This website sets your Spotify playlists to private with a single click

Spotify is more than just a massive on-demand music library. Thanks to its built-in social features, it lets you share your taste in music with your friends and family. But what if you’re ashamed of your taste in music? What if you’ve got a playlist of Peter Andre’s greatest hits that you’re morbidly embarrassed of?

Thankfully, Google engineer Eric Andrew Lewis has your back. Using the Glitch platform (which we’re massive fans of here at TNW Towers), he’s built a website that lets you make all your Spotify playlists private with a click of a button.



There’s not a lot to explain here. You click a button on a website. You connect it to your Spotify account. It automatically adjusts the privacy settings on all your playlists, so they’re completely hidden from unwanted view.

As mentioned, the tool is hosted on Glitch, which is a sandboxed platform used by developers for creativity and experimentation. Glitch is usually used for art projects and self-directed learning, so it’s extremely cool to see it being used for something so useful, like hiding your secret love of Cliff Richard.

Source: The Next Web

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