Top 10 Best PR Agencies In India In 2023

Top 10 Best PR Agencies In India In 2023

Brands must be visible across all channels in order to stand out in a crowded market. The population of brands has quickly grown over the past 20 years, which has raised the demand for Public Relations services. Your startup or an established company, or PR companies can assist you in gaining market attention and developing a reliable reputation.

Public relations services not only assist you in developing a great reputation but come to your aid in times of need. Public relations services are necessary for almost every business to increase visibility and uphold the brand’s reputation. PR companies increase trust and provide brands with a positive reputation by using a positive strategy. Public relations (PR) relies on delivering the right message to the right audience at the right moment in order to build a strong brand resonance. PR is one of the most crucial elements that have the power to completely alter profitability and final results.

In order to differentiate themselves in a crowded market, brands must be present on every possible channel. Over the past 20 years, there has been a rise in the level of competition. There is now an unexpectedly high demand for PR services. PR services help to maintain a positive brand image and increase visibility. Therefore, it is important to work with a suitable PR agent to carry out your PR strategy.

Public Relations Evolution In India

PR agencies

The public relations sector came into existence as a result of the Indian economy’s globalization in the 1990s. The opening up of closed business laws coincided with the explosive expansion of global companies in the mid-1990s, which improved the chances for foreign investment. Unexpected market competition led businesses to believe that they must establish their reputation in order to gain access to the new market and customers.

In the end, this led to growing Public Relations and PR companies in India. Agencies have taken advantage of that the Indian PR business is still in its infancy to deliver integrated solutions. This is especially true to the distinction between advertising, marketing, and digital post is starting to blur. As a result, many businesses have started to invest in PR companies. The PR profession’s landscape has evolved due to clever financial communication strategies that combine PR, advertising, and digital media.

Roles and Duties of PR Agencies

Working with businesses to support them in communicating their aims is known as PR services. Public relations or marketing communications are other names for PR. PR consultants are communication experts who are skilled at spreading the word about a company’s goods and services.

They may assist companies in identifying all the many channels via which they can connect with potential customers and ensure that they are taking the necessary steps to be considered as a desirable option by consumers. Additionally, they have experience collaborating with customers to create winning company strategies.

It’s crucial that you engage with a PR expert who has knowledge of your sector and expertise with businesses that are comparable to yours. You don’t want someone working for your firm who doesn’t understand what they do, or worse, who believes they do! Don’t simply consider pay rates; also consider how much time each employee would devote to your account each week or month. Consider whether you’d prefer someone who lives close by so you can meet in person and talk about things over lunch or coffee rather than exchanging emails.

List Of The Top 10 Best PR Agencies In India In 2023

Check out these top PR firms in India if you’re interested in outsourcing your PR needs. We have curated a list of the best 10 PR Agencies in India in 2023.

Established in 2015, Saints Art has swiftly emerged as one of the leading PR agencies in India, ensuring strategic communication and brand building for several Indian and well as Global companies. Saints Art’s expertise lies in its exclusive methodology of working closely with brands to understand their ethos and implement differential PR strategy as per the requirement and business environment. Saints Art, has to its credit a number of successful PR case studies as well as PR campaigns, as it has been instrumental in creating growth results for major brands, businesses, companies and individual personalities from across different parts of the world. Key services include Media Relations, Reputation Management, Advocacy, Crisis Management, Corporate/Product PR.


Managed by experienced team of PR professionals and communications experts including renowned Actor, Filmmaker, Storyteller and Strategist Sudhanshu Rai, Saints Art is specially known for its PR strategies in the technology sector and has garnered critical share of voice for popular apps, audio & wearable brands, consumer electronics and IT services brands. Saints Art – the best PR agency in India has played a crucial role in creating definitive PR strategies for early-stage Startups which have now bagged multiple investment rounds. Saints Art has also delivered impactful PR Campaigns across verticals including FMCG, Infrastructure, Lifestyle, Health, F&B, Fintech, etc.

Year of Founding: 2015

Director: Sudhanshu Rai

  • Edelman India

PR agencies

The world’s top companies and organizations are partners with Edelman, a global communications and marketing consultancy. Since the late 1990s, Edelman has been active in India. It has strong relationships with both domestic and foreign corporations as well as governmental institutions. It collaborates with companies in a wide range of sectors, including finance, FMCG, food, healthcare, and technology.

