Top 10 Best Travel Agencies In India In 2023

Top 10 Best Travel Agencies In India In 2023

Looking for the best travel agencies in India to organize your upcoming trip? Then you should read this post. We have put together a list of the top Indian travel agencies with all the necessary elements about their services, pricing, and vacation trip packages to help you choose the association which will best meet your needs. According to research, over 17.9 million foreign tourists stayed in India in 2019 compared to 17.4 million in 2018, representing an increase of 3.5%.

India is now the eighth most visited country in Asia and the Pacific and the 22nd most visited country overall. The most frequented states include Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Kerala, and Bihar, according to government data.

But for the past two years, the coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on India’s tourism sector. The pandemic had brought the travel sector to its knees, and thus, the tourism rate has dropped globally. India is renowned for being one of the main tourist destinations that lost out on three-quarters of the estimated economic destruction of more than 10 lakh crores.

According to estimates, it is expected that the state of the travel business and the pace of tourism will improve in 2023, as people are seeking for alternatives to combine work and vacation. This is because the travel industry started to grow steadily thanks to the convenience of working from home. The best travel agencies in India have taken advantage of this chance to restructure their target market and integrate more work-from-home holiday packages. These designs include luxurious, serene workspaces and also sightseeing and sporting events. No one wants to pass up this opportunity as the packages are so unique.

With the benefit of working from home, the travel business has started to grow steadily as we approach 2023. when individuals are looking for chances to travel and work together. The leading travel agencies in India have seized the chance to change their target market and incorporate more work-from-home holiday packages. In order to meet all of your travel needs, we are presenting to you the top travel agencies in India. Whether you need to book a flight, a train, a cab, a hotel, a resort, or a homestay, or you need group travel for a family, seniors, or couples, we can help!

Travel Industry

The travel industry in India is predicted to grow rapidly as more competitors enter the market in the years to come. From an expected $75 billion in FY20, the travel market in India is predicted to grow to $125 billion by FY27. In 2020, there were 31.8 million jobs in the tourism sector in India. By 2029, that number is projected to rise to 53 million, and by 2028, there will be 30.5 billion foreign visitors. These are all the conclusions of a recent report by the Ficci industry chamber.

The success of this idea depends on Indian travel agents. To assist domestic and international travel businesses in bringing in more tourists, the Indian government is also considering public-private partnerships.

As countries dismiss travel restrictions and many Indians started to travel abroad, international travel is slowly becoming affordable. The increase in foreign travel is expected to be more dramatic this time around than it was before the outbreak. By FY 27, the Indian travel market is predicted to reach $125 billion. By 2027, the Indian airline travel business will have increased by more than twice due to the quick development of airport infrastructure and the revival of international travel.

List Of India’s Top 10 Best Travel Agencies In 2023

The only thing to keep in mind is that there are hundreds of travel portals out there, which will only add to your confusion once you start looking for the one that best suits your needs. We have narrowed down the top travel agencies in India for 2023 for you, so have a look at them in order to ensure that you only receive the most promising results. The following are the names of the top 10 travel agencies:-

1. Yatra

Travel agencies
It was launched in 2006 as an internet travel destination platform. It is a Gurgaon-based business that provides both corporate consumers and private customers with a spectrum of services, including the purchase of plane tickets, vacation packages, and hotel reservations. Manish Amin, Dhruv Shringi, and Sabina Chopra are the founders of, founded in August 2006. When Salman Khan joined Yatra as a brand ambassador in 2012, the company made a name for itself among the leading travel agencies. immediately became the talk of the industry.

Users may be certain to attain sufficient discounts and cash-back incentives on their reservations for flights, trains, buses and hotels and other accommodation options, vacation packages, and many more discounts by logging into This station, which is especially well-known for its domestic and foreign holiday/vacation packages, shouldn’t be missed by tourists. Yatra’s headquarters are located in Gurugram.

2. MakeMyTrip

Travel agencies

Deep Kalra first introduced MakeMyTrip in 2000, and since then, it has achieved a number of successes and changed the Indian travel sector. The well-known online travel agency has been collaborating with notable actors in the tourism and hospitality sectors for the past ten years or more. With great power comes great responsibility was a maxim that helped this firm grow and do what no other travel agency had earlier. In 2017, the business joined Goibibo and Redbus to create one of India’s top travel providers.

Since they let their customers use a variety of products and deliveries to research and organize their own trip experiences, this travel agency has more than 20 million distinct consumers. The company offers a variety of services, like booking flights, trains, housing, vacation packages, and more, that not only assist customers in building trust in the business and also permit them to take a holiday without stress.

