereo speakers can improve the sound experience. Stereo speakers are present on many flagships and even on some flagship killers (or budget flagships).
OnePlus 6T is missing the feature. The feature can be quite handy during gaming and consuming multimedia.
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Quad HD Display

OnePlus 6T has a good 1080p display. The display is good, but 1440p display is being demanded by some users since few years.
There are debates on the need of 1440p displays. It’s true that the 1440p display consumes more battery than 1080p display, and on many devices with 1440p display, the default screen resolution is set to 1080p. However, you can go down to 1080p on 1440p display, but you can’t go up-to 1440p on 1080p display.
Wireless Charging
Nowadays, most of the flagship come with wireless charging feature. The wireless charging is not a deal-breaker for many people.
It seems OnePlus is confident on it’s fast wired charging (which is really damn fast), but wireless technology is also improving, and it is good to have a feature which is convenient.
The OnePlus 6T has a glass back, so the company had the option to implement wireless charging.
Adjustable Background Blur
The option to adjust background blur is not available on OnePlus 6T. This feature is available many flagship smartphones. This feature came into limelight recently.
Zoom lens or Ultra-wide Angle Camera
The OnePlus 6T has dual rear camera, but the secondary rear camera is used for mainly depth sensing and enhancing the background blur, it doesn’t doe other things.
Pixel has showed us that the good photos can be captured by using a single camera, so the other lens can be used for other useful things like zooming, ultra wide-angle (instead of just depth sensing).
These features were expected on OnePlus 6T. Now, we are expecting that the company might give these features (or some of these features) on OnePlus 7. We have wait and watch.
Source: Techstory
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