They have a tried-and-true approach that is laser-focused on gaining audiences’ trust over time through engagement. They offer integrated campaigns, digital strategies, and solutions in addition to traditional and enhanced PR. Their diversified staff of strategists, producers, and counsellors also has extensive expertise in markets, cultures, and problems. Services include media relations, public affairs, business transformation, crisis and reputation risk management, and performance marketing.

Year of Founding: 1952

Rakesh Thukral, CEO

  • MSL Group India

PR agencies

MSL is a partner in integrated communications and public relations with a growing international presence. MSL is a pioneer in the field of specialized communications services and one of India’s biggest multi-discipline communications companies. It is part of one of the world’s most integrated communications and public relations networks, run by Publicis Groupe.

They offer strategic advice and original ideas for developing the brand. To increase influence and achieve impact, they design and carry out intelligent initiatives. It is an organization that was created through merger and acquisition. They distinguish themselves from the competition by their capacity for influence and impact.

Reputation management and corporate communications are services. Management of crises and issues, communications with employees, financial communications, communications with policymakers and regulators, and marketing to consumers. 1989 was the founding year; CEO: Amit Misra

  • Ketchum Sampark

A leading worldwide communications consultancy, Ketchum Sampark provides a vast and knowledgeable network of communications to assist and direct businesses in broadening their scope and horizons. One of the top public relations and communications consulting firms in India is Ketchum Sampark. To assist businesses operating in India as well as those wishing to expand outside of its borders in achieving their objectives, it provides a broad and skilled network of communications professionals.

Ketchum Sampark has a track record of 24 years and is knowledgeable about the political, media, and commercial aspects of regional Indian markets. They also have a remarkable client retention record, and they have quickly risen to become one of India’s top communication consultancies. Financial communications, corporate public relations, brands and marketing, technology public relations, employee communications, issues and crisis management, public affairs, social media, and digital PR are among the services offered.

Year of Founding: 1994

Girish Huria, CEO

  • Genesis BCW

PR agencies

One of the top international public relations and communications organizations, Genesis Burson-Marstellar is headquartered in New York and has offices in 110 nations on six continents. For almost 25 years, Genesis Burson-Marstellar has been at the forefront of innovation and imagination, consistently raising the bar. They provide comprehensive communications services to some of the top Indian and worldwide businesses.

Some of the best international and Indian companies receive comprehensive communications services from Genesis BCW, a top public relations and public affairs consultancy. It offers creative content that is digitally and data-driven, built on earned media, and scaled across all channels. They place a strong emphasis on producing quantifiable results through campaigns that are evidence-based, idea-driven, and goal-oriented. Services: Business Divisions, Public Affairs, and Public Relations

Year of Founding: 1953

Prema Sagar, CEO

  • Perfect Relations

South Asia’s image management and communication company is called Perfect Relations. The image management and communication company Perfect Relations, which was born and raised in South Asia, has a natural and flawless awareness of the region, its tastes, and needs. It was established in Delhi in October 1992 by Dilip Cherian and Bobby Kewalramani, two seasoned business journalists from India.

For the time being, they are the only resource for companies in India and outside looking for advice on how to improve their communications and business practices. They create, convey, and cultivate a desire for integrated campaigns to increase brand awareness. In 14 significant cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad, they have company-owned offices.

Public affairs & government relations, investor relations, social media management & networking, and organizational communications consulting are among the services offered. Established in 1992; CEO: Dilip Cherian

  • Text100 India

One of the top public relations firms in Asia, Text100 was founded in 1996. The organization’s main office is in New Delhi. Building relationships for brands for whom PR is essential to the marketing mix is its main objective. Text100 New Delhi, which opened its doors in 1996 as the company’s regional headquarters for the Asia Pacific, specializes in fostering relationships with companies that inspire and challenge employees as well as those that are poised for great things and for whom PR is a crucial part of their marketing strategy.

Today, Text100 New Delhi serves as the organization’s headquarters for its Indian activities. Services: Creative production, strategic communications, and brand strategy. IKEA, the NBA, Native Instruments, and Vodafone are notable clients.