3. Thomas Cook India

Travel agencies

One of the best travel agencies in India, Thomas Cook provides a full-service one-stop shop for all of your travel needs. It was founded in 1881 by Thomas Cook, who also projected the now-defunct British business Thomas Cook & Son. He set up its first office in India and eventually extended it to over 233 locations, in 94 cities around India, Sri Lanka, and Mauritius. Headquarter: India, Mumbai

This travel agency is well-known for its holiday travel packages to popular tourist places like India and Thailand and international holiday packages to Dubai, the Maldives, and other locations. You can review the most popular Visas, honeymoon vacation packages, and other travel options.

4. Goibibo

Travel agencies

Goibibo, established in 2007 by Ashish Kashyap, is another of India’s top travel agencies. The company has won countless prizes globally, including The Economic Times’ “Best Tech Travel Aggregator Brand” Award for 2015. It specializes in online booking of flights, trains, buses, hotels, and vehicles.

The website and app are very user-friendly and deliver a variety of options for users to select from and make plans from. They claim that their booking process is the fastest in terms of search and booking, payments, and customer service commitment for refunds and accommodations. One can look for the best discounts and promos by seeing their websites or downloading their mobile applications. The company’s Headquarters is in Haryana, India.

5. Club Mahindra Holidays

Club Mahindra Holidays, one of the most well-known travel agencies in India, is renowned for providing top-notch family getaways. The mission of Club Mahindra has always been to make family time something to treasure for a lifetime. The Club Mahindra Experience gives you access to more than 100 resorts in India and around the world, opening up a world of opportunities for experiences. Unwind on the Goa beach. In Manali, stay in an igloo.

There is always a perfectly suitable home available wherever you want to go. It presents a facility where you can purchase tickets for a wide variety of events at more than 100 resorts in India and around the world. Watch Finland’s attractive display of the Northern Lights. Dine in Munnar’s treehouses. Chennai, India, is the headquarters. Additionally, it gives you the option to travel directly to their resorts from your home via 360-degree virtual tours of each resort.

6. EaseMyTrip Planners

Travel agencies
In 2008, EaseMyTrip began operations. It is an Indian-listed firm. Three brothers, Nishant Pitti, Rikant Pitti, and Prashant Pitti, founded this company. Customers are mainly attracted by their USP, which is Zero Convenience Fees*. They always have great rates and discounts on travel-related services like aviation, accommodation, buses, taxis, and vacation packages. EaseMyTrip, which is based in Delhi, dominates the online travel market by providing the best travel alternatives and affordable airline tickets.

The travel agency broke a record in this cutthroat industry by winning the loyalty of more than 8 million direct customers with its first-rate round-the-clock customer assistance without spending much on branding or marketing campaigns. EaseMyTrip has gained popularity among users thanks to its USP of charging Zero Convenience Fees and delivering customers fare transparency.

It has over 28 branch offices in India, Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, and the Maldives. The 65,000 travel agents, 2500 franchise sites, 7000 corporate, 1600 distributors, and 640 solutions make up this travel agency’s B2B network. Additionally, they establish the audience’s trust by avoiding any hidden fees that may raise the whole cost above what you had expected. Additionally, the website is simple to use and works with both iOS and Android phones and tablets. Headquarters: India’s Delhi.

7. The Travel Guru Inc.

Sanjeev Kumar, the current leader of Travel Guru, another of India’s top travel agencies, is doing everything in his power to meet the needs of Indian tourists. Travel Guru was founded in 2005. But what makes it a wonderful travel agency in India is that it presents transparent pricing for 60,000+ resorts throughout 1,100+ locations in the country.

The website is user-friendly, making it simple for users to scan the inventory, packages, and planning sections. The website sells a wide spectrum of goods, including hotel rooms, holiday packages, airline tickets, and more. It also intends to expand its services to include other things like bus and auto rental reservations. Headquarters: India’s Mumbai. You can find multiple attractive packages on the internet that are difficult to pass up because the firm is focused on delivering superior customer service at a fair cost as it grows.


The roots of this Mumbai-based travel agency reach all the way back to 1949. Fairfax Financial Holdings Group’s step-down subsidiary SOTC Travel Private Ltd, is devoted to its clientele. Headquarters: India’s Mumbai. The three main travel packages offered by this agency are leisure, incentive, and business travel packages, which also enabled them to win the SOTC Travel Honor at the 2019 French Ambassador’s Travel Awards. Over the course of 70 years, the organization has served lakhs of consumers. With its extensive services and tempting promotions, holidays have reached a whole new level.

9. Expedia

Travel agencies

Rich Barton introduced Expedia in 1996, and since then it has operated a branch in India. The business spent its time focusing on offering its clients the most cost-effective travel deals and packages, which helped it rise to the top of the travel industry in India.

They work closely with around 80,000 hotels worldwide and were just awarded the 2013 Award for Leading Online Travel Agency Website, one of the most prestigious accolades in the business. The business now offers activities and travel services in addition to hotel accommodations. They have taken into account different budgets as well, and your selected budget has a variety of offers and possibilities.

