Simpliv Learning: One of the most innovative solution for e-learning

Simpliv Learning- Startup Profile

Simpliv Learning is a global online learning marketplace that offers the most comprehensive selection of professional online courses. Simpliv Learning is changing the internet platform into a dynamic web-based learning and teaching environment for various students and institutions by delivering online courses from the best instructors and mentors. The mentors and instructors are all professionals, and their expertise ensures that every student achieves their full potential.

Because of its online learning platform, Simpliv is accessible to all students. This platform also substitutes the time-consuming way of studying with E-learning. Every student nowadays is familiar with the internet world, and E-learning is the ideal approach for them to receive an education.

Simpliv Learning – Founder

Shahanshah Manzoor, founder of Simpliv Learning

Shahanshah Manzoor has been in business for almost 15 years. He began his professional career as a Software Professional in the business world. He is primarily focused on providing technical training to companies.

Shahanshah now heads Simpliv LLC. For example, virtual Classroom Trainings and Self-Paced Online Courses in e-learning are two of his primary services.

Every entrepreneur has a unique story and motivation for beginning a company. Shahanshah Manzoor had a cause for establishing this E-learning platform as well. When all of the businesses collapsed due to covid-19, he discovered a method to keep going and make money out of it. He became a problem solution for every student by not allowing the education system to be inhibited and by continuing to give the greatest education system possible despite the difficult circumstances.

simpliv learning

Simpliv Learning – Mission and Vision


Simpliv Learning’s mission is to improve the learning and teaching experience for students to reach their full potential. Simpliv Learning accomplishes this by connecting students with specialised instructors and providing convenient access to professional online courses. Simpliv Learning’s goal is to help curious learners, educators, and institutions flourish in an ever-changing and competitive environment while excelling in areas that are passionate and knowledgeable.

Simpliv Learning’s principal goal as an E-learning platform is to provide the best platform for education and learning to every student who deserves it.

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Team Simpliv Learning believes that professionally planned and expertly executed online courses can be the game changer in today’s competitive market. Simpliv Learning recognises that people learn best in a dynamic environment and that the larger educational landscape is constantly changing. Simpliv Learning, as a global education community partner, aspires to help students succeed by combining the expertise of professional teachers with cutting-edge technology.

Simpliv Learning is the leading innovator in the field of online learning and teaching because of its in-depth understanding of the education business, the learning and teaching demands of students and educators, and the most comprehensive solutions positions.

Simpliv Learning’s objective plainly indicates that it builds students’ knowledge in an area by integrating them with the digital world. On the other hand, technology is fast advancing, and the Simpliv goal hopes to see every student succeed in the digital world.

Simpliv Learning – Revenue and Growth

Revenue: Double-digit in millions

Growth: 1000 per cent growth in 1st quarter of 2022

Every firm begins with a low graph in terms of employees, income, and other factors. Simpliv has also gone through every stage of business in the area of employees, starting with a small team of ten people and growing to a large team of over 80+ people. Every employee has received professional training and is equipped to provide the best possible service to the organisation.

Simpliv Learning – Funding and investors

Simpliv Learning start-up is completely bootstrapped.

Simpliv Learning – Challenges Faced

It is not easy to start a business and operate a profitable firm as an entrepreneur. After two years of operation, a large covid-19 pandemic struck, and many large and small businesses were forced to close. But, even though the pandemic was a horrible period for everyone, Simpliv found a way to turn the challenges into larger opportunities. Simpliv created the E-learning platform not to let the education sector down and provide education more simply and effectively to all students.

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Simpliv Learning went above and beyond at the time, with the only goal of providing the best online education to everyone.

simpliv learning

Simpliv Learning – Future Plans

Simpliv Learning plans to expand globally in the coming years and become one of the greatest market leaders in the E-Learning sector.

Simpliv Learning – Competitors

Competitors are always a vital component in driving innovation and improving the service quality. Simpliv Learning is also up against a lot of competition in the online education space. They are seizing this chance and will continue to strive to serve their consumers with superior education and services. Udemy, Coursera, Edureka, LinkedIn Learning, edX, and CodeAcademy are some of th

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