  • Weber Shandwick India

PR agencies

Another renowned international PR business with over 17 years of varied experience is based in India. A 20-year-old PR firm, Weber Shandwick strives to give clients deeper engagement and long-lasting outcomes. It offers a very targeted approach to campaign planning and narrative, which PR Forums frequently praise.

They have a very targeted approach to campaign planning and narrative, which is frequently praised by PR Forums. They produce strategic, innovative, and effective campaigns that boost the reputation of a variety of Indian and international businesses.  Services include corporate, crisis and issues management, digital communications, financial services, media training, and business and consumer marketing. CEO and founding year is 2001 Valerie Pinto

  • Value360

PR agencies

Value 360 Communications is a New Delhi-based public relations firm in India. It is totally dedicated to starting up early-stage firms. Their goal is to provide usable and quantifiable integrated communications programs. Around 100 brands from all over the world have benefited from Value 360’s assistance in reaching their corporate communications objectives so far. Services include crisis communications, digital influence, and strategic counselling. Investor relations, social media, reputation management, and corporate counselling.

Year of Founding: 2003

Manisha Chaudhary is the CEO.

  • Avian Media

PR agencies

Public relations firm Avian WE are situated in New Delhi and is well known for its close ties to the Indian market. The business was established in 2004. They offer a wide range of communications services, strategic thinking, and flawless integrated campaign implementation. Their primary philosophy, “To Foster Clients For Life Through Excellence in Advocacy,” guides their work. Additionally, they put a lot of emphasis on three pillars: People First, Clients for Life, and Business Sustainability.

Services include crisis management, financial support, corporate services, social & digital media, content production & storytelling, corporate social responsibility, and public relations. CEO and founding year are 2004. Nikhil Khanna

Four key impacts of PR on marketing.


Success depends heavily on trust, regardless of the business you are in. A lack of trust prevents a business from selling its goods and services. An organization can employ a public relations specialist to close the trust gap with its prospective consumers or customers. To become more credible in their field, the expert attempts to improve their general reputation and credibility. This is frequently done via producing thought leadership content, establishing relationships with influencers, and organizing networking events.


PR and marketing complement each other. An organization can improve its reputation and draw in more potential clients by utilizing numerous innovative PR strategies. Customers and clients will be able to communicate with the company more easily thanks to business stories and press releases. Public relations firms assist businesses in creating messages that appeal to their target market in order to achieve this. Profits increase as a result of this.


People have virtually little control over what they say when posting about businesses online, whether it is real or untrue. While many companies do not deserve their negative reputations, others find it difficult to readily reach their target consumers online. Both circumstances are not ideal.

The most efficient way to fix that is to implement PR campaigns. In order to raise brand awareness, it is crucial to have a PR strategy and a compelling image that connects with consumers. Messages that come from a reliable source have a higher chance of being heard than messages that are bought. By utilizing its relationships with influencers, a PR firm can win its clients’ trust.


As the world becomes more digital, PR helps businesses have a strong online presence that is highly visible to their target audience. PR agencies assist businesses with their internet self-promotion. Additionally, they stand ready to intervene if a catastrophe strikes or something poses a threat to the reputation they have worked so hard to establish. An expert in public relations can assist a business in choosing the appropriate channels to communicate by leveraging their relationships in the sector.

PR agencies help their clients build the better brand perception and increase revenue by employing tools including press releases, social media, and connections with influencers on content-publishing platforms. They can also be used to get around any challenges a company might have. If a brand chooses the right PR agency, they have a significantly higher chance of reaching the ideal audience.


We’re getting used to the new standards. Contrary to popular belief, COVID-19 has actually altered the world in which we live. Stephen Waddington claims that our society has undergone such a seismic change that it can be divided into two periods, B.C. (Before Covid) and A.C. (After Covid). PR in particular and business in general are both going through an evolutionary stage. Brands are rethinking how to reach their target audiences by reducing marketing budgets in order to save money. With some careful positioning, PR can take the lead at this point.