10. Clear Trip

Travel agencies

The Clear Trip, founded in 2006 by Hrush Bhatt, Matthew Space, and Stuart Crighton, is arguably one of the greatest top travel agencies in India. The quickest ascent of the success ladder was made by Cleartrip Pvt. Ltd. The services offered by this travel firm include domestic and international holiday packages, online e-booking for train and flight tickets, and hotel reservations.

This Mumbai-based company’s USP is its commitment to simplifying things for its clients. By winning the Excellence in Travel Blogging Award in the category of Company Operated Blog in 2018, The Clear Trip demonstrated its superiority to the market. Clear Trip is the finest option for you if you’re a traveller looking for a user-friendly interface to quickly and easily book tickets.

The program is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, and the interface is simple and easy to use. One of the website’s most crucial features is its inexpensive fare calendar, which enables users to select the best offers based on their budget, travel dates, etc. Headquarters: Mumbai

Here’s Why You Need a Travel Agent to Plan Your Next Trip

  • Save You Time

By delegating the investigation and assessment of the many possibilities available to visitors to travel agencies, you can save time and avoid the challenges that often accompany trip preparation. Agents have vast expertise and understanding of diverse locations, transportation options, and suppliers, which can save you countless hours of research time. Not only do agents reduce the time spent on research and decision-making. They can deal with adjustments and other problems before or during your journey.

  • Take the Stress Out of Planning

Agents assist customers in a variety of circumstances and are immersed in travel full-time, so they are aware of nuances you would not consider when making independent travel arrangements. They are able to anticipate future issues thanks to their knowledge and experience.

A seasoned travel professional may provide specialized advice and pointers on travel destinations, things to see and do while on vacation, the best and worst times to visit, and much more. Agents learn more than only from their own travels. Their customers even continually refresh their knowledge of the places they have visited.

  • Handle the Unexpected

While you’re away, a lot may go wrong, including flight cancellations due to bad weather, natural disasters, misplaced luggage, and so much more. When something goes wrong, travel agents function as the traveller’s advocate, guiding them through the difficult process of changing their itinerary as required.

  • Knowledge

Travel agents are professionals since they have such a prolonged past in the industry. Are you seeing Europe for the first time? Instead of basing your choice on comments left by anonymous website users, consult with a proficient who works in this field.

  • More value for your money

Travellers want to see everything and take advantage of everything a city has to deliver when they spend a lot of money on a trip. A travel agency can make sure that tourists’ money is wisely spent and that they don’t skip the unique event taking place the day they are in town or the excellent cafe right next door. A seasoned tourist is aware of when and where to go.

  • Creating a Schedule

While some people like to “just wing it,” a travel agency may provide a detailed itinerary of what will take place each day and keep accurate records of everything that is included in the trip.

  • Budgeting

So there are no undesirable surprises, a travel agent can help determine the actual cost of a trip. For example, will lunch be provided on Monday’s expedition, or would you have to purchase it separately? Which is more affordable: buying the beverage container on the cruise ship or booking the excursions in advance? A travel agent can provide guidance and help you save money.

  • Insurance

A travel agency can provide insurance in several different ways, from assuring that the hotel is secured and the organization in charge of the tour won’t rob a visitor, to really recommending which insurance plans are directed, from trip cancellation to medical problems. Additionally, they guarantee that travellers have the proper documentation so they don’t wind up missing their flight or cruise. Travel agents have the contacts and resources necessary to get customers to the front of the queue when things go wrong.

  • Resources

Travel agents have access to resources that regular people do not. Despite the internet, there are still many things we don’t know, especially in unexplored areas.

  • Leverage

Can’t reserve a room where you really want to go? Added a vacation at the last minute, but all the rooms are reserved? No problem. Travel agencies spend years growing lasting relationships, and travel suppliers are aware of how crucial repeat business is. Travel agents are more probable to obtain what they want than a single customer since they have clout with the bulk of hotel chains and resorts.


The above organizations are picked for our list of the best travel agencies in India based on the facilities and services they provide to their consumers as a one-stop shop. All of the businesses have established themselves as market leaders in India’s travel sector over a significant period of time. It’s time to use the benefits these businesses have to make an informed decision and organize your trip.

Although some passengers could prefer the user-friendly layout and others may prefer these businesses for their experience, it is impossible to compare the benefits of one website to another. Now is the time for you to use the advantages that these travel agencies have to help you make a completely informed selection and organize your vacation at your convenience and comfort without any contention.

Some travellers may prefer the user-friendly interface, while others may prefer the familiarity these travel agencies offer, but it is impossible to compare the advantages of one website to another.

Edited by Prakriti Arora

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