PR agencies

If you’re having trouble persuading your boss that your job is valuable, don’t worry. P.R. became essential in the event of disease for the following reasons:

  1. PR is adept at handling crises

In-house teams have excelled despite a difficult year for PR agencies; they have been conducting interviews, changing messages, creating crisis communication strategies, and putting clients at rest. After the COVID-19 epidemic, PR departments have become more crucial for businesses. A corporation has struggled without a strong communications expert, aware that crisis communications are no little concern. COVID caused severe damage to some industries.

For those who made it through, survival brought more expectations, criticism, fame, and attention to business methods. Since we must negotiate these murky waters, we need a PR staff more than before. If the epidemic served as a practice run for climate change, PR may aid businesses in surviving it.

  1. PR firms are reasonably priced

The Coronavirus outbreak has had both positive and bad effects on marketing spending across all industries. PPC advertisements have been more expensive and less effective for the majority of businesses, although they have been more successful in select sectors, including clothes, nonprofits, healthcare, hobbies & leisure, and fashion.

In response, many businesses reduced their marketing spending. For instance, Airbnb used up $800 million of its marketing budget in 2020. Furthermore, consumers no longer trust major PPC firms like Facebook and Google. A brand wants to connect with its consumers without funding strong, dubious IT firms. Thus, PR makes sense as the cousin of advertising that is less expensive.

PR professionals will need to persuade businesses that investing in the epidemic after it has already begun is worthwhile. The most economical method of reaching your audience is through free media publicity. Writing press releases for editorial and social media can raise millions of dollars (if done right).

  1. PR improves connections

Building relationships was PR’s strongest suit during the pandemic. Without international cooperation, it would not have been feasible to develop and distribute vaccinations. The best method to handle a crisis, according to PR experts, is to encourage cooperation rather than assign blame. When clients and agencies have problems, their interactions get ten times better, enhancing your reputation as a reliable partner.              

Additionally, it has an impact on relationships within the organization. At COVID, departmental cooperation has increased. Collaboration between PR, marketing, social media, and digital has been shown to be a winning strategy.

  1. PR encourages trust

The most significant asset for a company is trust, which PR is excellent at gaining. According to 62% of respondents, brands are essential to the country’s ability to withstand this crisis; the COVID-19 epidemic showed that brands are capable of doing more for society. That entails identifying solutions to issues (such as where to put medical personnel) and considering the needs of the neighbourhood (finding out how beneficial products and services are).

Businesses may benefit from how public relations influences (reliable) behaviour during the pandemic. Those that had the power to take action during this time period improved their relationships with their customers. It was crucial to adjust to shifting public perception during the pandemic. Here in the Netherlands, where we are headquartered, some large corporations have requested government assistance despite years of enormous earnings and billion-dollar stock buybacks.

In order to prevent unethical, selfish behaviour from happening again, communicators must take the initiative in reestablishing confidence with the public and communicating their concerns to management.

  1. PR encourages remote work

Internal PR firms became more significant after the outbreak. Internal communications have emerged as one of the cornerstones for communications teams in regions of the world where the dangerous virus was still rampaging. In the upcoming years, customers won’t receive daily crisis communications, but remote work will still be available. The creation of online workflows that keep a team happy and remote employee onboarding are just two ways that PR firms may help businesses with internal communication.

Virtual agencies have benefited significantly from the pandemic. For a company that depends on relationships, it may seem paradoxical that we are suddenly cut off from one another. However, due to concerns about costs, virtual agencies are already on the rise.  The percentage of UK communications executives using a virtual PR agency has increased to 100%. Given how unusually cheap remote PR agencies are, procurement departments might find it difficult to fathom covering the overhead of a conventional PR firm.


These were some of India’s top PR firms. You can pick an agency based on the needs and specifications of your company. A strong PR firm will help you develop meaningful relationships with the public so that your company can expand dramatically. Hiring a PR agency is essential if you want to improve your company’s image and forge strong ties with the media. PR is seen as an extra cost by many businesses, both new ones and ones that have been around for a while.

But even though this is a common misconception, building your PR can be very helpful. To get people’s attention, it’s important to build a unique brand identity in the market. Public relations firms are an essential component of any successful company. The top 10 PR agencies in India in 2023 are listed in the article to assist you in your search for a reliable partner to develop a positive brand image. You can find the agency that best meets your organizational needs by considering the agency’s description, customer reviews, and awards.

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